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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Aumio cut its customer acquisition cost in half using discount coupons

How Aumio cut its customer acquisition cost in half using discount coupons

How Aumio cut its customer acquisition cost in half using discount coupons
Fitness & Health
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Simon Senkl, Co-Founder of Aumio

Aumio develops its own mobile application for sleep and mindfulness, designed to help children and families create healthy sleep routines. Aumio consists primarily of audio-first content, such as sleep stories, meditations, soundscapes, etc.

The company launched the first public version of its mobile app in early 2021 – as of June 2022, more than 200,000 families use Aumio regularly.

With our original audio-first content, weekly updates, and parenting advice, we want to empower kids and parents around the world to lead healthy and happy family life. Our cosmos includes hundreds of sleep stories, meditations, and soundscapes to help children sleep faster and enjoy relaxed family moments. All are based on science, yet truly magical developed, and recommended by health and education experts.
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Key challenges

  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across channels and platforms.
  • Lowering the customer acquisition cost.
  • Making sure that customer personal data is 100% safe.

Aumio stands out with its holistic approach to what they create. Instead of acquiring licenses for the content they include in their mobile app, the Aumio team develops everything they can in-house, with a bit of help from a carefully-selected network of scientists and specialists helping them create what's best for children and families.

All the soundscapes or stories in the app are Aumio's original creations. But, of course, such an approach generates much higher costs, so the app can't be free – and that became quite a challenge:

The average willingness to pay for mobile apps is still very low compared to other industries. Hence, our marketing needs to be very effective, we cannot afford expensive spray-and-pray campaigns. Yet, as a mobile app for families with a strong focus on younger children, data privacy is of utmost importance, limiting the available marketing tools.

At first, Aumio tried to incorporate traditional performance marketing into their funnel, but there were some issues, like slow and ineffective optimization. That led to a cost increase and took a lot of time. Trying to create a cost-effective, privacy-centric marketing strategy wasn't easy, but it became possible with a proper set of tools.

Adding Voucherify to Aumio's marketing stack helped the company measure the success of its campaigns in every channel and platform they were present. It all started with a lightning-fast integration:

We were able to integrate Voucherify into our promotion workflow in our Aumio app within a few days. Now the entire team can create & manage promotions on their own, not requiring any technical assistance. It's a relief.

After the successful integration, Aumio started to use various promotion scenarios – from giving individual people access to test their product to running massive marketing discount campaigns. But the most significant use case today is using highly-customized promotions in influencer marketing campaigns and other community-oriented promotions.

One of the things that influenced the way Aumio executes its marketing efforts the most is that with Voucherify, the marketing team can create, configure, edit, and launch promotion campaigns without any technical assistance or product changes.

The successful implementation of the promotion engine encouraged Aumio to work with Voucherify referral programs – they plan to add it to their marketing funnel in the coming months. Equally important, Voucherify is 100% GDPR- and ISO 27001-compliant, which means that Aumio customers' personal data is stored and processed securely.

Voucherify helped us measure the success of campaigns across channels and platforms. Thereby, we were able to cut our customer acquisition costs in half.


Customer Acquisition Costs cut in half.
Hundreds of vouchers redeemed every day.
Promotion creation available for the entire team – no technical assistance needed.
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