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2022-10-04 5:30 pm
How BAEMIN Vietnam handled over 60 million redemptions in a coupon-hungry market

How BAEMIN Vietnam handled over 60 million redemptions in a coupon-hungry market

How BAEMIN Vietnam handled over 60 million redemptions in a coupon-hungry market
Food Delivery
201-500 employees
Customer since
Quynh Phan Thuy, Project Manager

BAEMIN, short for the phrase "Baedal Minjok", was born in June 2010, with the desire to "Helping people eat delicious food anytime, anywhere." It is operated by South Korea’s leading food delivery platform, Woowa Brothers Corp. In 2019, BAEMIN officially entered the Vietnam market and became one of the largest players here, having about 5 million customers.

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Key challenges

  • Saving development time with flexible coupon software. 
  • Capturing customers’ attention in a competitive market with unique incentives. 
  • Securing the promotion budget in a price-sensitive environment.

The competition in the food delivery market is fierce. That’s why BAEMIN Vietnam opted for time-limited unique coupon codes to grab customers’ attention and capture the Vietnamese market as quickly as possible. Knowing that the Vietnamese market is coupon-oriented, they were looking for a coupon solution that would allow their marketing team to generate and manage unique coupon codes and thematic campaigns with little to no IT development. After conducting a market analysis, BAEMIN Vietnam found Voucherify to tick all the boxes. 

As a flexible and API-first coupon system, Voucherify allowed BAEMIN Vietnam to save precious development time and provide all needed features out-of-the-box. Now, their team uses Voucherify-powered coupons as the main drive for orders and, consequently, sales.

“We needed a coupon creation and management system that can help us save development time as well as provide enough functions for normal operations. In short, we use Voucherify as our main coupon management system.”

BAEMIN Vietnam has already launched over 800 campaigns and handled more than 60 million redemptions with Voucherify, with the daily redemption rates averaging 100 000. They create open-for-all, public codes and unique coupons with multiple discount values (percentage and amount) that are either available to everyone or targeted at specific customer segments, for example, based on geolocation. Most of the campaigns are automatic although BAEMIN Vietnam also uses coupons for customer compensation, applying them manually via their customer support team. 

In addition, their team uses Voucherify with other in-app communication for running thematic campaigns or huge sales events to drive even more traffic, making Voucherify their one-stop Promotion Engine. 

“The coupon system is an extremely crucial aspect of food delivery, and with the Vietnamese market volatility regarding coupon schemes, it is not an understatement to say that Voucherify is one of our main platforms to operate daily.”

To protect their campaign budget, BAEMIN Vietnam uses a smart combination of validation rules provided by Voucherify. Their marketing team uses order structure and budget constraints conditions, ensuring that only predefined orders can claim discounts and that each customer can redeem the offer only once (or based on a campaign, a designated number of times). However, their marketing team is also experimenting with more granular limits, such as targeting offers at predefined customer segments, locations, or even payment methods.

For almost all campaigns, BAEMIN Vietnam has used Voucherify as their central coupon management system. For instance, last year, they pulled off one of their signature campaigns – they offered discounts available only at the most popular restaurants near the user’s delivery address with a minimum order value and a limit of redemptions set to once per customer per day. 

“Voucherify definitely helped us expand our business to different cities with an appealing coupon scheme to entice users to try and order more.” 

Another example of a successful campaign was a Family Day flash campaign. In a limited time, users could claim unique coupons that could be redeemed up to 7 days later. Their marketing team amplified the offer urgency by limiting the number of available coupons. The campaign went well with an uplift of 15% in traffic and about a 10% uplift in orders generated for the participating merchants every day while the campaign lasted. For BAEMIN Vietnam, such campaigns are a key telling point to see the effects of coupons on their user base and tailor upcoming promotions accordingly to ever-changing preferences and expectations. 

BAEMIN Vietnam uses vouchers in a creative way. Here are more campaign examples they launched with Voucherify and promoted on social media:

  • A gamified event for customers who spot a their rider wearing a backpack with LED lights and record a video of them to post it on their social media – the participants could win their swag and a 35K voucher.
  • 50K discount for Women’s day, starting three days before the Women’s day to build long-term engagement and anticipation.
  • 25K discount in designated locations, valid for three days and for any restaurant.

BAEMIN Vietnam runs plenty of regular campaigns with discounts for new clients, vouchers for specific product categories, or virtual punch cards (where if you buy X times you get one meal free of charge). As a new customer, I can see multiple coupons waiting to be claimed right in the app:

“We believed that the current features offered by Voucherify already suffice our business needs.”

Besides ensuring that coupons are fraud-proof and targeted, BAEMIN Vietnam also incorporated vouchers into their communication channels powered by Braze. Luckily, Voucherify offers a native Braze integration allowing their marketing team to send personalized coupons to users via in-app messages without separate IT development. In addition, they managed to build new distribution channels with the Braze canvas feature to deliver coupons to users after syncing the coupons created by Voucherify.

As of today, BAEMIN Vietnam continues to focus on Voucherify-powered coupons as their primary growth factor. 


Over 60 million engaged users and over 800 campaigns launched with Voucherify
Flexible campaign management by the marketing team
Fast campaign time-to-market thanks to API-first built and Braze integration
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