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How Munhowen Drinx integrated an omnichannel loyalty program into POS with Voucherify

How Munhowen Drinx integrated an omnichannel loyalty program into POS with Voucherify


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

6 months for integration of POS and online channels.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

8000 loyalty members in half a year.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

70% higher AOVs from members.
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How Munhowen Drinx integrated an omnichannel loyalty program into POS with Voucherify
Munhowen SA
Ehlerange, Luxemburg
200-250 employees
Tech Stack
Custom WooCommerce store (integrated via PHP SDK), in-store POS system (integrated via Java SDK), Klaviyo
Talking to:
Mathieu Mellinger, Ecommerce Manager
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Munhowen, a part of the Brasserie Nationale Group, is the largest beverage wholesaler in Luxembourg. To capture their local B2C beverage market, they launched Drinxa B2C ecommerce line offering a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from nearly 1000 brands – complementing their already operating offline B2C sales channels. 

The Munhowen Drinx team soon sought specialized tools to help them run a loyalty program to increase customer satisfaction and engagement with their new brand. 

Key challenges

  • Building a brand new business line, Munhowen Drinx needed an easy-to-integrate loyalty provider to complement their growing tech stack.
  • Finding a loyalty solution that would be quickly integrated with their ecommerce platform and POS in physical stores. 

During their market search, the team analyzed several other providers but finally settled on Voucherify due to the API-first architecture that would guarantee the fastest possible time-to-market

“Thanks to Voucherify, we can differentiate our customers and learn more about their preferences and purchasing behaviors. With the implementation of our loyalty program, we can collect more data to create dedicated newsletters and advertising campaigns to target particular customer segments with personalized incentives.”
Munhowen case study: loyalty program rules landing page

Voucherify loyalty & promotions capabilities were integrated into their custom WooCommerce store via an external Solution Integrator company using PHP SDK. The procurement process took around six months, with two months spent on the development alone

To guarantee recognition and appreciation of loyalty members across web and physical touchpoints, the Munhowen Drinx team integrated Voucherify into their in-store POS system via a Java SDK to enable functions such as:

  • Physical loyalty cards scanning for earning and spending loyalty points. 
  • Redeeming loyalty rewards in-store. 
  • Printing receipts with real-time loyalty score and loyalty tier. 

Thanks to the POS integration, Munhowen Drinx customers can receive tangible cards and scan them during each purchase while earning points on the go. As a result, Munhowen Drinx ensures an omnichannel customer experience that spans both online and offline interactions, making it possible for loyalty points to be collected and spent at various touchpoints. 

The Munhowen Drinx loyalty program revolves around status points, where every 1 EUR equals 1 point. The program includes three tiers:

Munhowen case study: loyalty program tiers

Bronze (from the first purchase), with perks such as:

  • 10% discount on the first order.
  • Promotional offers and competitions.
  • Special birthday discount.

Silver (from 1000 points) with everything from Bronze and:

  • Club Silver welcome gift.
  • Exclusive previews.
  • Loan of a beer tapping machine once a year.

Gold (from 2000 points) with everything from Bronze and Silver plus:

  • Gold Club welcome gift.
  • Priority on limited editions and new releases.
  • Invitations to special tastings.
  • A voucher for every 1000 points.

Customers can join the loyalty program free of charge via the website or in one of their Drinx stores. As soon as a member reaches enough points required for a given tier, they keep it for the remainder of the current calendar year and the entire following calendar year – this and more options are available via Voucherify tier qualification policies.

Munhowen case study: join program screen

To keep members informed about their status, Munhowen Drinx built a dedicated customer dashboard view with a loyalty progress bar and available offers. What's more, to keep customer benefits in mind during the entire user journey, Munhowen Drinx created a benefit-focused checkout view with dynamic progress bars to show customers how much they are missing to qualify for free shipping. They also hint Drinx loyalty rewards right in the checkout view for simple application.

Munhowen case study: loyalty progress view and checkout view

Besides a loyalty program, Munhowen Drinx uses Voucherify APIs for any activity related to promotions and incentivizing user behavior. They use banners and social media to promote evergreen offers and time-limited deals. They also use promotions for customer service requests to turn the frowns upside down. 

“Voucherify allowed us to expand our engagement strategy with features such as discount coupons, gift cards, customer segmentation, and distribution while ensuring a smooth performance with 50,000 API calls a month.”
Munhowen case study: promotion banner and promo code examples

Since their journey with Voucherify began, Munhowen Drinx acquired around 8 thousand loyalty members, which is a definitive success given its small market size.  

By adopting an omnichannel approach to their loyalty program, they have created a compelling customer experience with Voucherify as the promotions and loyalty brain in less than half a year – from initial market research to full-scale program launch via web and POS. 

To keep customers constantly engaged, they also integrated Klaviyo with Voucherify via custom middleware and webhooks. Thanks to this connection, Munhowen Drinx can not only send relevant promo codes to members, but also keep them updated about their membership status by including the loyalty card number, loyalty score, and loyalty tier in each message sent to a program member.

Munhowen case study: Klaviyo email example

As a result, Munhowen Drinx can spin off a fantastic user journey with just two marketing platforms. 

The integration of Klaviyo and Voucherify allowed them to run various personalized campaigns, including abandoned cart promotions or birthday campaigns. Their success lies in tailoring campaigns to customer behaviors and effectively responding with personalized discounts and coupons.


6 months for integration of POS and online channels.
8000 loyalty members in half a year.
70% higher AOVs from members.
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