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How Yes.Fit runs a paid loyalty program for over 100 000 members

How Yes.Fit runs a paid loyalty program for over 100 000 members


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

25000+ promo codes running


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

100000+ members in a paid VIP program


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

1 week for complete integration
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How Yes.Fit runs a paid loyalty program for over 100 000 members
Lakeland, United States
50-200 employees
Tech Stack
Custom CRM system, Intercom, Segment
Talking to:
Kevin Transue, CEO
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Yes.Fit is building the world's first marketplace for digital connected fitness with over 400 000 users. With Yes.Fit’s fun fitness challenge app, users can not only participate in virtual races but also join a supportive community that encourages regular workouts. 

Yes.Fit is all about motivation, so the main goal of Yes.Fit’s marketing team is driving customer retention, by crafting daily promotional campaigns.

Key challenges

  • Driving customer retention with incentives and a VIP loyalty program.
  • Dynamic user segmentation and offer targeting.
  • Maintaining digital promotions without developers.

Why Voucherify?

Controlling who and when could redeem incentives became an important factor in Yes.Fit’s search for a promotion engine. They wanted to ensure their promotional budget was wisely spent on selected customer segments. 

"Voucherify's support team was very helpful, and I think they got us set up in one day. We have a pretty complicated website, and this isn't reflective of Voucherify. It is more what did we want to integrate and how did we want to do it."

Yes.Fit already integrated email and in-app messages through Intercom into their product. They aimed to deliver incentives through channels familiar to their audience. With these goals in mind, Yes.Fit selected Voucherify as their promotions and loyalty partner. Voucherify was implemented in one week, allowing the marketing team to run campaign from day one, without IT intervention. 

"We have a website and apps on iOS and Android, and because Voucherify is API-based, we get to use it from all platforms with very little extra effort."

Targeted incentives for better customer retention

Yes.Fit started with introducing discount coupons for specific products and customer segments. One of the first campaigns targeted users who completed their first race, offering them a -25% off any next activity. Yes.Fit’s marketing team, with the help of Voucherify, easily set up and managed validation rules, while the Voucherify system kept customer segments monitored and updated through integration with the Yes.Fit CRM system.

Building on the success of various coupon campaigns, the team expanded to include digital gift cards. Within just three months 300+ gift cards were purchased and redeemed, directly impacting revenue and boosting brand awareness. 

However, gift cards weren't the sole avenue for spreading the word about Yes.Fit. The team has also launched a two-sided referral program. Advocates are rewarded with $5 added to their virtual Yes.Fit gift card (supported by Voucherify) while invited friend receive $5 discount towards their purchase – the discount is attached to the referral code. 

Yes.Fit referral program setup

Cart-level promotions for effective up-selling

Yes.Fit has also set up cart-level promotions. Customers just add products to the cart, and Voucherify automatically applies the discount according to the business rules. 

When customers buy a ride, they have the option to add extra merchandise items or charity donations to their purchases and automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout. This offer is available to all customers. VIP members get an even better deal with a 20% discount at checkout as their first reward from Yes.Fit.

Yes.Fit example of a promotion flow

Yes.Fit is actively running several other promotional campaigns with Voucherify. The highlights include:

  • New user offer: Every new user is entitled to a $10 discount on their inaugural race.
  • Motivational offer: Users who participate in an all-year race are rewarded with an exclusive $15 discount for their purchase.
  • 2024 New Year’s Eve Offer: Users can embrace the spirit of the New Year with a 15% discount on selected virtual races.
Yes.Fit example of active coupons and promotions

Fun & motivating paid VIP loyalty program

Yes.Fit's paid loyalty program aims to recognize and inspire the app's most active members. The program already attracted over 100 000 members. Even if users are not currently VIP members, they can still accumulate points (tokens) and opt for VIP membership whenever they choose in order to redeem rewards.

As users regularly interact with Yes.Fit, points are systematically awarded, allowing them to progressively earn points through regular engagement. Once a sufficient number of points is accumulated, users can exchange them for discount coupons applicable to races or merchandise, with a validation rule of one coupon per checkout.

Yes.Fit uses Segment CDP to send loyalty-related events to Voucherify, for example daily workout added, event completed, anniversaries.

Yes.Fit paid VIP loyalty program

By leveraging Voucherify's personalization capabilities, Yes.Fit has enhanced their loyalty program with custom event-based earning rules based on the events sent from Segment:

  • Logging workouts: After entering a race, users earn loyalty points by logging a workout every day.
  • Making purchases: Users receive 5 points for every dollar spent with Yes.Fit.
  • Connecting social logins: Users can add Facebook, Google, or Apple login to their Yes.Fit account.
  • Earning an achievement: Users trigger achievements periodically while using Yes.Fit based on factors like total distance, total workouts, etc. 
  • Adding a phone number to the user profile
  • Connecting a fitness device (e.g., Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc).
  • Happy Yes.Fit anniversary: Users celebrate their Yes.Fit anniversaries with 200 points awarded on the anniversary date of joining.
Yes.Fit example of loyalty earning rules

Collected points are visible within the app and accessible through the sidebar menu. The loyalty tab, along with the ability to redeem points, is exclusively reserved for VIP members

"We are finding new ways to use the product all the time. I like the product enhancements that Voucherify releases non-stop.”

To redeem accumulated loyalty points, users log into their accounts via the app, navigate to the loyalty points section in the top menu bar, select the desired redemption amount, and click on the "coupon" tab to access the voucher code. 

With Voucherify, Yes.Fit gained the ability to create and execute diverse campaigns tailored to specific customer segments. Within a span of six months, Yes.Fit swiftly integrated and deployed all available promotion types. This not only enhanced their UX but also saved valuable developer time for more strategic tasks. Today, the day-to-day activities of the Yes.Fit marketing team include coming up with new promo campaigns and monitoring how they perform across all channels.

Yes.Fit developers, who saved time with the Voucherify, can now focus on building core business features. They also help marketers connect new data sources and marketing channels so that their campaigns become even more timely and personalized.


25000+ promo codes running
100000+ members in a paid VIP program
1 week for complete integration
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