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September 26, 2017

How to distribute unique discount codes through email campaign?

Mike Sędzielewski
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How to build a unique promo codes campaign and distribute it via email in minutes. So, you want to distribute your promo codes and you don’t know how to make it happen? You need them in no time and at no cost? Good news - you’ve chosen the right article to get it done.

Coupon usage is ubiquitous.” In 2013, RetailMeNot revealed that 93% of Americans shop with coupons with 29% of Americans using mobile coupons.

Consumer shopping habits have most certainly changed over the years, with many consumers becoming more price-conscious and opting to purchase one brand over another if they are offered some sort of discount coupon.


One of the best ways to engage consumers and drive sales is through the use of coupons and emails. Remember that coupons are more than just a one-time deal - they have the potential to create ongoing customer loyalty.


Use Voucherify dashboard or our integration with MailChimp. With Voucherify & MailChimp, you can easily edit, manage and distribute unique coupon codes via emails. In sending the coupon code via email to customers we can define three main categories: 

  • loyal customers (with whom you want to strengthen the relationship even more),
  • new customers (who you want to impress and keep close),
  • and potential new customers (who you want to acquire).

In almost all cases within these categories, we have to adopt different marketing strategies. Nevertheless, there is one sure thing, customers are more responsive nowadays to personalized and spontaneous communication. It is reasonable, therefore to send a unique code to a specific customer, personalized codes will limit potential fraud.

01 CREATE CAMPAIGN OF UNIQUE CODES - 7 clicks: Firstly, we will start with codes generation. Having created a Voucherify account, you can start defining your first campaign of unique codes. Let’s say you need to distribute 100 one-off vouchers which carry a 20% discount and should be active for a month. In Voucherify you'll do it by using a Campaign Manager and seven, simple clicks.

02 INTEGRATE YOUR MAILCHIMP ACCOUNT AND SYNC CUSTOMER LISTS - 1 minute flow: Voucherify can be easily integrated with your MailChimp account what enables you to send unique codes via MailChimp campaigns. All you need to do is find the Integrations section in the Voucherify dashboard, connect accounts and sync MailChimp lists of receivers, what in summary, takes just a short minute.

03 START NEW DISTRIBUTION: Coupon codes are delivered to customers by using a Distribution Manager. The first thing to understand is that you can customize coupon distribution on many levels. Besides a MailChimp channel, Voucherify provides send out via direct emails, SMS and Intercom channel. Moreover, you can decide if, and when the action is triggered automatically, or send codes manually (straight after defining distribution). In our campaign of 20%off unique codes, we are going to use the MailChimp channel to picture remaining steps.

04 YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Creating distribution is always a six-step process. In our case, it comes down to choosing MailChimp as a channel and a synced list as an audience. In 5th step, you need to choose previously created campaign of 20off coupons and the last step allows you to name a merge tag which is a label for the coupon code in a customer's MailChimp profile. Once you finish your distribution with a SEND button, codes will be visible on the receivers profiles in MailChimp. 

That's it! You can now use these codes to launch MailChimp campaigns. Meanwhile, Voucherify tracks redemptions and customers' data to manage and maintain campaigns with ease.


You can start using this mechanism for building promo campaigns and sending them out from now on. Moreover, thanks to the built-in tools provided by Voucherify, in MailChimp we get monitoring which helps us to maintain this small system. If you want to learn more about coupon campaigns and delivery follow our docs:

In the next step, you can leverage the Voucherify API to do the heavy lifting and get a lot of value instantly. By wiring this API into your platform, you are getting much more than just discount code generation and distribution; you can finally track voucher redemptions, collect customer data and limit the access to promo whenever you want. Whether you are developer or marketer, Voucherify allows you to build or shape up your coupon system from now on.


Get our white paper with a field-tested strategy for a modern email marketing with coupons:

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