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Use granular customer data to build better promotions

How mParticle works?

mParticle is a customer data platform that makes it easy to holistically manage customer data throughout the entire customer lifecycle. mParticle CDP helps brands unify data across databases and partners to ensure access to transparent and relevant data with an enterprise-class suite of data and analytics tools.

With an intuitive Dashboard, mParticle allows users to capture and forward data with a set of over 10 platform-specific SDKs and API while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations. mParticle customer profiles make it simple to manage unique customer data and understand key milestones during the customer journey.

How to make the most of Voucherify and mParticle?

Thanks to the API-first approach, connecting Voucherify with mParticle is quick and easy. With mParticle integration, you can build personalized promotions on top of granular customer data maintained by mParticle CDP. That's not all – the integration lets you form invaluable insights for promotions type and delivery to run better consumer promotions in the future. mParticle audiences can be synced with Voucherify customer metadata allowing you to target predefined user groups with different incentives.

The integration offers both an inbound and outbound mode allowing you to firstly receive customer data from mParticle in your Voucherify account. Secondly, Voucherify can notify mParticle about key events such as code validation, redemption and customers receiving rewards.

Brands can use those features in many creative ways – from creating VIP-only offers based on mParticle audiences to triggering loyalty points and rewards. Thanks to the Voucherify integration with mParticle, brands can easily transfer customer data between Voucherify and mParticle. This eliminates the need for your development team to create a separate app for data synchronization.

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