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Calculate the loyalty of your customer base

Have your already launched a loyalty program but you’re not sure whether its performance meets your business objectives?
Use Voucherify free loyalty program performance calculator to measure the efficiency of your rewards program.

Loyalty calculator

Redemption Rate

How many points in your loyalty program are actually redeemed for rewards. High redemption rate indicates growing customer loyalty.


Participation level

How many of your customers enrolled in your loyalty program. If the number is lower than expected, perhaps you haven’t marketed your program enough?


Engagement rate

How many points were collected and spent by how many customers in a given timeframe to measure the overall customer engagement in your loyalty program.



Who is loyalty program calculator for?

This calculator is intended for marketers who want to check the performance of their loyalty program.

Do I need to sign up to use Voucherify loyalty program calculator?

No, the calculator is free and you can use it without signing up.

Aren’t participation and engagement rate the same thing?

They measure similar metrics, however participation rate tells you only how many customers signed up to your loyalty program, whereas the engagement rate excludes dormant loyalty program members and takes into account only those customers who actively take part in it.

What are some common ways to improve the performance of a loyalty program?

There  are many ways on how to boost your loyalty program performance. These include: offering new, personalised rewards that offer true value to your customers, conduct a survey to learn more about your customers’ impressions, or make point collection easier by rewarding not only purchases, but also activities of your customers.