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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Drive lah launched 14 successful promotional campaigns in three months

How Drive lah launched 14 successful promotional campaigns in three months

How Drive lah launched 14 successful promotional campaigns in three months
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Bavani Srinu, Head of Marketing

Drive lah is a car rental and car-sharing company based in Singapore. Starting in late 2019, the company managed to establish its position as the country's most prominent peer-to-peer car rental business. The Drive lah success in Singapore resulted in concrete plans to venture into Malaysia and Hong Kong in the coming months.

Drive lah relies on a peer-to-peer model, which means that the company doesn't own a car fleet, but its role is to build and maintain the platform connecting car owners with car renters. As of 2022, more than 2,000 active hosts on Drive lah share their cars with thousands of customers every day.

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Key challenges

  • Educating people about a peer-to-peer car rental model.
  • Creating discount vouchers and coupon codes to attract potential customers.
Our company appeared in a Singaporean market with a not-known before proposition. Carsharing was, of course, a familiar topic for people in Singapore, but a peer-to-peer model was quite a novelty. So then, the first thing to do was educate people about our business model and encourage them to give Drive lah a chance.

The best way to showcase the benefits of participating in peer-to-peer car-sharing was to create discount vouchers and coupon codes. Drive lah needed its brand awareness to grow. Considering the customer mentality in Singapore, there's no better way to convince people to a whole new service than a substantial discount.

Before finding Voucherify, Drive lah worked with another promotion engine, but the service shut down soon after, and the Drive lah team was forced to find a new solution that would fit their needs.

We needed all kinds of vouchers to be available – our goal was to find perfect promotions for future customers. With Voucherify, we can experiment with discounts and coupons freely.
We decided to choose Voucherify as our next promotion engine because we needed a solution that would allow the team to try out various promotion scenarios, such as discounts for fast-time booking, holiday discounts, personalized promo codes, and digital wallets.

Two developers worked on integrating Voucherify with Drive lah, and it took three weeks in total – two weeks of development and a week for testing.

Two examples of Drive law promotions

Thanks to an easy-to-use Voucherify dashboard, and various promotion scenarios available on the platform, the Drive lah team is now able to run their promotion campaigns with no technical assistance. The process is so approachable, that the team managed to launch 14 different campaigns between February and May 2022 alone.

All in all, Voucherify is an effective solution for Drive Lah. It's been a great addition to our marketing stack, and we intend to take this cooperation even further by launching a referral program via Voucherify.


Better brand awareness in Singapore
14 promotion campaigns launched
Quick integration and fast time-to-market
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