How Vodafone Portugal reduced time to market by using Voucherify?

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How Pomelo Supercharged their Promotions with Voucherify and Braze?

See how Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with coupon campaigns run with Voucherify and Braze.

How Pomelo Supercharged their Promotions with Voucherify and Braze?

Pomelo is an omnichannel fashion platform for greater Asia. With $52 mln funding in the recent Series C, they focus on providing new fashion arrivals for millennial consumers. Their branded products are sourced with focus on  trends, details, and quality from the fashion capitals of Asia.

Pomelo planned to launch a multi-tiered referral program through their mobile apps and websites. As their communications were already powered by Braze, they were looking for a promotion engine that works hand in hand with Braze’s messaging channels (push notifications, emails, in-app banners, and more). Pomelo chose Voucherify because of scalable pricing and native Braze and Segment connectors which reduced integration time. 

The flexibility of two platforms enabled Pomelo to move to other incentive-based campaigns including personalized coupons and a loyalty program, making Voucherify & Braze tandem a central promotion engine for their global growth. 

Pomelo Shop Site

Here’s how Pomelo equipped their marketing team with a solution to launch various promotional campaigns in multiple countries, in a single sprint.

Sending referral codes and rewards with Connected Content and Custom Attributes 

Pomelo created a double-sided referral program which rewards both referrers and invited friends. In the case of successful referral, the referrer receives a reward coupon. The friend gets a dollar discount right after applying the referral code. 

The team used Voucherify promotion engine to generate unique referral codes and to set validation rules:

  • each friend can be referred only once,
  • the referral is successful only if a friend makes an order with some minimum value.

Once the mechanics of the referral program were set up, the remaining part was to announce the program and to distribute referral codes to Pomelo’s customers.

This is where Braze <> Voucherify plugin comes in. The integration leverages Braze’s API flexibility, namely Connected Content and Custom Attributes. In effect, once Voucherify and Braze accounts were connected, Voucherify could access and modify users’ profiles in Braze. 

In the case of referral program, there were at least three messages the brand wanted to send to customers:

  • invitation — with a referral code and description of the program, 
  • successful referral — notification about every new friend that used the code,
  • reward — sending a reward coupon when a referrer earns a given number of referrals.

All of them can be easily triggered with Voucherify <> Braze integration

Referral Program with Pomelo, Voucherify, and Braze – diagram

Pomelo uses Connected Content to retrieve a unique referral code from Voucherify and to send it in every referral program invitation message. At the same time, Voucherify adds the referral code to the customer’s profile so that it’s stored in Braze for future usage.

Now, every time a referral code is successfully used by a friend, Voucherify updates another Custom Attribute in a referrer’s customer profile — it’s the reward coupon code. Braze listens to attributes’ updates and when it detects a new attribute, it sends it to the successful referrer.

The reward coupon codes are also validated by Voucherify and so they can have additional rules applied. This makes it easy to protect promotional campaigns from fraud.

To make integration even more automatic, Pomelo synchronizes customer data between Voucherify and Braze by employing Segment. Both platforms are Segment partners which makes data exchange a breeze.

Today, with Voucherify & Braze integration, Pomelo can run successful promotional campaigns by:

  • Delivering personalized coupons straight to Braze audience.
  • Validating discounts against customer attributes and order structure.
  • Notifying customers about relevant promotional events in referral and loyalty programs.

Results — faster time to market

With Voucherify API-first approach and native integrations with Braze, the Pomelo team was able to launch a referral program in a single development sprint. Moreover, the integration let them incorporate other incentive-based promotional messages without extra engineering work and — what’s most important — completely controlled by the marketing team. If you’re interested in how they used coupons to earn 13 000 new customers within a month, visit our case study.


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