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From Beauty to Banking: Best Loyalty Program Rewards Examples in 2023
Kate Banasik
Kate Banasik
October 12, 2023
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From Beauty to Banking: Best Loyalty Program Rewards Examples in 2023

In times of inflation, loyalty becomes a vital lifeline, providing stability and reassurance amidst economic uncertainty. With returning customers spending  67% more over time than first-time customers, choosing the right loyalty rewards can make or break your rewards program.

However, coming up with a rewards catalog that is at the same time aligned with your business goals (or even more importantly, budget) and provides value for customers is no easy feat. Luckily, with the following article, I will equip you with a list of both standard & more creative loyalty program rewards examples to make your program more engaging in 2023.

Examples of rewards for customer loyalty programs depending on industry

Choosing the right loyalty rewards is crucial across diverse industries. Off-the-shelf rewards, while convenient, often fall short of delivering the desired impact for loyalty programs in these industries. Each sector has a unique customer base with specific desires and needs. If you're stuck on how to properly select rewards for your customer base, below  you can find a list of loyalty rewards examples tailored to each of the following sectors:

1. Fashion loyalty rewards

Fashion loyalty programs offer plenty of ways to offer creative rewards to keep customers coming back. These rewards range from early access to new collections, special perks, and even personal stylist sessions for top members. Whether it's through mobile apps, in-store experiences, or special campaigns, they work to build a complete picture of each customer, helping a brand foster personalized fashion reward experiences, such as:

  • Customized fashion accessories
  • VIP fashion show invitations
  • Personal shopping experience
  • Exclusive designer collaborations
  • Early access to sales
  • Limited edition clothing
  • Fashion workshops
  • Styling consultations
  • Runway event tickets
Loyalty rewards examples in fashion – H&M Loyalty Program
Image source: H&

2. Beauty loyalty rewards

In the crowded beauty landscape, having a standout beauty loyalty program with unique and enticing rewards is crucial. Customers have a lot of options, and they expect more than just products—they seek personalized experiences and emotional connections. By offering innovative and exclusive rewards, such as early product access, personalized skin care consultations, or beauty event invitations, beauty brands can distinguish themselves and build a dedicated customer base. To ensure a strong foothold in the beauty industry, think about rewarding your loyal customers with incentives such as:

  • Free makeup samples with purchases
  • Exclusive access to new product launches
  • Personalized skin care consultations
  • VIP beauty workshops and masterclasses
  • Early access to sales and promotions
  • Partner discounts with wellness brands
  • Free spa or salon services
  • Makeup artist tutorials
  • Personalized beauty box subscriptions
  • Complimentary express shipping
Example of a beauty loyalty reward – Sephora Beauty Insider
Image source: Sephora

3. Retail loyalty rewards

As competition becomes fiercer, retailers must excel in their rewards programs. Emotional loyalty is growing, and people desire to feel connected and have a meaningful bond with their favorite store beyond generic discounts when they shop. Keeping this in mind, consider the following retail loyalty reward examples:

  • Members-only shopping events
  • Limited-edition product collaborations
  • Partner discounts with lifestyle brands
  • VIP access to new collections
  • Free express shipping
  • Surprise gifts with purchases
  • Extended return or exchange period
  • Early access to clearance sales
  • Free product samples with purchases
  • Exclusive invitations to brand events
Retail loyalty rewards examples – IKEA
Image source:

4. Healthcare loyalty rewards

In today's environment, after the COVID-19 pandemic made people more conscious of their health and well-being, healthcare providers must improve their services to ensure patients have the best possible experience when seeking medical help. Introducing a healthcare loyalty program can be a valuable approach to engaging your patients by offering such healthcare incentives as:

  • Wellness workshops and seminars
  • Priority access to appointments
  • Exclusive health monitoring tools
  • Early access to health promotions
  • Partner discounts with fitness brands and pharmacies
  • Birthday health discounts or gifts
  • Wellness retreat invitations
  • Complementary health screenings
  • Priority prescription refills
  • Free parking in healthcare facilities
Healthcare loyalty reward
Image source: Ambetter Health

