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Moving beyond CRM – Segment and Voucherify integration

Join the movement of cutting-edge businesses and liberate your customer data from the grasp of yesterday’s technologies with Segment and Voucherify.

In this post you will see why and how Voucherify integrated with Segment.

You will learn:

  • about Segment and its post-CRM innovations.
  • about Voucherify and its customer-centric vision.
  • about the details of the integration.
  • about the benefits of the integration.

If you want to enhance your customer relationships with accurate data, this post is for you.

Segment and Voucherify Integration

Segment, alongside over 190 companies, has signed the pledge to discard the tools of the past and look daringly into the eyes of the post CRM-world. The goal of Segment and other signatories is to rebuild the gap between customer data flowing from separated customer touchpoints resulting in a spoiled customer journey and communication breakdown. We, here at Voucherify, whole-heartedly support their mission. That’s why from now on, our customers can leverage Segment API to seamlessly transfer data from Segment to Voucherify. 

More about Segment

Segment describes itself as a Customer Data Infrastructure (not platform!) With the use of a single API, Segment users can collect, store, analyze and act on customer data flowing from different customer touchpoints. Why is that important? The personalization that was promised to customers years ago is not here yet. Marketing departments are forced to work on irrelevant data following inefficient processes or using rickety integrations. Segment with over 300 integrated services promises and delivers a world of difference to hundreds of businesses that are hungry for the real deal. 

Segment omni-channel approach to customer data
Source: Segment

More about Voucherify

As a Promotion Engine, our mission has always been to nudge companies towards more customer-centric policies and strategies. We also strive to deliver the best service we possibly can to our clients. And what our clients need is accurate and up-to-date customer data, fundamental to running any personalized promotional activities. So, integrating our services with Segment was a real no-brainer. 

If you are interested in the technicalities of the integration, visit this link <<<
Voucherify graph showing the capabilities of the promotion engine
Source: Voucherify

More about Segment integration and how it can help in growing your business

Thanks to the integration of Voucherify and Segment and its robust API, your business will easily transfer customer data from Segment to Voucherify. Now, your development team doesn’t have to create a separate app for customer data synchronisation as it comes out-of-the-box with this integration. Other benefits include:

  • Accurate customer data at your fingertips. 
  • Top-of-class API that your developers will love.
  • Portable data and greater flexibility with data transfers. 
  •  Use of systems that are interoperable and support each other rather than compete. 

Thanks to the integration, Segment customer data will be tracked and saved in Voucherify as custom events. Custom Events have a very special place in Voucherify as they offer unlimited customisation possibilities. You can use these events to segment your audience, create validation rules that restrict incentives redemptions or use them as reward-trigger actions in your loyalty and referral programs. In short, they are a true back-bone of Voucherify customization capabilities. 

Remember, you don't want to give away a one-size-fits-all 5% off. You want to choose who is eligible for the discount, which product should be in the customer’s cart, when they should receive a coupon, via which channel, when and where customers can actually use it and how many times. Then, you want to learn who has redeemed the code, whether the incentive worked out, how it influenced the shopping decision and how it impacted the global CAC and CLV rates.

And this process has never been easier thanks to accurate customer data freely flowing between Voucherify and Segment. 

We are truly proud to be a part of this great post-CRM community and we can’t wait to see where the innovation spirit takes us, but you can be sure that it will be exciting!

Go here to connect your Segment account with Voucherify and start personalizing your incentives now >>>

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