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Several types of discounts and offers at your fingertips

The campaign manager helps you experiment with different discount types and values supporting any currency, including your custom units.

  • Amount discount — supports multi-currency and custom units
  • Percentage based discount — allows for defining the upper limit of discounted amount
  • Gift cards — handles both one-off and multi-use gift vouchers

Fixed and auto-generated coupon codes

Create and distribute general fixed-code coupons or generate up to millions of secure, random, one-off codes, which prevent reusing the same coupon repeatedly. Select the most suitable code format for your campaign, including:

  • Text — with customizable length, prefix, suffix, and charset
  • QR & Barcode — with customizable size and format (png, svg)

Set fine-grained limits

Reduce campaign’s risk by introducing precise limits on various levels:

  • Start and expiry date
  • Number of redemptions: per campaign, per customer, per day, per customer per day, etc.
  • Maximum total discounted price in the whole campaign
  • Stop campaign after X first redemptions
  • Number of uses per an affiliate partner
  • And dozens of your custom limits

Create personal promotions…

…using real-time customers' account information, order history, and the cart structure. Our promotion engine supports hundreds of purchase scenarios. Here are some examples:

Promotion schedule

Plan under what conditions and in what order coupons are sent to shoppers. Put some coupon deals into promotion pipeline and instruct Voucherify what events trigger the coupon send out. Events can be based on customer’s order history, personal data, and activity on your website.

Everything is customizable

You have a coupon campaign that does not fit into our models? Worry not. With our metadata manager you can limit and personalize promotions using any custom data. Add custom fields and build respective filters on top of them. And the metadata field validator will ensure data integrity across every user and campaign.

Redemption tracking & performance reports

Analyze every aspect of campaign performance, including related customer and order details. See how many redemptions were successful and how many failed (any why) in a specific timeframe.

  • Total number of redemptions per single coupon code
  • Total number of redemptions in a campaign
  • Redemptions per customer, discount type, affiliate partner, and any custom attribute
  • Failed redemptions with detailed reason
  • Gift card spend per campaign, per customer, and globally

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, focus on growing your customer base
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