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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic


See how you can use the combination of API and Dashboard to achieve personalized campaigns engaging your customers at the right time & place.

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Automatic coupon send out

Schedule mass but personalized email campaigns. Choose who and when should get an incentive, compose a message, and push out coupon deal straight from the marketer dashboard.

Dynamic segments

Trigger coupon emails immediately after a customer has met specific criteria. Create advanced segments with built-in attributes or build one with custom metadata.

Visual editor

The built-in editor lets marketers design beautiful and responsive email messages. Emails can include images, links and customer attribute merge tags for ultimate personalization.

Graphical Format

Voucherify manages 3 types of coupon codes: text, QR, and barcode. Adjust the format to your channels.


With Voucherify, you can choose the coupon distribution channel that matches your infrastructure. Voucherify offers integrations with MailChimp, Intercom, Mandrill, SendGrid, Twilio, and CM Telecom, and many more! Don’t have one? No worries, Voucherify offers a built-in email service for a small extra charge.

GDPR Compliance

You can trust us with your data. Security and privacy are the highest priority processes for our team.

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How to distribute coupons with an omni-channel approach
Push our discount coupons for every new customer - right after sign-up

Every time a new customer joins a pre-defined segment, the distribution mechanism will use a unique code from a pre-generated campaign and will send it to this customer. You don’t have to worry about:

  • Remembering about adding a new customer to a proper segment
  • Existing customers using this very same code - our validation rules will block any attempt
  • Manually creating a personalized email for every new customer
Give a re-engagement gift card - after 3 months of inactivity

Our segment engine operates on multiple factors. One of them is the customer purchase/order history. You can use it to make your promotions more context-driven and filter out customers who don’t need a re-engagement at the moment.

Send SMS with a promotion code - for New Yorkers who signed up 10 days ago and who have at least 5 purchases made

The validation rules can be joined so you can take different parameters into account at the same time. This gives you a powerful tool to launch personalized marketing campaigns for each of your customer groups.

Show an “upselling” personal coupon - when a customer goes to checkout with 1 product in his cart

The marketing channels aren’t limited to email or SMS. The flexible API allows you to plug coupon codes into any place in the sales funnel. A thorough monitoring system shows which customer was offered a deal and which actually used it.

Send out your company birthday promo codes - to MailChimp subscribers

Voucherify provides seamless integration with MailChimp lists. With a click of the button, you can sync any list and send personalized coupons without the need for tedious importing every time a new subscriber joins a list.

Automatically trigger an email with a coupon - when a customer joins “Premium” list in MailChimp

Voucherify segments take care of staying up-to-date. If a customer changes its property, Voucherify recalculates the belonginess to the current list of segments. The best thing about this is that that it works for MailChimp lists too!

Send QR code - to the “iOS app” segment

Two things worth highlighting in this case. First, you can build segments on custom properties. Second, you can adapt the code representation and the corresponding message to the receivers channel.

Current & future e-commerce
leaders choose Voucherify

You'll be in great company
200+ customers
10Mmonthly generated
5M monthly
99.9% uptime

Promotional offers and incentives are crucial to the growth of our business, so it is important that we choose a platform that meets all of our needs - ease of use, robust offer management system, scalability, high uptime, and a responsive customer service team.
Voucherify team really cares about our needs and has responded to and delivered on service and feature requests to ensure we achieve our goals. We are very pleased with the product and service we've received from Voucherify!

Wayne Chang
Sr. Director, Product

I am happy that we have selected Voucherify as our partner to enable BQ’s voucher management. The product design is broad, well-thought-of and covers most of the use-cases. Tomasz, the founder, is really helpful and was always available even for the smallest assistance. The team is up to accommodate specific use-cases in their product roadmap. The documentation is certainly one of the best I came across in tech product eco-system.
Overall, a highly recommended product for coupons, referrals, gifting, and loyalty.

Ankit Dikshit
Spearhead products, customer experience and subscription business at Bloomberg | Quint

We recently used Voucherify’s Cart-Level Promotions to run our Black Friday campaign and were impressed with the intuitiveness of the platform, the range of options available to customize our offer across our multi-lingual subdomains, plus the speed of the API during the event.
Overall, Voucherify is an excellent platform for mid-large size businesses looking for a suite of promotional tools at a competitive price, with a marketing-friendly UI.

Kate Watson
Digital Sales Manager

We knew we didn't want to build our promotions system; we wanted to put something in place fast and in a way that gave us a lot of flexibility in the promotions we would run.
Voucherify was exactly what we needed! Their API was well documented and quick for our team to build against. We then expanded on the functionality to leverage the full range of options Voucherify provides when creating promotions. Now our marketing and growth team can easily, and quickly run promotions that target different schemes and users (and no involvement from the dev team!). We have already used this to great success... working with our partners to offer free and discounted rides to a wide range of our new and existing users.

Michael Willmott
Head of product | Beryl

Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous - they are responsive and quick to answer any questions that have come up.

Alona (Lerman) Stern
Sr Product Manager Freightos
Steffen Harting
10-20% conversion rate increase

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