5. Pharmacy loyalty rewards

In the world of pharmacy loyalty programs, customers can unlock a treasure trove of health and savings. These programs don't just fill prescriptions; they fill lives with well-being and savings, offering pharmacy loyalty rewards such as:

  • Prescription refill discounts
  • Free over-the-counter products
  • Health and wellness workshops
  • Free home delivery for prescriptions
  • Access to pharmacists for medication counseling
  • Birthday discounts on health products
  • Exclusive pharmacy product samples
  • Health workshop events
  • Vaccination clinics priority appointments
  • Medication management accessories
  • Partner discounts with health and wellness brands
CVS loyalty program rewards – CVS example
Image source: CVS

6. Tourism loyalty rewards

The tourism industry has evolved into a highly competitive arena, witnessing a significant influx of new customers across various sectors like airlines, hospitality, and travel insurance. To thrive in this intense competition, it's essential to offer added value to customers and incorporate personalized incentives, including experiential rewards such as:

  • Exclusive travel accessories
  • VIP airport lounge passes
  • Early booking discounts
  • Members-only travel events
  • Free upgrades to premium accommodations
  • Complimentary travel insurance
  • Birthday travel discounts or gifts
  • Access to secret travel deals
  • Partner discounts with airlines and hotels
  • Private guided tours and experiences
  • Travel concierge services
  • Complimentary travel magazines or guides
  • Cultural immersion workshops
Hotel loyalty program – reward examples
Image source:

7. Food & beverage loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs in the food, supermarket, and online beer retail sectors differ significantly from traditional ones. Instead of relying on discounts, these brands focus on enticing customers with freebies, complimentary delivery, and branded gifts. Some of the most creative food & beverage loyalty rewards examples include, for example:

  • Early access to new menu items
  • Members-only dining events
  • Exclusive wine or beer tastings
  • Birthday meal discounts or gifts
  • Priority restaurant reservations
  • Partner discounts with local food producers
  • Free cooking classes or workshops
  • Chef's table experiences
  • Specialty cocktail or mocktail offerings
  • Complimentary meal delivery services
Food loyalty rewards example
Image source: Chipotle


8. Automotive loyalty rewards

Automotive loyalty programs should prioritize customer retention due to the infrequent nature of car purchases, growing online information availability, and heightened industry competition. By implementing such a program, you can nurture customer relationships, provide brand education, and gather valuable data through dedicated smartphone apps. When it comes to automotive loyalty rewards examples, consider the following loyalty reward examples:

  • VIP test drive events
  • Priority service appointments
  • Members-only auto shows
  • Complimentary vehicle inspections
  • Birthday car care discounts or gifts
  • Partner Discounts with auto accessory brands
  • Access to off-roading experiences
  • Complimentary roadside assistance
  • Car rental discounts
  • Complimentary oil changes
  • Surprise discounts on vehicle servicing
  • Extended warranties for loyalty members
Automotive loyalty reward example
Image source: Maruti Suzuki

9. Sports clubs loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs for sports clubs offer fans a unique opportunity to deepen their connection with their favorite teams. By fostering a sense of loyalty, sports clubs can not only boost fan engagement but also create a dedicated fan base that stands by their side through thick and thin.  Some examples of rewards that can be offered in sports club loyalty programs include but are not limited to:

  • Access to exclusive club merchandise
  • VIP seating for home games
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Members-only team events
  • Early access to game tickets
  • Birthday sports club discounts or gifts
  • Priority parking passes at sporting events
  • Partner discounts with sports apparel brands
  • Meet-and-greets with athletes
  • Exclusive access to team practices
  • Participation in fan contests
  • Signed sports memorabilia
  • Complimentary sports club magazine subscriptions
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes tours
Sports loyalty reward example
Image source: Socios

10. Pet supplies loyalty rewards

These programs typically reward customers with discounts, exclusive access to new pet products, and even birthday treats for their furry friends. By nurturing a sense of attachment, pet supply stores can not only keep pet owners coming back but also ensure the well-being and happiness of their beloved pets with rewards such as, for instance:

