How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

All-in-One Promotion Engine

Focus on what’s truly important and use world-class promotion software to power up your sales.

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How it works?

Automate your processes and stop wasting time on planning each stage of the promotion life cycle.

API Integration

Create your own promotional experience. With developer-friendly API, import/export wizards, SDKs for every popular platform, and custom webhooks you can supercharge your promotions in no-time!

Validation Rules

Take advantage of our flexible promotion engine and model desired redemption circumstances. Set up time limitations and redemption policies that reflect your promotional strategy.

Customer Segmentation

Create promotions that resonate with your audience. Use real-time customer segmentation based on order history, cart structure and other features. Personalise your marketing campaigns with dynamic promotion engine based on each customer’s profile and be in full control your promo budget.

E-commerce Plugins

Make Voucherify Promotion Software a part of your e-commerce ecosystem. We integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms and can easily integrate with your e-commerce site! Just drop us a line and we can make it work. 

Omni-channel Distribution

It’s not just a promotion, it’s an experience. Engage customers in the right context and at the right time across the web, mobile, email, social media, and ads.

Efficient Tracking

Let your marketers track any promotional campaign without wasting developers’ time. Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time reporting tools and workflow control available straight from your Dashboard.

 Our promotion engine supports hundreds of scenarios:

If a customer has iPhone XR in his/her cart...

If a customer enters 20km radius around your store...

If a customer signs up via a landing page...

If a customer leaves a review...

If a customer has birthday...

If a new customer is about to leave your website...

...offer him/her 10% discount

...offer him/her a 20% discount for cupcakes

...give him/her 50 credits for digital gift card

...reward him/her with 100 loyalty points

...send automatic wishes and a 20$ voucher valid for a week

...display a widget offering a 15% discount for new customers

Our Promotion Engine runs on customer data

Sync real-time data from your CRM and ecommerce platforms with our Promotion Engine and base your promotions on a number of features:

  • Customer location
  • Purchase history
  • In-store activity
  • Device
  • Redemption log
  • Marketing permissions
  • Custom attributes (metadata)
  • Individual customer cockpits

Let your marketing team take the lead

Design personalized campaigns without relying on developers:

  • Flexible incentives
  • Branding suite
  • Visual message editor
  • Custom audiences
  • Validation rules
  • Access control

Automate omni-channel promotion delivery

Use the Distribution Manager to automate the delivery process and integrate with your favourite communication providers:

  • Social media ads

  • Automated emails
  • SMS messages
  • Push notifications
  • Social media ads
  • Landing pages
  • In-app banners
  • Live chat
  • Print
  • Affiliate

Keep your finger on the pulse

Validate promotions, track performance, and optimize your campaigns straight from the Dashboard:

  • Redemption history
  • Fraud prevention
  • Performance overview
  • Single customer view
  • Audit log
  • Budget constraints
  • Live chat

Keep your offers safe

Customer control makes sure that your customers may redeem vouchers only X number of times and control what they see in their individual cockpits.

Dedicated tech team to help you on every step of your journey with our Promotion Engine.

Establish roles and access flow for your Team members to prevent any unauthorized changes. 

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