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Powerful Gift Card Software for Enterprises

Create and manage digital gift cards on scale – with top-tier gift cards software provider.
Illustration of a validation rules builder and a web pop-up informing user about winning a gift card

End-to-end gift certificates software

Gift card icon – increase retention
Increase customer retention
Personalized gift certificates have the power to keep customers coming back and invoke repeat purchases.
Database icon – distribute cards
Distribute cards across channels
Use the powerful API and marketer-friendly Dashboard to connect gift certificates with marketing channels of your choice.
Chart icon – attribute card revenue
Attribute revenue
Enable secure and simple gift certificate redemptions and analyze customer habits to make smarter business moves in the future.

Meet the new standard for
gift card software

Give your developers a break and generate millions of unique digital gift cards with a single click.
  1. Set up a gift card value, expiry date, and the redemption policy that reflect your promotional strategy.
  2. Modify or recharge every single card on the fly with the gift card API or Dashboard.
  3. Import and export gift card codes with a quick CSV bulk import/export functionality.
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Illustration of a gift cards builder with time setting, card value, and redemption limits
Mock of a web message informing user about possible refund to a gift card

Manage liquidity in crisis with a top-tier gift card solution

Avoid mass cash payouts and keep the revenue flowing with automatic refunds to gift cards. Let users store multiple cards in their digital wallets and offer extra gift card credits or discounts to encourage customers to claim gift card refunds instead of cash.

Choose omnichannel gift card delivery

Launch omnichannel and automatic gift card delivery using Voucherify gift card software. With Voucherify Distribution Manager, you can rest assured that gift cards will reach customers at the right time and place.
  1. Choose a code format (text, QR, barcode) that fits your offer and send gift cards via any marketing channel.
  2. Use the gift card API or webhooks to deliver gift card codes through any online and offline channels.
  3. Enjoy plenty of messaging options such as email, SMS, push notifications, live chat, social media ads, and more!
  4. Schedule automatic gift card reminders if customers forget to use gift cards on time.
UI shot of an email designer
UI shot of the customer cockpit with a list of owned gift cards

Leverage built-in customer data platform

Software should make things easier to manage and maintain, no matter scale of growth. With Voucherify, you not only get a flexible gift card software, but also a CRM platform geared towards fine-grained gift cards personalization.
  1. Track customer purchases, personal attributes, and their activity on your website/app.
  2. Understand users and events with flexible customer segmentation.
  3. Get access to a detailed 360-degrees customer profiles.
  4. Base your gift cards details and redemption rules on reliable customer data, not assumptions.

Control gift vouchers with our tracking features

Track the gift card campaign performance with detailed analytics. Derive valuable insights from gift card redemption details. Stop the campaign with one click if it doesn't perform well, or alternatively, its popularity skyrockets.
  1. Analyze daily, weekly, and monthly gift card balance per customer, campaign or on a global basis.
  2. Watch out for redemption failures and learn the reasons behind them.
  3. Use notifications to receive messages about fraud attempts or other events you want to monitor.
Ui shot of the gift cards spendings charts and analytics
Phone mock with a list of available gift cards

Redeem gift cards offline with our mobile app

Enable gift card redemptions in your offline stores with our mobile app. The app validates the gift card in a text or QR format and notifies the gift card software about the redemption details, including the store identifier.
  1. Simple, coding-free installation. Get the app for Android or iOS. Just download it and it's ready to go!
  2. Efficient and simple gift card redemption tracking.
  3. Use is as a free code scanning device.

Step up your marketing strategy
with flexible gift card software

Refund icon – use cards as refunds
Use gift cards for handling refunds
Ease customers and keep the revenue flowing with quick refunds to gift cards.
customer profile icon – attach card to ids
Attach gift cards to single customer profiles
Assign digital gift cards to single customers and use the same gift code throughout their customer lifetime.
Prize icon – amazing gift card experiences
Deliver exceptional customer experiences
Trigger cards at the right time to boost shopping experiences and make customers remember you.

Hundreds of gift card scenarios
using one gift card software

Code snippet with the API publication call
Promotion mock of a web message with a re-engagement gift card
Code snippet with an API redemption call
Promo mock of a checkout view and a gift card applied
Code snippet with a card balance update API method
Phone mock with a text message informing about trip cancellation and gift card refund
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On demand Coupons & Gift Cards webinar

How Voucherify helps companies launch, manage, and track personalized coupon and gift card campaigns?
  • What concepts do you need to understand to run successful coupon & gift card campaigns?
  • Demo of three use cases performed live on the Voucherify Dashboard and our Demo Shop.
  • How to track your campaigns' performance and tailor your campaigns to achieve the biggest ROI?
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Enjoy customized onboarding,
strategy consulting, and technical guidance

Use enterprise-grade, dedicated infrastructure

99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

Launch mission-critical projects with a secure, GDPR- and CCPA-ready platform

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

See why e-commerce leaders use 
Voucherify gift card software

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The flexible promotion-rule engine helped us produce complex promotions while we could still keep an eye on the marketing budget

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Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

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