  • Free pet grooming or spa services
  • Exclusive access to new pet products
  • Priority pet training sessions
  • Early access to pet supply sales
  • Birthday pet treats
  • Partner discounts with pet services brands
  • Complimentary pet health check-ups
  • Personalized pet tags or accessories
  • Free pet food samples
  • Customized pet photo sessions
  • Monthly subscription pet boxes
Pet supplies loyalty rewards
Image source: Pet Supplies Plus

11. Banking & Finance loyalty rewards

Unlike traditional reward systems, banking and fintech loyalty programs incentivize spending through credit cards and highlight specific service packages like loans or mortgages. These programs prioritize creating new touchpoints, often utilizing rewards to promote content, educate members about offers, and enhance the brand's online presence. In fintech loyalty programs, you can offer your customers loyalty rewards such as:

  • Premium credit card upgrades
  • Better interest rates
  • Exclusive access to financial webinars
  • Members-only investment workshops
  • Early access to financial product promotions
  • Birthday financial service discounts or gifts
  • Priority customer service hotline
  • Partner discounts with retail/lifestyle brands
  • Complimentary credit score monitoring
Banking loyalty reward example
Image source: American Express

12. Gaming loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs in the gaming industry play a crucial role in building and maintaining a dedicated player base. They are carefully crafted to acknowledge and reward players for their unwavering commitment and active engagement with video games. One of the most enticing aspects of gaming loyalty programs is the opportunity to obtain exclusive in-game content. These rewards often take the form of rare and coveted items that can profoundly affect a player's gaming experience. Some of the most sought-after incentives include:

  • Exclusive in-game skins or cosmetics
  • Early access to game updates
  • Members-only gaming tournaments
  • Birthday gaming gifts
  • In-game currency or loot boxes
  • Partner Discounts with gaming hardware brands
  • Free beta testing access
  • Complimentary game expansion packs
  • Exclusive gamer merchandise
  • Early access to new game releases
  • Exclusive invitations to gaming conventions
Gaming loyalty reward example
Image source: Prime Gaming

13. Real estate loyalty rewards

In real estate, relationships are really important as they help people find their dream homes and invest in properties. Real estate companies have always known that building strong connections is crucial. Nowadays, loyalty programs have become a smart way to make customers and companies work together better and keep them happy by offering them rewards such as:

  • Home decor and furniture vouchers
  • Personalized homeowner workshops
  • Priority property viewing pass
  • Moving and relocation assistance
  • Home maintenance service subscriptions
  • Home improvement gift cards
  • Partnership discounts on party planning services
  • Quarterly property checkups
  • Real estate education workshops
  • Sustainable living packages

14. Telecommunication loyalty rewards

The recent rise in remote workers, students attending their classes online, and streaming enthusiasts binge-watching their favorite TV series, has made people highly conscious, and they might switch to a different service if they're not happy. That's why telecom companies have to retain their customers with out-of-the-box incentives, including:

  • Priority customer support
  • Tailored data plans
  • Data rollover plus: roll over unused data for up to 3 months
  • Free Netflix subscription for a specific period of time
  • Complimentary Spotify premium discount
  • Exclusive invitations to movie premieres and events
  • Personalized loyalty anniversary gifts
  • Referral Rewards: refer a friend, both get a month of free service
  • Priority access to 5G Network
  • Monthly discounts at partner restaurants
  • Free international roaming data
  • Members-only concert tickets
  • Partnership discounts on smart home devices
  • Early access to limited-edition devices
Telecommunications loyalty rewards
Image source: T-mobile

15. Entertainment loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs in the entertainment industry, particularly among event companies, play a vital role in cultivating enduring connections with their audience. These programs have an opportunity to provide loyal patrons with perks such as:

  • VIP backstage passes to concerts and events
  • Private movie Screenings for top-tier customers and their friends
  • Meet-and-greet sessions with celebrities
  • Exclusive access to red carpet events
  • Personalized autographed merchandise
  • Annual subscription to premium entertainment magazines
  • Exclusive access to unreleased movie trailers and music videos
  • Front-row comedy show tickets
  • Special VIP seating at live performances
  • Exclusive access to filming sets and studio tours
  • Discounts on vinyl collections
  • Limited-edition collectibles and memorabilia
  • Live Q&A sessions with various artists

