The Loyalty Lab: Crafting B2C Loyalty Programs That Drive Customer Retention
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Digital promotions in sync with your CRM

How Salesforce works?

Salesforce is the world-leading CRM platform that operates as your sales data command center. With Salesforce, companies can analyze and improve sales performance or manage sales opportunities. Keeping track of business-customer interactions is also a key Salesforce functionality. Salesforce also offers the help of a dedicated Salesforce administrator to help you get started with data handling. Later on, users can manage customer data on their own with little to no technical know-how. 

How to make the most of Voucherify and Salesforce?

Salesforce and Voucherify integration creates a perfect combination for launching highly-targeted and hyper-flexible sales promotions. Syncing Salesforce data with Voucherify means that you can manage your audience more efficiently with customer segments build upon unique customer attributes and customer behaviors. More specifically, the integration focuses on the proper mapping of Salesforce attributes into Voucherify. The real-time Salesforce data will populate your Voucherify account every 15 minutes ensuring that all your offers will be relevant and accurate.

Voucherify also integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Voucherify allows you to request unique codes from Voucherify campaigns and pass them to your customers via Salesforce Marketing Cloud send-outs. This integration requires you to call Voucherify API using the Salesforce AMPscript. Go here to read the documentation.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.