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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Meet customers' needs with multi-channel engagement

How ActiveCampaign works?

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses all over the world engage with audiences. The primary automation features include email marketing, CRM, machine learning, customer segmentation, and personalization. What’s even better is that you can deliver unique experiences to customers via many channels. These include social media, email, SMS, live chat, and web notification. To sweeten the deal, ActiveCampaign also offers 300+ integrations. 

How to make the most of Voucherify and ActiveCampaign?

The integration of Voucherify and ActiveCampaign lets you sync customer data and exchange data between both accounts. You can use ActiveCampaign with Voucherify in three ways:

  • Send discount codes to customers in ActiveCampaign by using Voucherify Distribution. 
  • Use contact properties to build specific segments for your promotional campaigns.
  • Automatically send rewards to customers in ActiveCampaign as a part of a referral program.

Besides that, ActiveCampaign will help you to track successful redemptions and campaigns’ performance on both web and mobile.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.