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Pre-made Voucherify connector for commercetools

What is commercetools Connect?

commercetools Connect allows developers to swiftly utilize and customize third-party integrations, with the assurance that they are securely hosted in a scalable and robust environment, providing peace of mind. The accelerator comes with three types of connectors: pre-built, enhanced, and fully custom. The integration framework with performant and reliable plug-and-play connectors allows dev teams to lower the integration effort by up to 60% while enjoying 99.9% performance and uptime SLAs for all connectors.

How to use Voucherify with commercetools Connect?

commercetools Connect offers a pre-built and ready for deployment integration with Voucherify that is hosted by commercetools in a managed runtime environment for the API execution stability. Voucherify also offers an open-source commercetools connector. Learn more >

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