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How to Run Contextual Promotions with Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement?
Karolina Kmita
Karolina Kmita
December 13, 2023
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How to Run Contextual Promotions with Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement?

Ecommerce has been looking for personalized, cross-channel experiences for a while now. With the wave of digital savvy customers, brands who fail to meet expectations are doomed to suffer the consequences. Luckily, the technology you need is already here – the only obstacle is putting the puzzles together.  

That’s why we're excited to announce the integration between Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement. With this partnership, brands can automate the creation and distribution of personalized campaigns of all types – from simple promo codes to multi-levelled loyalty programs

What is Bloomreach Engagement? 

Bloomreach Engagement is a Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP). It transforms how marketers approach customer interactions by collecting information from various touchpoints. With Bloomreach Engagement, brands gain access to a flexible toolkit that enables the creation of compelling customer journeys with measurable outcomes. 

Why use Voucherify with Bloomreach Engagement?

The integration blends Voucherify Promotion Engine with Bloomreach Engagement, harnessing the best of both customer data and customer engagement. By leveraging Voucherify’s "reward anything" capabilities, brands can not only boost sales and AOVs, but also craft highly personalized user experiences designed to keep shoppers around for longer.

With the two-way connection between Bloomreach Engagement and Voucherify, brands can immediately benefit from:

1. Improved marketing precision

As brands can easily move information from Voucherify to Bloomreach Engagement and vice versa, marketing teams have more options for hyper-personalized sales promotions. 

The integrations allows brands to enrich user profiles in Bloomreach with promotion- and loyalty-related data and to add customer information from Bloomreach to Voucherify to target campaigns. 

Bloomreach integration – syncing customer information

2. Automated promotion workflows

Once integrated, brands can use customer and session data to generate and send personalized incentives powered by Voucherify. By utilizing APIs and webhooks, brands can integrate various customer promotions into any step of the journey and in any format and channel. 

“Thanks to our integration with Bloomreach Engagement, brands can join the forces of both platforms and unlock new levels of promotional campaigns, customer engagement, and data synchronization. This integration empowers our users to manage promotions, leverage customer events, and ensure a smooth flow of information between Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement for better targeted promo campaigns” – Tomasz Pindel, CEO of Voucherify.

What's possible with Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement?

Integrating Bloomreach Engagement with Voucherify allows brands to achieve various advanced promotional scenarios, such as, for example: 

1. Newsletter subscription reward 

Customer subscribes to newsletter A customer performs a custom events of subscribing to the brand's newsletter. The information is saved in Bloomreach Engagement. 

Event triggered with data sync enabled, Voucherify received information about the customer activity. The customer profile is created or updated with the custom event data.

Voucher generation Voucherify assigns a unique promo code to the customer as a thank-you reward for subscribing.

Email notification – after the successful publication event, Bloomreach triggers an automated email to the customer with the promo code attached. 

Bloomreach Integration – use case example

2. Successful referral double-sided rewards 

Referral registration – A current customer refers a brand to a friend by sharing the Voucherify-powered referral code/link via a channel of your choice. The friend signs up or makes a purchase for the first time using the referral code – the referral conversion event can be any user activity.

Event trigger – Voucherify detects the successful referral event.

Rewards generation Voucherify generates a unique referral gift card as a thank-you reward for the Advocate. At the same time, a welcome voucher is generated for the new customer.

Email notification – Bloomreach Engagement triggers an automated email to the advocate, thanking them for the referral and providing the exclusive referral gift card. Another email is triggered to the new customer, welcoming them and presenting the welcome voucher code.

Bloomreach integration – referral program rewards use case example

3. Loyalty points update in-app message

Loyalty points accumulation – the customer regularly makes purchases on the e-commerce platform. Voucherify tracks and manages the accumulation of loyalty points for each customer.

Integration trigger – when a customer earns loyalty points, Voucherify triggers an event integrated into Bloomreach Engagement.

Data transfer – The integration allows easy transfer of loyalty points information from Voucherify to Bloomreach Engagement.

Bloomreach Engagement now has updated and detailed customer information, including their loyalty points balance.

Automated in-app message – Bloomreach Engagement, using the updated customer data, triggers an automated in-app message to the customer. The in-app message congratulates the customer on their loyalty points.

Bloomreach integration – loyalty notification use case example


By integrating Voucherify with Bloomreach Engagement, brands can create finely tuned, personalized offers that resonate with each customer's preferences, purchase history, and behavior. 

What’s more, they can track customer responses across different channels, allowing for data-driven insights that can inform future marketing strategies. 

With such a duo at their fingertips, brands can now connect with their audience in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message, fostering lasting customer relationships and driving business growth.


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