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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Australian Home Appliances Enterprise is Winning Digital Transformation with Royal Cyber and Friends

How Australian Home Appliances Enterprise is Winning Digital Transformation with Royal Cyber and Friends

How Australian Home Appliances Enterprise is Winning Digital Transformation with Royal Cyber and Friends
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Venkat Nath, Partner Sales Manager at Royal Cyber

Breville is an iconic global brand known for its extensive line of home appliances, particularly blenders and coffee machines. With a worldwide presence in over 70 countries, an innovative product portfolio, and talented food technologists on board, Breville stands at the forefront of small appliance innovation.

Royal Cyber Inc. is a trusted technology partner for global brands. As a business-driven software organization, Royal Cyber is a pioneer in delivering world-class commerce and enterprise solutions with over 20 years of experience. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of digital transformation, Royal Cyber was able to help Breville migrate from Elastic Path to commercetools

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Key challenges

  • Running digital gift card campaigns and other promotions with a single tool.
  • Finding a headless promotion tool that integrates with commercetools.
  • Inability to run promotional campaigns without relying on developers’ support.

Breville lacked a holistic promotion software that could manage all promotional activities, such as generating, managing, and reporting on campaigns, without the intervention of developers at every step. Over-reliance on the development team was costly. It also limited the creativity of Breville’s talented marketing team, which had a negative impact on the customer experience and, consequently, Breville’s bottom line. 

Two experienced digital agencies, Commerce Right and Royal Cyber, found Voucherify to be the perfect solution to Breville’s challenges. The implementation was so successful that it received APAC commercetools Technical Excellence 2022 reward

“Voucherify is fantastic for promotion and customer acquisition. The platform allows users to run multiple promotions at the same time based on custom rules and customer behaviour.”

Thanks to the easy integration of commercetools with Voucherify Promotion Engine, Breville’s team can now run plenty of campaigns targeting different segments and products in both online and offline shopping contexts. Breville’s team uses the full power of the Voucherify Rules Engine by personalizing campaigns with customer purchase history, cart content, product information, and budget. This allows them to build creative campaigns, such as offering 30% off for the next three subscription months. 

RoyalCyber’s expertise in commercetools allowed Breville to build a solid integration between their commercetools store and Voucherify in three months. The integration relies on the third-party AEM service acting as a middleman between Voucherify API and commercetools. However, since Voucherify built a dedicated plugin for commercetools, Breville’s team has decided to make a switch to streamline the promotion workflows and achieve even faster promotion time-to-market. 

“Developer Examples and API Documentation are well-defined, making it easy to integrate Voucherify. We also received all technical and functional support from the Voucherify team.”

Now, Breville’s marketing team can run flexible promotions without relying on developers every step of the way. To enhance their personalization capabilities, the team is now testing the dynamic discounts feature and limiting discounts only to the cheapest order item. By choosing a headless promotion tool, they can now quickly roll out creative and personalized marketing campaigns to new markets with speed and confidence. 


Substantial time and financial savings on developing a promotion tool from scratch
Integration of best-of-breed headless commerce solutions to deliver better customer experience on a global scale
Increased campaign personalization and order conversions driven by targeted incentives
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