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Key functions


Base your referral campaigns on cart structure and total order value. Design multi-level reward schemes to maximize revenue flow. Precisely define when and how the referrer gets their reward.

Reward automation

Automatically send rewards via email or any other channel you connect to our API & webhooks. Choose from a wide variety of coupon/voucher/gift card rewards which you can define with our campaign manager.

Reat-time analytics

Get an overview of top referral programs and the top promoters within them. Track marketing channels to better understand what drives performance. React quickly when your campaigns are misused to protect your margins.

Intuitive referral campaign manager

  • Surprise your users with a plethora of rewards (coupons, vouchers, gift cards, loyalty points or a custom currency) for both referrers and referred.
  • Split customers into segments for better control and monitoring
  • Offer multi-tier reward campaigns to boost engagement and traction

Easy referral links management and automated reward delivery

  • Compose elegant referral emails with an embedded email designer
  • Integrate referral links with your landing pages through a JavaScript widget
  • Deliver rewards automatically via email, SMS or other channels thanks to webhooks and Zapier integration

Campaign performance overview

  • Track your referral performance through various metrics like leaderboards or per campaign performance
  • Use API to sync your data with other CRM systems and business intelligence tools
  • Monitor detailed HTTP logs to ensure data integrity across your campaigns and users

Campaign examples

Refer-a-friend so you and your friend both get 10% off - send each new subscriber an automatic email with a referral code. Every time a new customer redeems, a referral discount is assigned to the referrer, email with 10% off coupon is delivered automatically.

Earn $100 by inviting 10 friends. Earn $300 if you can make it 20. Launch a contest on your social profiles or landing page. Users who register automatically get a referral code and, if they acquire at least 10 or 20 new customers within a specific time, they get a gift card.

Get $5 for every $100 your friends spend this weekend. Use unique rules to drive referral revenues. After your customer makes an order, send an automatic SMS message with a referral code to share with friends. Set a short timeframe and minimum value for the friend’s order which then triggers a reward send out. The referrer can be rewarded dependent on total order value, number of acquired customers or items purchased by referred friends.

Only for New York members - invite a friend to get a 3-hour session for free. Geo-oriented referral programs can help in involving the local audience and acquiring new markets. You can reward referrers and new customers by offering your services or products instead of universal discounts. Such incentives direct attention straight to your products and increase loyalty, reflected in a likely number of referred customers.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

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