Nowadays, the omni-channel environment gives your several options to push out coupons to customers e.g.: email marketing, social networks, affiliates or retargeting. With our powerful API, you can wire vouchers in any sales channel and figure out which performs the best. The Voucherify platform enables you to distribute predetermined campaigns or to issue coupon code on the fly.

CSV / Excel export

Any campaign can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file. Although this is manual, it's by far the easiest way of getting your promo codes out there. At the same time, you can import your legacy vouchers using the import wizard.


Barcodes, QR codes

Leverage your mobile apps market by generating and distributing personalized deals based on visual codes. Again, our flexible API helps you connect to any POS (NEW: check out our mobile app) and/or mobile partners. Of course, you can use good old printed marketing channels too.

Dynamic codes

Want to generate a unique code online? Thanks to our flexible API, you can get a code from a predefined set of coupons. Once published, each code is marked so that it won’t be issued again.



To facilitate gift card selling, we created a Shopify plugin. The integration automates this process, covering all the steps from purchase to gift card delivery. You can sell multiple gift card options at once and send them out with a custom email message.

Email/SMS integration

The API-first approach of the platform allows for attaching coupon codes to outreach and drip campaigns. Imagine adding a small re-engagement discount when sending an invoice file or closing a support ticket.  



This integration enables you to attach vouchers to MailChimp campaigns through merge tags. In this way, you can attach coupon codes to messages that are sent to MailChimp member segments.