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2022-10-04 5:30 pm
How Beryl runs personalized promotions based on geolocation

How Beryl runs personalized promotions based on geolocation

How Beryl runs personalized promotions based on geolocation
Tourism & Travel
11-50 employees
Customer since
United Kingdom
Georgia Yexley, Head of Growth

Beryl launched its first bike-sharing scheme in June 2019 and wanted to run promotions that would encourage people to get on two wheels. Beryl was looking for a flexible promotion platform to run marketing campaigns without IT development. Voucherify platform met their needs and after a couple of weeks of integration and training, they launched their first promotional campaign. Launching promotions is now a part of their daily routine. During the the Coronavirus crisis, the company is providing discounts for key workers based on their geolocation and email domain.

“Now our marketing and growth team can easily and quickly run promotions that target different schemes and users (and no involvement from the dev team!).“
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Key challenges

  • Increasing customer base.
  • Launching promotions without developers' help.
  • Providing gift cards and vouchers based on customer segments.

Beryl was planning to boost its bike-sharing business by launching promotional campaigns and providing gift cards. They knew that they didn’t have enough time and money to invest in building a promotional system from scratch. Therefore, they were looking for a flexible promotional engine that can be used without the developers’ intervention. When it came to choosing the right promotional solution, Voucherify met all the requirements of Beryl. It took only a few weeks to define a working concept and to integrate Voucherify with their existing system.

“Having the ability to have all of our promotions we have ever done in one place (on the Dashboard) with details about redemptions and success, and the ability to analyze this data is invaluable. We're not done yet though and can't wait to continue experimenting and using all the power that Voucherify offers."

After integration, the marketing team went through a quick training. Since then, setting up promotions is a part of their daily routine. There is no more development support needed for launching promotions and marketers can log in to the platform and create campaigns quickly.

Today, Beryl is launching promotions regularly with Voucherify. They offer vouchers with free minutes during the Christmas period or the elections. In order to improve the performance of these promotions, the marketing team needs to analyze historical data of previous promotional campaigns. Thanks to the Voucherify Dashboard, where all the data related to the former and running campaigns is available, the marketing team can now analyze or replicate successful campaigns.

“It has been very valuable for us to be able to keep an eye on how the gifting of the customer voucher codes is going, when they are being redeemed, who and how is using the free minutes. We can see the demand and all of this data is showing us that people are gaining value from our services.“

In the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beryl started to offer free rides for the National Health Service (NHS) and key workers across the UK to help them get to work safely. To select the eligible customers, the marketing team used the Voucherify platform to set up customer segments based on the unified email domain and their location. For key workers without a unified email domain, Beryl offered custom voucher codes with free minutes.

The company’s bike-sharing service is present in several cities across the UK and they provide different promotions in each city. To target the users with the right promotions, the company uses the bikers’ geolocation and classifies them into segments. Beryl is continuously discovering different features of Voucherify. The company has plans to launch a referral program and a loyalty program after the Coronavirus lockdown.


Simple tracking of results
Over 7.500 redemptions so far
Launched advanced coupon campaigns based on metadata
25 campaigns launched without developers' support
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