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Voucherify and mParticle: How to Deliver Data-Driven Promotions for Effective Marketing
Anna Dawal
Anna Dawal
May 18, 2023
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Voucherify and mParticle: How to Deliver Data-Driven Promotions for Effective Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to successfully utilize information about your customers’ behavior and preferences to drive sales and increase customer retention? If the answer is yes, I have a perfect solution for you.

By taking advantage of Voucherify and mParticle integration, you can effectively use and manage granular customer data to create personalized and targeted promotional campaigns suited to the unique needs and attributes of your customers. 

mParticle is a customer data platform that allows businesses to collect, unify, and activate data from various sources, such as websites, mobile apps, and third-party tools. Thanks to the API-first approach connecting Voucherify with mParticle is quick and easy.

Our platform’s integration with mParticle offers inbound and outbound modes allowing you to receive customer data from mParticle in your Voucherify account. On the other hand, Voucherify can notify mParticle about crucial events such as code validation, redemption, and customers receiving rewards.

Voucherify and mParticle integration – how does it work?

Let’s see an exemplary scenario where Voucherify and mParticle integration can come in handy:

  1. A customer leaves a product review on your website by giving it, for instance, some sort of a star rating. 
  2. In order to encourage customers to shop again, the incentive you propose for the customer leaving a review is a discount code for their next purchase. 
  3. Once the review is published, you email the customer a unique discount code. 
  4. Incentivized by the discount code, the customer shops again at your store and redeems the discount code. 
  5. During the checkout process, the discount code is validated (according to the validation rules of the campaign).
  6. The redemption process is successful. All the information about the customer’s actions – review left, code validation, and redemption are stored within the customer profile. 
  7. The business intelligence tool takes note of the redemption and calculates how rewards drive new reviews and, thus, retention and acquisition rates to guide your future campains.

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How to set up a campaign with Voucherify and mParticle?

Now, we will see what the Voucherify and mParticle integration is all about by transforming the above scenario into a real-life promotional campaign. This will be a step-by-step guide so I invite you to follow along.

Note: the following demo shows a minimal configuration connecting your order management system, CDP, and Voucherify. For the production-ready setup with proper identity resolution and data schema, consider integrating Voucherify source and destination with Protocols and Profile modules.

1. Test how mParticle registers customer data

After receiving data from a back-end source, mParticle registers the event of a customer leaving a review. Our customer will be referred to in the future as Ms. Joan Doe. 

mParticle – data reception

2. Connect Voucherify as mParticle’s Output

For mParticle to send the above information about the review left to Voucherify, we first need to connect Voucherify as mParticle’s Output. Go to mParticle’s tab Setup, choose Outputs, and Add Event Output.  

mParticle – adding event output

Then, use Voucherify’s Application Keys to activate the connection. The application keys can be found in Voucherify’s Projects Settings. 

mParticle – connect Voucherify API

After Voucherify and mParticle are successfully connected, the event will be sent directly to Voucherify. 

mParticle – event sharing

Consequently, the event (review_left) is displayed in the Voucherify’s dashboard. The information can be found in the customer’s “Activity” tab. 

Voucherify – custom event logging

You can now see that Voucherify has qualified our customer, Joan Doe, for the “Reviewers” segment. This customer segment works on top of the custom event review_left in real-time – whenever the event is triggered for a customer, s/he will automatically join the appropriate user group.

Voucherify – customer segment view

3. Create a discount code campaign with Voucherify

Now, we will create a discount code campaign with Voucherify to incentivize customers who left reviews. It will be a discount code campaign with custom validation rules to ensure our campaign's safety and success – customers who leave a review will be granted a $15-off discount code to use for their next purchase as long as the total order amount will exceed $50.

Voucherify – campaign rules builder view

When a campaign is set up, a list of promo codes eligible for publication will be generated by Voucherify.

Voucherify – vouchers view

4. Assign codes to customers

As we have now generated a batch of unique discount codes, we now need to trigger Voucherify’s distribution mechanisms to assign the codes to the right customer (those who meet the requirements created via custom validation rules). 

