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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
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How to Build a Loyalty Program with Braze and Voucherify?
Julia Gaj
Julia Gaj
March 22, 2022
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How to Build a Loyalty Program with Braze and Voucherify?

The world is more connected than ever before. As a result, one-dimensional and single-channel loyalty programs can no longer compete in the race for customer loyalty – they have been ousted by omnichannel retention initiatives that quickly adjust to new loyalty trends, touchpoints, and devices.  



You may be thinking that such technically advanced solutions require plenty of time, money, and development effort to implement. But, then, you would be partially wrong – of course, custom coding everything would entail enormous costs, but what if there was another way? Well, I’m happy to report that there is. 

With Voucherify & Braze integration, you can build complex loyalty programs with omnichannel notifications. This way, you can reach customers in a multi-channel environment and nurture loyalty whether they are shopping in-store, via an app, or online. 

But before I show you how both platforms integrate, let’s make sure that you and I are on the same page.

What is Braze?

Braze is a multi-channel customer engagement platform focused on building lasting relationships with customers. Braze offers messaging and CRM-related functionalities, such as pooling and storing customer data that can be utilized to build personalized communication.

What is Voucherify?

Voucherify is an API-driven Promotion Engine for personalized campaigns and loyalty programs that drive user engagement and retention. We offer six campaigns types, one of which is loyalty programs. Voucherify handles the logic of the program and generates loyalty codes and rewards. Thanks to our elastic approach, you can select any program criteria, tiers, and rewards. You can also extend standard loyalty mechanisms with custom data, currency, attributes, and events that shape the way you run your business. Add to that anti-fraud mechanisms, points expiration policies, and custom user roles, and you get a pretty powerful loyalty logic engine. 

To learn more about Voucherify loyalty functionalities, go here

Note: If you already have a Braze account, you can quickly run loyalty experiments with Voucherify by starting a free 30-day trial. This way, you can build a PoC without wasting money. 

How do Braze & Voucherify integrate?

With Braze and Voucherify integration, you can generate and manage loyalty codes and rewards in Voucherify and pass them to Braze to finally share them with end-customers via any of Braze’s channels. Voucherify integrates with Braze in three ways:

Connected Content

As you will learn in Braze’s documentation, Connected Content allows for powerful API-based integration between two systems. With Connected Content, you can insert any information accessible via API directly into Braze messages. Connected Content allows for pulling content directly from your web server or publicly accessible APIs. In this case, Braze pulls data from Voucherify API. You can retrieve information such as the loyalty card number, current balance, total redeemed points, and more. 

Connected Content – Braze loyalty use case

To activate Connected Content, you need to place the following code snippet in the HTML body of your messages:


{% connected_content

{{URL address of the selected API endpoint}}

:method get

        :headers {

        “X-App-Id”: “{{API key}}”,

         “X-App-Token”: “{{Secret key}}"


         :content_type application/json

         :save {{variable}} 



This is an example of a Connected Content call that retrieves the current loyalty balance of a loyalty card from a specific campaign in Voucherify:


{% connected_content{{custom_attribute.${loyalty.card}}}

        :method get

        :headers {

        "X-App-Id": "1234",

        "X-App-Token": "1234"


        :content_type application/json

        :save member



The variable member can be later on referenced in the message body by placing the following snippet in the desired space:


One common pitfall of using Connected Content is the speed of messages sent out – Braze cannot send out messages to users until they get a response from Voucherify. As a result, Braze can call our API multiple times, which can exceed your hourly API limit and stop the distribution completely. That’s why I recommend setting a rate limiter in Braze. 

Custom Attributes

Thanks to Connected Content, Braze was able to send the assigned loyalty code in a message. However, it won’t be persisted in Braze’s user profile. You might want to upload it to have it at your fingertips for further campaign engagement. For that, we can use the second method of integration, Custom Attributes. 

With this method, the Voucherify distribution mechanism can push loyalty-related data to user profiles in Braze that will be saved as custom attributes. Then, by using Liquid, they can be injected into messages. 

Here are the properties that can be shared between Braze and Voucherify Custom Attributes:

  • Loyalty card code (can be QR and barcode)
  • When the member joined the program
  • Loyalty card balance (current)
  • URL to a customer cockpit (web e-wallet hosted by Voucherify)
  • URL to Preference Center (hosted by Voucherify)
  • Reward code (bonus QR + barcode)
  • Reward value (e.g., 20% off)

To set it up, you need to create loyalty notifications in Voucherify. You can trigger them at three key moments:

  • Assigning the loyalty card to a specific user. 
  • Informing users about new loyalty points gained.
  • Sending information about loyalty rewards. 
Loyalty notifications in Voucherify

When the program is live, and the messages are triggered in Voucherify (e.g., a customer joins the program), these fields will be translated over to Braze. 

Custom attributes in Braze with loyalty data

By using action-based Braze distribution that sends a message each time a custom attribute changes, you can set up an automatic notifications flow where every time the loyalty balance changes, a new message is sent. 

Here is an example of a messaging flow that you can set up:

Example of loyalty notifications through Braze

This way of integrating Voucherify with Braze ensures customer data synchronization between both platforms – this is how Voucherify knows which loyalty code to send and to which customer profiles. To maintain data consistency on both platforms, you can use a dedicated CDP solution such as Segment to distribute appropriate customer data to both Voucherify and Braze. In a production environment, you might and should integrate in-app customer profiles with Voucherify to show customers their promotional wallet, including loyalty balance, statistics, and available rewards.

Custom API integration

Both Voucherify and Braze offer high-performance REST API. Instead of choosing ready integration methods, your development team can also quickly code a custom connection between both platforms allowing you to implement custom loyalty scenarios. We also offer over 10 SDKs for faster development. Learn more in our documentation


And just like that, we were able to spin off a highly targeted loyalty program in hours. The API-first approach allowed us to outsource the backend part while still having flexibility over the loyalty mechanics. What’s most important, with the collaboration between Braze and Voucherify you can enjoy 100% personalized, on-brand experiences with both app and web customer touchpoints. 

The best part? Lower development effort required. Both the implementation part and maintenance. With Voucherify, you can change the loyalty program conditions on your own. 

The final step is to define the requirements for your developers. The initial launch might require some bulk customers sync. Depending on your traffic, you should consider Braze’s rate-limiting policy – this is where our and Braze’s API documentation comes in handy. 


Run an omnichannel loyalty program with Braze & Voucherify

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