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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

How to distribute unique discount codes through email campaign?

Unique promo codes distribution - how to send unique coupon codes via email?

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How to distribute unique discount codes through email campaign?

So, you want to distribute your promo codes and you don’t know how to make it happen? You need them in no time and at no cost? Good news - you’ve chosen the right article to get it done.

77% of shoppers agree that discounts can influence where they shop, even more so than good customer service and selection of products. - retailmenot.com (2018)

Consumer shopping habits have most certainly changed over the years, with many consumers becoming more price-conscious and opting to purchase one brand over another if they are offered some sort of incentive.


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Incentives and emails

One of the best ways to engage consumers and drive sales is through the use of coupons and emails. Remember that coupons are more than just a one-time deal - they have the potential to create ongoing customer loyalty.

Emails as the third most popular source of unique brand codes

Update 16/03/2019: Here you can find the CTR and conversion rates of email campaigns per industry.

In this post we’re going to show you how to distribute promotional campaigns through personalized emails. As you’ll see, the same Voucherify dashboard generates, manages, and distributes codes to your customers and can support your omnichannel strategy.

How it works - email marketing and coupons in a nutshell

Firstly, you need to create codes. Voucherify is a promotional management system that gives you access to unique codes, gift cards, cart-level discounts, loyalty and referral campaigns. You can create generations of codes and automatically distribute them to your customers in customized emails, straight from the UI.

There are many levels of email customization provided by Voucherify to create consist, omnichannel experience for your customers:

1. Choose custom provider or send emails via Voucherify.

Voucherify and other email providers

Voucherify offers a set of free built-in integrations with email providers such as MailChimp, Intercom, Braze, SendGrid, Mailgun or Mandrill. Moreover, our customers can plug their custom mailboxes into Voucherify and send promotional messages with their email addresses.


Integration with MailChimp provides automatic syncing of your lists and distribution of promo codes. Coupons made in Voucherify dashboard collaborate with standard MailChimp campaigns and advanced automations. Read more >>>

Here you can find helpful information about integrating MailChimp to Voucherify.


Voucherify works with Intercom tags and creates customized promo codes distributions to your Intercom database. You can set automatic email campaigns or send vouchers straight from a live chat window. Read more >>>

Here you can find integration tutorial for Intercom integration to Voucherify.


This integration enables you to share Voucherify codes with your Braze users. Distributions based on custom attributes or connected content gives you great flexibility while defining conditions of triggering the email send out. Read more >>>

Here you can find information on how to integrate Braze with Voucherify.


Need more? Mandrill, SendGrid or another provider? Check out more Voucherify integrations.

Email integrations


2. Design template in a style that goes with your brand.

Powerful text editor in a distribution manager makes your emails looks exactly like your website, knowledge base etc.; coherent design patterns are crucial to make overall customer experience truly omni-channel.

Canva offers free customizable email design templates.

Email Template designer

3. Personalize message with variables.

They can automatically attach to an email a name of your customer, their email address or coupon code. All of it and more with a click only, entirely automated and scalable.

Variables in email marketing for coupons

On top of that, 360 single customer profile enables you to get a complete data of customer preferences and take your promotions into a highly-personalized level.

4. Define your target audience by using customer segments.

You can connect your CRM, upload a CSV file with customers data or add them from scratch to Voucherify. If you use MailChimp and Intercom integration, customers data are synced automatically to Voucherify. Flexible rules engine allows you for distinguishing particular groups among segments which meet promotion criteria. Automatic changes within these groups will be a trigger for sending out an email with promo code.

As an example, look at the infographic presenting the workflow of Voucherify unique codes send in emails straight from the dashboard. Codes are delivered automatically to every customer who meets the promotion criteria set within Voucherify segments.

How to distribute codes [Infographic]


Use Voucherify dashboard to send cross-channel promo messages. No extra providers, no extra costs. You can easily edit, manage and distribute unique coupon codes via many channels at once.

Today, savings savvy customers are more responsive  to personalized and spontaneous communication. To fit in, you need a promotion engine ready to schedule automatic distributions of unique codes based on behavior and preferences of your audience.

01 CREATE CAMPAIGN OF UNIQUE CODES - 7 clicks: Firstly, we will start with codes generation. Having created a Voucherify account, you can start defining your first campaign of unique codes. Let’s say you need to distribute 100 one-off vouchers which carry a 20% discount and should be active for a month. In Voucherify you'll do it by using a Campaign Manager and five, simple steps.

02 ADD YOUR CUSTOMERS TO VOUCHERIFY - Voucherify can be easily integrated with your external database (CRM) to dynamically sync new and existing customers. Moreover, you can upload your customers data in CSV file or create new customer profiles from scratch in the dashboard.

03 START NEW DISTRIBUTION: Coupon codes are delivered to customers by using a Distribution Manager. Firstly, you need to choose between a manual or automatic mode. Manual message is sent to the chosen customers right after you confirm distribution while the automatic mode enables you to define criteria that trigger message delivery. In our campaign of 20% off unique codes, we are going to use the email channel and send codes straight from the dashboard to every customer who made at least one order so far.

04 YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Creating distribution is always a five-step process. In our case, it comes down to choosing email as a channel and add a segment of customers who made at least one purchase. In 2nd step, you need to choose previously created campaign of 20% off coupons. The last step allows you to design email template and personalize your message. Once you finish your distribution with a SET LIVE button, every time a new customer makes an order, Voucherify will send the email with promo code automatically.

That's it! You can now relax while Voucherify will take care of distributing codes. The app tracks redemptions and customers' data to manage and maintain campaigns with ease and no worries about coupon fraud.

"Getting a coupon has been physically shown to be more enjoyable than getting a gift."

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Learn more in our not-so-short guide to coupon marketing.

Fire off your email campaign enhanced with coupons

You can start using this mechanism for building promo campaigns and sending them out from now on. Moreover, thanks to the built-in tracking tools provided by Voucherify you get monitoring which helps you to maintain this system.

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In the next step, you can leverage the Voucherify API to do the heavy lifting and get a lot of value instantly. By wiring this API into your platform, you are getting much more than just discount code generation and distribution; you can finally track voucher redemptions, collect customer data and limit the access to promo whenever you want. Whether you are a developer or a marketer, Voucherify promotion management software allows you to build or shape up your coupon system from now on.


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