Voucherify – distribution view

After we choose a suitable distribution type for our campaign, a segment-related activity, we can specify the distribution conditions. Then, the codes will be automatically assigned to customers who enter the previously mentioned “Reviewers” segment. 

Voucherify – distribution conditions

When the distribution is active, every customer who leaves a review, and thus is enrolled in the “Reviewers,” segment gets a unique discount code for $15 off from our campaign. Accordingly, Ms. Doe has also been granted her unique code after leaving a review on a website. 

Whenever a code is assigned to a given customer, Voucherify triggers a publication event. The event stores information about the code and the customer but can also carry additional metadata, and it is registered in the customer’s Activity tab.

Voucherify – successful publication view

Now, we need to create a Voucherify Input in mParticle to enable data traffic from Voucherify to mParticle about the discount code redemption. 

When the Input is set up, as soon as the customer redeems their promotional code published by Voucherify, the event will be registered on mParticle’s dashboard in the Data Master Catalog. First, let’s create the Input. 

5. Create a Voucherify Input in mParticle

Go to mParticle’s “Setup” tab, click “Inputs,” and then “Add Feed Input.” Next, choose an option to add a Custom Feed. 

mParticle – add custom feed input

After establishing your Input, below, you will see server keys that need to be copied. 

mParticle – copying server keys

Go back to the Voucherify’s dashboard, click the “Integrations” tab, and find mParticle in the list of eligible integrations. Then, click on it and paste in the Server Keys copied from mParticle. 

Voucherify – integrating mParticle

After completing this step, mParticle and Voucherify are successfully connected. You can also connect the Voucherify source to another destination that delivers the gift card codes via email or push notification.

6. Redeem the promo code

In order to test the connection between Voucherify and mParticle, let’s now redeem Ms. Doe’s voucher and see how both platforms register the information. We can trigger redemption manually by using Voucherify’s dashboard. Regularly, this action is performed through an integration in which Voucherify is connected with an external platform via API.

As the coupon is successfully redeemed with a paid order, we can see a successful redemption registered when we click on Ms. Doe’s voucher details. When we go into Ms. Doe’s Activity tab, we can also notice the information about successful redemption on top of the placed order and previous voucher publication. 

Voucherify – redemption log

When we go to mParticle’s Data Master Catalog, we see both custom events: Customer Review Left (that mParticle has sent to Voucherify) and redemption.succeeded (that Voucherify has sent back to mParticle). 

Voucherify and mParticle inbound and outbound connection

The data flow is steady, and the integration between the Promotion Engine and a CDP guarantees a more secure and personalized approach to promotion marketing.

What are the benefits of integrating Voucherify with mParticle?

As seen above, in just a few easy steps, you can seamlessly manage and track your promotional campaigns and granular customer data across multiple channels with our integration. However, if you still have doubts about whether the Voucherify x mParticle integration is worth looking into, let’s discuss some of the unique possibilities that the integration offers you:

1. Full-on promotion personalization

Integrating Voucherify with mParticle allows you to create personalized promotions based on your customer's behavior, preferences, and demographic data. As a result, you can excite your shoppers with a more tailored experience, increase the chances of conversion, and prevent customer churn.

2. Access to real-time data

mParticle provides real-time data on your customers' behavior across various channels, including web, mobile, and offline. This data can be utilized to trigger promotions and incentives at the right time, just when your customers are most likely to engage with them.

3. Promotion automation

Voucherify and mParticle integration also enables the automation of your promotions. You can automate the distribution of promotions across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications. This saves time and effort while ensuring your promotions are delivered on time and to the right person.

4. Increased ROI

With Voucherify and mParticle collaboration, you can track the performance of your promotions and analyze their impact on your revenue. This enables you to optimize your promotions and improve their ROI.

5. API-first scalability

Both Voucherify and mParticle are scalable solutions with robust API that can grow with your business. As your customer base expands and your promotional campaigns become more complex, Voucherify and mParticle can accommodate your needs and help you deliver a seamless customer experience without any downtimes or performance issues.

Have any questions? Watch our video about Voucherify and mParticle connector:


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