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Use customer data for better omnichannel promo experiences

How does Bloomreach Engagement work?

Bloomreach Engagement is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that brings together all customer information in one place. It offers real-time personalized marketing through various customer touchpoints to create customized shopping experiences with personalized emails, text messages, web content, and more.

How to make the most of Voucherify and Bloomreach?

With the two-way connection between Bloomreach Engagement and Voucherify, you can:

  • Move data from Voucherify to Bloomreach Engagement. Voucherify's events will be linked to Bloomreach customers, providing extra customer information, enabling event-triggered messages, and improving segmentation options within Bloomreach.
  • Send customer data and events from Bloomreach Engagement to Voucherify. This shared data can be used for offering promotions, synchronizing customer profiles, and segmenting customers

Bloomreach Engagement can be combined with Voucherify's API to achieve various use cases, such as:

  • Assigning and sharing coupon codes when customers meet segmentation criteria.
  • Rewarding customers for leaving comments or reviews through event-triggered automations.
  • Updating customers on loyalty points and eligible discounts.
  • Sending gift vouchers for customer anniversaries.

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