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How to Create Personalized Promotions with Braze?
Kate Banasik
Kate Banasik
February 22, 2021
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How to Create Personalized Promotions with Braze?

Imagine having promotional messages that carry unique codes your customers can immediately redeem. To make this scenario even better, you can easily analyze who and when used them. I am sure that you’re thinking to yourself: “That sounds like a lot of development work and a long time-to-market.” But, what if there was an easier way to achieve that? 

What if you could launch personalized promotions with omnichannel distribution in minutes using two tools that you can quickly integrate? Without the need to involve developers after initial integration. You can achieve that effect using Braze and Voucherify integration

What is Braze?

Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. Context underpins every Braze interaction, helping brands foster deeper connections through interactive conversations across channels.

Voucherify & Braze integration  

With Voucherify – Braze integration you can create contextual, personalized promotions with the omnichannel distribution. You can send one-off promo codes, gift cards, or referral codes created in Voucherify to customers using various distribution channels and triggers thanks to Braze. You can also enrol customers into a loyalty program and update them about their progress or other events such as loyalty points expiration using Braze distributions. 

"Creating personalized experiences is imperative for today's brands. As consumer behaviors and expectations shift, brands that double down on personalized customer engagement will see increased conversion rates, retention, and revenue. Our integration with Voucherify provides the best-in-class technology to empower brands to create differentiated, cross-channel messaging campaigns that automatically send personalized coupons, gift cards, and referral codes that are tailored for different segments of customers." Matthew McRoberts, SVP Global Alliances at Braze.

Braze and Voucherify empower you to reach: 

  • Increased conversion rates thanks to personalized incentives reaching your audience at the right time and context.
  • Faster time-to-market of advanced campaigns with developer-friendly API and cross-channel distribution.
  • Campaign budget optimization thanks to fine-grained validation rules and anti-fraud features to protect your budget.
  • Promotions analytics covering the whole customer journey.

Watch our Braze integration webinar to learn more!

Case Study

A great example of the power of Voucherify-Braze integration is the case study of our client, Pomelo. Pomelo, an omnichannel fashion platform, created a highly personalized double-sided referral program. The referral flow was based on leveraging Voucherify to deliver  referral codes and discount codes that saw a 300% increase in conversion.



Integration results:

  • Empowered marketing team to launch and monitor the referral program on their own, saving precious development time.
  • Running the refer-a-friend program across various markets and in different currencies with one holistic tool.
  • 13 000 new customers attracted by the refer-a-friend program and coupon campaigns.

How to make your campaigns fly with Voucherify and Braze?

Step 0: Integrate Voucherify and Braze (optional)

Add your Braze API key to your Voucherify account. Synchronize customer data between Voucherify and Braze. You can either export and import the data or use another integrated CRM tool, like Segment, for real-time data synchronization. 

Connect Braze & Voucherify Promotion Engine
Start by integrating Braze & Voucherify (optional)

Step 2: Choose your promotion mechanism

Choose the promotional scenario. Set the validation rules in Voucherify to build custom coupon, in-cart, gift card, referral, loyalty, and giveaway campaigns.

Use a variety of sales promotions: 

Personalize campaigns based on: 

  • Purchase history & cart content
  • Real-time segments & customer information
  • Product information
  • Budget & custom attributes (metadata)
  • Time & calendar

Step 3: Create a campaign in Braze

Create your promotional campaign in Braze, using personalization features like Liquid, Segmentation, Dynamic Content, Machine Learning, and more. Add your promotional codes created in Voucherify to the Braze campaign. You have three ways to do so

Using connected content in Braze
  • Custom Attributes: Custom Attributes let you assign coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, and referral codes to user profiles in Braze. As a result, you can send attached codes and their attributes via Braze campaigns.
  • Promotion Codes Lists: Use Voucherify generated promotion codes and upload them into Braze.

Braze offers the following distribution channels:

  • Content cards
  • In-browser message
  • E-mail, E-mail annotations
  • Mobile and website push notifications 
  • In-app messages
  • SMS & MMS
  • News Feed 
  • And more

Step 4: Validate redemptions via Voucherify

When customers try to redeem your incentives, the request will go straight to Voucherify. We are going to validate the redemption, ensuring that only customers who meet your criteria can redeem it.

Voucherify Codes Redemption Rates
Analyze both successful and failed redemptions

Step 5: Track & optimize your performance

Performance charts will help you drive real business results. You can track your performance directly in the Voucherify or Braze Dashboard or by using integrated CRM and analytics platforms. Get an overview of the full customer journey with open rates, click-through rates in Braze & coupon redemptions, or rollbacks in Voucherify.

Inspirations for Braze & Voucherify

Welcome campaigns

Welcome discounts or gift card credits increase customer engagement and provide them with a good reason to give you a go. You can generate unique codes in Voucherify and send them automatically when a new user signs up. 

Braze & Voucherify Welcome coupon campaigns

Gift cards

There are many reasons why you should add gift cards to your sales strategy. Standing in consumer’s shoes, free credits are like free money. Why not spend them? Market data shows that gift cards not only drive more sales but also increase average order volume.

Gift cards are perfect for exclusive promotions sent in personalized messages to the most loyal customers. They express your gratitude for their loyalty and naturally lead your best audience to the next purchase.

Promo messages with Braze

Behavior-based campaigns

‍Braze gives you a 1:1 customer profile with ongoing updates. Use these insights to capture dormant users and schedule automatic workflow that responds to prolonged inactivity.

Referral programs 

‍In the ideal world, all your happy customers would share their opinion with friends or family and continuously extend your potential reach. In the real world, you need to invest some effort to convert satisfied customers into real brand advocates.

Voucherify lets you create single- or double-sided referral programs. When you add a referral campaign to the Voucherify dashboard you can sync it with Braze and invite your existing customers to join the program.

Loyalty program updates 

Loyalty programs are a great strategy to convert your customers into your brand advocates and increase their purchase frequency and average basket value. However, it is not enough to launch a loyalty program to achieve that. Personalized notifications can help you to remind your customers about soon expiring rewards, missing points to reach a next tier level, missing points to get a new reward or inform your customers about special promotions (for example, double-point days). 

Are you ready to build personalized promotions with omnichannel distribution?

‍Sign up for a free trial and give Voucherify a try. You have 30 days to test your unique ideas for promotions, learn how to put them in Braze messages, and feel the power of a new cross-channel experience created with incentives. No strings attached, no credit card needed.


Build an outstanding customer experience with Voucherify and Braze

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