How Jollyes runs the PetCLUB loyalty program for over 1.4 million members?
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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Jollyes runs the PetCLUB loyalty program for over 1.4 million members

How Jollyes runs the PetCLUB loyalty program for over 1.4 million members


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

85% of transactions linked to the loyalty program.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

<10% annual churn thanks to retention incentives.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

Loyalty program members shopping 7 times a year on average.
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How Jollyes runs the PetCLUB loyalty program for over 1.4 million members
Waltham Abbey, UK
1001-5000 employees
Tech Stack
Adyen, Storyblok, Alokai (Vue Storefront), Pimcore, Magento, Segment, Lightspeed POS, Zoho
Talking to:
Shane Burrows, Head of Data and Technology
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Jollyes is one of the largest chains of pet superstores across the UK, providing a wide variety of pet foods and accessories throughout over 100 stores nationwide. A strong heritage of over 50 years in the industry has enabled Jollyes to grow into a dominant market player.

Key challenges

  • Finding a composable promotions and loyalty provider that would easily integrate with Jollyes' existing and future systems.
  • Migrating the previous loyalty program to a new platform to introduce new loyalty features to generate higher member engagement while optimizing ROI.
  • Developing new loyalty and promotion features cost-effectively without causing disruptions to the existing architecture.

Before partnering with Voucherify, Jollyes already had a rewards program in place. However, the program was severely lacking in personalization and flexibility. Members earned points towards generic, pre-set vouchers, limiting engagement. Furthermore, the program was tethered to their ERP system, making customization and innovation a costly struggle.

The sunset of their monolithic ERP system was a wake-up call for Jollyes. They turned to a MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless), a strategic shift that empowered them to build a stack of best-of-breed solutions. This modular approach gives them the freedom to swap individual components within their tech stack, ensuring a perfect fit for each function and future-proof flexibility.

As the loyalty program was a key part of their business strategy they wanted the future loyalty platform to operate independently from other modules and play nicely with other API-first technologies such as Segment CDP, which would later become the foundation for offer personalization.

Iterative integration and secure migration

Instead of a risky "big bang" approach, Jollyes adopted a step-by-step implementation of composable tools. This allowed them to experience the benefits early on and tackle challenges on a smaller scale, without compromising the customer experience.

Flexibility, affordability, and speed to market were all crucial for Jollyes when choosing a new loyalty partner. But what sealed the deal was Voucherify's ability to personalize promotions and incentives – Jollyes could now craft engaging experiences that resonated with pet owners. Voucherify's exceptional customer support and migration services ensured a seamless transfer of all loyalty data of over 1.4 million members, protecting customer experience throughout the process with no disruptions. 

"I can't think of another company we work with whose product aligns so perfectly with our needs, and integration has been incredibly smooth. The support team has been fantastic to collaborate with. A big pat on the back to Voucherify for their exceptional work."

Voucherify's composable loyalty technology facilitated seamless integration with Jollyes' chosen MACH architecture, including Magento as the e-commerce platform, Segment as the CDP, and Lightspeed POS for in-store customer interactions. 

"Your support throughout the entire onboarding process, post-sale, and implementation has been truly exceptional – worthy of a 5-star rating. I haven’t yet come across a SaaS provider with the quality and timeliness of your support. The questions were answered quickly, and we always talked with someone knowledgeable."

How does the omnichannel PetCLUB loyalty program work?

With Voucherify, Jollyes has developed a tiered omnichannel loyalty program that offers personalized incentives to members. 

Jollyes Case Study – PetClub Overview

The program is point-based – customers earn points for every pound spent and automatically earn a £2 voucher every time they earn 1000 points. Any points that are not automatically converted to reward vouchers expire in 12 months. The PetCLUB loyalty program has three tiers: red, silver, and gold. The number of points awarded per £1 spent varies – with Red members getting 10, Silver members geting 12, and the Gold tier getting 15 points. 

Jollyes Case Study – Tiers Overview
Loyalty Terms & Conditions in April, 2024. 

Once members move into higher tiers, they are awarded special bonuses, including free delivery or free nail clippings. Another added membership benefit is member-only deals and prices.

Jollyes Case Study – Example of Member-only Prices

Some products and categories offer a higher loyalty point value per pound spent, incentivizing specific purchases. Customers can earn points in any Jollyes physical store or online. They can scan their loyalty card and use incentives both in-store and online.

Jollyes Case Study – App View

Loyalty wallet for added convenience

Jollyes provides members with a convenient customer wallet featuring their point balance, a progress bar indicating the points needed to reach the next tier, available perks, vouchers, and more.

Jollyes Case Study – Member Views

Members can also discover ways to earn additional points within the dashboard, such as through purchases and various activities. For instance, registering a pet on their customer profile could earn them extra 200 loyalty points.

Flexibility and adaptability guaranteed by MACH

Jollyes deliberately opted for composable technology, moving away from monolithic systems to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The selection and migration process for the composable stack was swift and iterative, resulting in the following technology stack:

  • Zoho as a CRM and order management system
  • Segment as a CDP platform 
  • Adyen as a payment provider 
  • Alokai (Vue Storefront) as a BFF solution 
  • Storyblok as a CMS
  • Pimcore as a PIM system
  • Voucherify as a Promotion and Loyalty Engine
Jollyes Case Study – Architecture Overview

Their current MACH stack delivers not only significant cost savings but also unmatched flexibility and customization. This empowers Jollyes to control their destiny, avoiding vendor lock-in and the limitations of monolithic systems. They can now adapt and scale their technology infrastructure as their business needs evolve. 

Before MACH, managing customer experience was a complex and error-prone process, involving multiple siloed systems. MACH brought everything together, allowing for centralized campaign management. This not only reduced errors but also accelerated campaign implementation, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

Voucherify and Segment as the basis of 1:1 personalization at scale

Another reason why Voucherify was the ideal promotion and loyalty provider for Jollyes was the ready-made integration with Segment CDP.

"From Voucherify's perspective, the integration process was incredibly smooth. Your decision to partner with Segment and recognize its value made our job effortless. It was a significant win for us in launching the program."

The integration between Voucherify and Segment forms the foundation of Jollyes' highly personalized loyalty program. Segment CDP hosts and passes all relevant data to and from Voucherify to trigger and control loyalty events such as making orders, adding points, and redeeming reward vouchers. It is also the basis for POS integration – ensuring that customer data is 1:1 across channels and devices. 

Jollyes Case Study – Customer Data Flow

Despite a substantial loyalty customer base of over 1.4 million members, Jollyes' loyalty program is efficiently managed by just three individuals responsible for the technical aspects of promotions.

Besides loyalty information, Voucherify stores customer emails, phone numbers, and names, while the CRM (Zoho) serves as a centralized hub for customer data. Updates from Segment are directed to the CRM, where the customer service team can seamlessly manage the data.

What’s next?

Almost 320,000 customers joined the PetCLUB loyalty program in the last 12 months, creating a loyalty customer base of 1.4 million consumers across the UK. 

Looking ahead, Jollyes plans to introduce a referral program and enable donations to charity using loyalty points. Additionally, there are plans to introduce a Qualification API into the POS system to offer smart discount suggestions to customers in-store. The ultimate goal is for Voucherify to handle all promotions, including standalone offers like free delivery weekends.


85% of transactions linked to the loyalty program.
<10% annual churn thanks to retention incentives.
Loyalty program members shopping 7 times a year on average.
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