How Taxfix doubles referrals with Voucherify, Braze, and Amazon Incentives
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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Unlock the power of timely promotion data

How Contentful works?

Contentful is a Composable Content Platform that enables businesses to manage and distribute digital content across multiple channels. It offers building blocks for content creation and allows for content reuse in different digital experiences. With an API-first approach, Contentful seamlessly integrates with data sources and empowers teams to collaborate, connect, create, and extend content.

How to make the most of Voucherify and Contentful?

The integration between Voucherify and Contentful allows you to tie Contentful content objects with Voucherify campaigns, promotion tiers, and loyalty program earning rules to quickly display relevant promotion information (terms and conditions, copy, limits, and more) on the front-end. By serving relevant content at the right time, you not only ensure compliance with commerce regulations, but also improve the user experience for your customers.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

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