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How Whoppah increased conversion rates by 35% with Voucherify

How Whoppah increased conversion rates by 35% with Voucherify


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

35% increase in conversions within 14 days


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

4 weeks for integration


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

Successful double-sided referral program
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How Whoppah increased conversion rates by 35% with Voucherify
Utrecht, Netherlands
51-200 employees
Tech Stack
Braze, Looker, Node.js, Python SDKs
Talking to:
Sebastiaan Smits, Marketing Director, and Akshit Nagpal, Senior Software Engineer
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Whoppah is a premium marketplace for secondhand interior design and art, with a mission to provide easy access to unique pre-owned items. They have a curated selection of items, from vintage to modern designs, and feature over a million users in Europe. The platform connects buyers with thousands of private and professional sellers, making it a treasure trove for design and sustainability enthusiasts.

Key challenges

  • Implementing a two-sided referral program. 
  • Quick integration of advanced promo capabilities into their custom app. 
  • Granting control over promotions to the marketing team.

Hassle-free integration with a custom marketplace

Whoppah smoothly incorporated Voucherify into its custom-built marketplace (website and mobile app) within about 4 weeks. Despite limited experience with promotions and the absence of key promo features in the original app, Whoppah's team quickly completed the integration covering key promotion touchpoints: qualification, publication, validation, and redemption of offers. 

"While catering to a premium marketplace with a high AOV like ours, creating promotions can be challenging. However, Voucherify's exceptional personalization and scalability are a perfect fit for our needs at Whoppah." – Sebastiaan Smits

Whoppah relies on Voucherify as a central hub for promotion data, housing information about coupon publications, validations and redemptions. The campaign data is synced with Whoppah’s databases and exported into Looker dashboards for more in-depth analysis.

On the technical side, Whoppah utilizes Node.js and Python SDKs, with Node.js handling the API for validation and Python dedicated to the redemption process. The team also uses Publication API to assign unique codes to individual app users. For communication of promotions, Whoppah relies on Braze as their push notification and email engine.

Incentivized word of mouth

Given a specific clientele, Whoopah partly relies on the word-of-mouth marketing to bolster their user acquisition efforts. 

Whoppah's referral program visual – invite a friend screen

Voucherify enabled Whoppah to run a two-sided referral program. Originally, advocates and referred friends were offered a 25€ reward. Thanks to the no-code campaign management, Whoppah’s marketing team could update the program rules on the fly without disrupting the customer experience – now advocates and their friends benefit from a 50€ discount on qualifying orders.

Whoopah's referral program flow visuals

Promotion experience with Qualification API

To enable quick access to available offers and the referral program, Whoppah integrated Qualification API to build branded customer wallet views within their mobile and web apps. 

The referral program information is available under the dedicated tab, where users can enter the email addresses of referred friends or copy their unique referral link to share with friends and family. In the promotions tab, users can access all available promo codes. If a user has no promo codes assigned, Whoppah uses this space to promote their referral program.

Whoppah's digital wallet visual

Generic and unique promo codes to boost conversions

Whoppah uses generic promo codes that are promoted throughout the app. For a more targeted approach, the team also generates unique promo codes that are assigned to specific users and shared via Braze. Each promo code is redeemable only once and only on qualifying orders (minimum order total).

Whoppah has also implemented a welcome voucher to boost the sign-up to the first purchase ratio. After signing up, customers receive unique coupon codes via email a few days later, encouraging them to make their first purchase with Whoppah. 

“With Voucherify, generating coupons is a straightforward process that doesn't demand extensive technical know-how. The platform's simplicity and functionality make coupon creation an easy task, even for those with limited technical skills.” – Akshit Nagpal

On top of that, Whoppah leverages Voucherify in partnership campaigns. For example, Whoppah shares unique voucher codes with selected partners as part of their loyalty program rewards. Notably, the codes are customized, with the initial three letters reflecting the partners’ name, allowing for easier tracking and management.

Experimenting with gift cards

Whoppah has recently introduced gift cards as a new campaign in their portfolio. These digital gift cards start at 50€, providing recipients with the freedom to explore and find their ideal piece of secondhand furniture. Upon a simple click, the digital gift card is delivered straight to the recipient's inbox. 

Whoppah's gift cards


35% increase in conversions within 14 days
4 weeks for integration
Successful double-sided referral program
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