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Moving Beyond CRM – Twilio Segment and Voucherify Integration
Julia Gaj
Julia Gaj
June 27, 2023
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Moving Beyond CRM – Twilio Segment and Voucherify Integration

Our Twilio Segment integration has undergone a significant overhaul, unlocking new opportunities for data-driven campaigns. With Voucherify and Twilio Segment, brands can easily create dynamic and targeted campaigns, delivering a seamless user experience. The integration features numerous new enhancements and capabilities, including tighter integration and more options for data synchronization

As a Promotion Engine, our mission has always been to nudge companies towards more customer-centric marketing strategies. We strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients. And what our clients need is accurate and up-to-date customer data, which is fundamental to running any personalized promotional campaign. 

The integration of Twilio Segment as the single source of truth for user data and Voucherify Promotion Engine's capabilities creates a powerful combination. Whether you are already using Voucherify and Twilio Segment or hearing about it for the first time, this integration opens up plenty of possibilities for highly personalized campaigns, especially in omnichannel setups.

If you are interested in the technicalities of the integration, visit this link.

What is Twilio Segment CDP?

Twilio Segment is a Customer Data Platform which allows brands to collect, clean, and activate their customer data. With a single API, Twilio Segment users can act on data flowing from different customer touchpoints. 

Segment CDP hero image

Why is that important? Personalization promised to customers years ago is yet to arrive. Marketers must still work on irrelevant data following inefficient processes and rickety integrations. Twilio Segment CDP with over 300 integrated services delivers a world of difference to hundreds of brands hungry for the real deal. 

How does the integration between Twilio Segment and Voucherify work?

The integration works in outbound and inbound models allowing brands to use Voucherify as both the Destination and Source of customer data. 

Outbound integration between Twilio Segment and Voucherify

The outbound integration provides a continuous flow of customer data from Twilio Segment to Voucherify. Here are key actions that you can take to build data-driven campaigns:

1. Create custom events in Voucherify

You can pass three events from Twilio Segment to Voucherify: Track, Page and Screen. Each event will be saved as a new custom event in Voucherify. You can use them to segment your audience and create validation rules or reward-trigger actions in your loyalty and referral programs. 

Creating a custom event in Segment and Voucherify

2. Create or update customers in Voucherify 

By sending an Identify event from Twilio Segment, new customers can be created and updated in Voucherify – giving you up-to-date customer information to personalize campaigns. 

Creating customers in Segment and Voucherify

3. Group customers 

By sending the Group event, you can let Voucherify know that a customer belongs to a specific user group. This information will be saved as customer metadata to filter and segment users in Voucherify. 

Grouping customers in Segment

Learn more: Discover how to effectively use Twilio Segment customer attributes for personalized promotions?

Inbound integration between Twilio Segment and Voucherify

The inbound integration supports the flow of data the other way around – from Voucherify to Twilio Segment. The integration supports the following events to be sent out of the box:

  • Redemption events (successful, failed, rolled back).
  • Validation events (only if connected with any customer).
  • Customer reward events.

What are the key benefits of integrating Twilio Segment with Voucherify?

Thanks to the integration of Voucherify and Twilio Segment and its robust API, brands can quickly transfer customer data from Twilio Segment to Voucherify and the other way around. Now, the development team doesn’t have to create a separate app for customer data synchronisation, as it comes out of the box with this integration. Other benefits include:

  • Accurate customer data at your fingertips. 
  • Top-of-class API that your developers will love.
  • Portable data and greater flexibility with data transfers. 
  • Use of systems that are interoperable and support each other rather than compete. 
With the introduction of the new integration with Voucherify, data-driven teams can access the complete functionalities of Twilio Segment and Voucherify's Promotion Engine without additional development effort. We look forward to seeing what our shared customers create with this integration. – Timothy Koeth, Senior Manager, Tech Partnerships at Twilio Segment.

Why it all matters? You don't want to give away a one-size-fits-all 5% off. You want to choose who is eligible for the discount, what products should be in the cart, when they should receive the offer, via which channel, when and where customers can use it and how many times. Then, you want to learn who has redeemed the promotion, whether the incentive worked out, how it influenced the shopping decision and how it impacted the global CAC and CLV rates.

And this process has never been easier, thanks to accurate customer data freely flowing between Voucherify and Twilio Segment. 

Learn more: How a CDP integration supercharges your loyalty program?

We are proud to be a part of the data-first movement, and we can’t wait to see where the innovation spirit takes us.


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