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Offline Coupon Tracking – How to Track Offline Sales Without the Sweat?

How to track offline coupon redemptions, how to calculate offline coupons ROI, gift card redemptions, to understand the omni-channel customer journey.

This post will give you plenty information on coupon tracking in the offline setting.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • Why launching a mobile app for coupon redemptions is a good idea.
  • How the redemption process works.
  • What monitoring tools are good to have in place.
  • Use cases with mobile app as a point of coupon redemptions.

Offline Coupon Tracking – How to Track Offline Sales Without the Sweat?

By adding the app to your e-commerce stack, you can enable coupon redemption at offline points of sale and analyze promo activity on the go. Read on to learn how you can leverage offline coupons for your business without spending tons of money on IT infrastructure.

Features of the App for Offline Tracking:

The primary goal of the app is to allow you to validate and track coupons offline. The good thing is that you can also use 2 coupon formats:

  • QR codes,
  • character-only codes.

The second, no less important, part of the app gives you the ability to monitor successful and failed redemptions, so you can get an instant overview of your promotion activity everywhere.

Voucherify mobile app - voucher tracking and redemption monitoring

Now, let’s take a look at how it works under the hood.

How does the Coupon Monitoring Work?

Here’s an overview of a typical offline coupon redemption process:

  1. A customer visits your store and shows his or her code. A shop assistant opens the app (connected to the Internet) and either scans or types the coupon code. The app requests the promo code verification from the Voucherify server.
  2. The app receives information as to whether the code is valid and what kind of discount it carries.
  3. The shop assistant applies the discount to an order in your POS system.

The information about the redemption is stored in your Voucherify account, so you can access it with the dashboard:

Voucherify Dashboard for coupon tracking

You can easily figure out who and when made a redemption. Next to the customer data, the dashboard presents order details including a value of the applied discount. All redemptions data are stored up-to-date. No matter if offline or online, you can always track codes and explore details.

There are a couple of practical use cases for this setup. Let’s see how you can use Voucherify mobile app it in practice.

Use Cases

We’d like to share the list of mobile coupon use cases we encountered when talking to our customers.

You can note that these scenarios cover seemingly completely different scenarios. This comes from the fact that Voucherify coupon API is very flexible and therefore used successfully by both fast-growing startups and massive enterprises. The common denominator though is that it enables any company to precisely adapt coupon, voucher, promo code or gift card infrastructure to their business requirements. And then to scale it as the project grows.

  • Marketing channel comparison - a marketplace’s app promotes daily special deals from restaurants in a particular neighborhood. To let restaurant managers know how many customers have been attracted by the app - and ultimately prove its ROI - it uses unique discount codes that are redeemed at the checkout.
  • Gift card redemption - a small business sells gift cards through our Shopify integration. Then, at the checkouts, shops can use the mobile app to charge customers if they have a positive balance.
  • Omni-channel journey - the mobile app is a must if you’d like to provide a seamless experience for your users. People change their devices and technologies a couple of times a day, and the usage of mobile apps is ubiquitous. Our customers integrate the mobile app with numerous channels available through built-in Voucherify integrations. The most popular are Twilio, CM telecom, Braze, Textlocal, and Intercom. You can learn them all in this guide.
  • Employee expense monitoring - one of the SV rising stars wants to control outside restaurant expenses on meals for employees; all spending is compensated by the company. The process comes down to 3 stages:
  1. Voucher definition - every employee gets a unique voucher code which is limited to let’s say 3 dinners and the total amount of an order to $60.
  2. Offline redemption - restaurants install the Voucherify mobile app and validate employees’ codes.
  3. Monitoring - all expenses are stored in Voucherify, so a facility manager sees the number of redemptions per campaign, restaurant, and employee; and eventually settles expenses with the restaurants.

Visit our guide on loyalty program for a pub with offline coupon redemption to see how to set things up step-by-step.


With the mobile app, tapping into offline coupon strategies just got easier. No heavy infrastructure is needed. Sign up for Voucherify, download the app, and then configure it to work with your account - that’s it!

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

If you’re interested in learning how Voucherify could help out with your promotional strategy, reach out to us.

Developers: if you want to know the ins and outs of the app, drop us a line and we’ll share the source code.


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