16. Utilities loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs are everywhere now, even in the utility industry. The question isn't whether they're needed, but how they can excite and keep existing customers while attracting new ones. Today's energy users want energy-saving tips and personalized digital interactions. Utility brands can engage customers by inspiring positive behaviors, not just through basic transactions, but with enticing incentives including:

  • Energy bill credits for conserving energy
  • Smart thermostat installation discounts
  • Free home energy audit
  • Exclusive solar panel installation discounts
  • Water conservation kit with smart fixtures
  • Annual air duct cleaning services
  • Discounted high-efficiency appliances
  • Air quality monitoring system installation
  • Personalized energy usage reports
  • Emergency backup generator installation
  • Free LED lighting upgrades
  • Complimentary water heater maintenance
  • Priority service calls and repairs
  • Customized utility bill payment plans

17. Transportation loyalty rewards

As passengers are getting more comfortable with digital tickets, building an in-app loyalty program might be a convenient choice. These programs not only identify and reward loyal passengers but also take people on board with incentives such as:

  • Complimentary transit pass
  • Priority pickup upgrades
  • Personalized travel gear
  • Car rental discounts
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel photo competitions
  • Travel insurance coverage
  • A free round-trip ticket after a certain number of trips.
  • Early boarding and check-in
  • Culinary experiences with partner restaurants
  • Priority access to popular destinations
  • Free ride day once a month
  • Plastic-free water bottles
Mobility loyalty reward example
Image source: Lyft

18. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) loyalty rewards

CPG, short for consumer packaged goods, encompasses everyday products like food, beverages, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and household goods. CPG companies, often large manufacturers and distributors, use loyalty marketing to foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with initiatives to reward and incentivize customers, such as:

  • Scan & earn cleaning product bundles
  • Exclusive diaper subscription discounts
  • Eco-friendly challenges
  • Virtual parenting workshops
  • Personalized family photo books
  • Limited-edition home decor items
  • Exclusive kitchen gadgets
  • Culinary adventure sweepstakes
  • Virtual cooking classes
  • Special discounts with laundry services partners
  • Baby gear discounts with partner companies
CPG loyalty reward examples
Image source: Pampers

Image source: Pampers


What to keep in mind when choosing loyalty program rewards?

If you are launching a rewards program, regardless of the industry, there are a couple of things you should think about when deciding on earning rules (how the customers can earn the rewards) and the rewards themselves.

1. Choice

In many cases, the customers’ preferences can differ per customer. Therefore offering one loyalty program reward to all may be suboptimal. If you do not know enough about your customers to fit the rewards to them fully, it can be a good idea to give them a choice.

You can offer loyalty points in your program and a catalog of loyalty rewards customers can exchange their points for. That way, they can choose the rewards that motivate them most. Eventually, you will also gain valuable insights into customers’ preferences.

2. Seasonality

Some rewards may make sense in the summer, some in the winter. You should update your loyalty program rewards offering seasonally if your rewards are bound to a specific season, for example, offering sun lotions as a gift in the summer and thermoses in the winter. You can also make your retention-focused promotions seasonal. For best practices, follow our blog post on this topic.

3. Analytics

Do not trust your gut when it comes to which loyalty reward performs best and motivates your customers most. Analyze the use of loyalty rewards, which ones are redeemed, and which ones are not, and change your offering accordingly.

4. Loyalty rewards personalization

If you have enough data collected about your customers, you should offer personalized rewards. Offering different loyalty program rewards for different customer segments is a good starting point, especially in B2C, where the customer base is probably giant, and 1:1 personalization may be complex. If you have a powerful promotion engine that allows you for 1:1 personalization of the rewards and the messaging, you should go for it. Nothing makes such an impact as a gift fully personalized to you, like a gift card with your name on it, for your favorite product category or a free product that you often order anyway. If your brand has fewer customers, you can choose the rewards manually to fit the client and adjust their value to their annual spending level.

You should not “set it and forget it.” Analyze the performance of your loyalty program, change up the loyalty rewards and the rules, and see what works best. Remember to change your loyalty program’s terms and conditions regularly to avoid legal problems.


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