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API-first Referral Software

Go beyond basic refer-a-friend programs and introduce personalized referral campaigns into your apps and websites – at any scale.

Referral programs that run themselves

Maximize the revenue with word-of-mouth marketing
Base your referral campaigns on cart structure, order history, or custom events. Precisely define when and how the referrers get their rewards.
Automate rewards send-out
Enjoy some free time on your hands. We will send the referral rewards automatically via email or any other channel of your choice.
Understand how you're doing
Get an overview of top referral programs and the top promoters within them. Track marketing channels to better understand what drives performance.

Achieve your business goals with a complete suite of referral methods

Build a base of dedicated customers by launching highly-personalized referral programs. Choose referral methods and rewards that are relevant to your unique business objectives.

  • Use flexible rewards structure and surprise your users with unique rewards for both the referrers and the referred.
  • Split customers into segments to target the right audience with relevant referral incentives.
  • Decide to launch single- or double-sided referral schema. You call the shots of how the referral workflow should look like.
  • Define what a successful referral means to your business with custom events and reward assignment criteria.
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Send referral links via any channel

Let us send the right offers to the right segment at the right time.

  • Compose elegant referral templates with a built-in email designer.
  • Deliver rewards automatically via email, SMS, push notifications, or other channels thanks to powerful API and webhooks.
  • Create stunning referral landing pages or integrate our ready-to-go referral widgets into your existing pages.
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Manage your referral program budget

Be in control of your loyalty programs at an incredibly granular level.

  • Set up expiry date of your referral incentives and deactivate codes on the fly.
  • Rewards customer purchases or engagements, not solely invites.
  • Offer non-monetary rewards for each referred customer.
  • Identify suspicious referral activity with built-in anti-fraud mechanisms.

Referral analytics and real-time insights

  • Track your loyalty performance through various metrics like leaderboards or campaign performance.
  • Track customer purchases, personal attributes, and their activity on your website.
  • Test several referral scenarios in A/B experiments to find an optimal referral strategy.

Enterprise-grade loyalty program

PCI-DSS & GDPR compliance  
You can trust us with your end-customer data.
Solution & support engineers
Get the most out of the platform for every department.
User permissions & workflows
Enhance collaboration and streamline your campaigns.
API & developer-friendly
Integrate referral programs with your e-commerce systems.
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Develop effective referral flows for customer acquisition

Earn $100 by inviting 10 friends. Earn $300 if you can make it 20.

20 seconds ago

Your referral code is going to expire in 1 day! Make sure to use it or you will lose a 20% discount.

2 minutes ago

Use your referral code and spend at least $50 to get 20% off your order.

40 seconds ago

Invite 2 friends and you all get to enjoy 50 loyalty points worth $40.

24 seconds ago

Use your referral code to purchase X to get a $15 off your order.

1 hour ago

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Developer-friendly API & native plugins

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On-demand Referral Program webinar

See how to maximize the revenue with word-of-mouth marketing and achieve referral goals with Voucherify. What you will learn:

  • What concepts do you need to understand to run successful coupon & gift card campaigns?
  • Demo of a complex referral use case perfomed live on the Voucherify Dashboard and our Demo Shop.
  • How to track your programs' performance and tailor it to achieve the biggest ROI and boost brand advocacy?
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You'll be in great company

“Voucherify is an excellent platform for mid-large size businesses looking for a suite of promotional tools at a competitive price, with a marketing-friendly UI.”

Kate Watson
Digital Sales Manager | Bellroy

“Voucherify team really cares about our needs and has responded to and delivered on service and feature requests to ensure we achieve our goals.”

Wayne Chang
Head of Product | Saatchi Art

“From a technical point of view, I would highlight how easy it was for our developers to get into the API and how well documented the entire tooling is.”

Antoine Verger 
CTO | Fitfox

"Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous."

Alona Stern
Senior Product Manager | Freightos

“Voucherify was exactly what we needed! Their API was well documented and quick for our team to build against.”

Michael Willmott
Head of Product | Beryl

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, instead focus on growing your customer base

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