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How to create cart discounts - the most effective upselling initiative for your marketing strategy

September 27, 2017

Now that we’ve learned how to launch offers for specific customer segments and specific products, we can discover how to run cart-level discounts.

Cart discount - title image
Photo by Fabio Bracht

How to create cart discounts?

Let’s start with what is a cart discount in Voucherify? It’s an offer based on the total value of a shopping cart. In particular, Voucherify lets you define a discount based on several cart criteria:

  • A total dollar value.
  • A total product quantity.
  • Content of the cart.
  • Price of particular products.

Here’s how you can use them.

Dynamic Price Widget

Before we jump into the discount creator, I’d like to draw your attention to the visual aspect of in cart promotions. Upselling works best if customers immediately see how much they can save. Thus, it’s important to take into account the dynamic price recalculation when designing the coupon redemption process. Voucherify makes it easier by providing a JavaScript widget which visualizes the savings!

Voucherify widget

What is it and how does it help me? Once integrated into your web checkout page, the widget connects to Voucherify to validate the coupon code provided by a shopper. Not only does it validate the coupon, it also calculates the discounted prices right away.

The important thing is that the coupon validation isn’t equal to the coupon redemption. The customer might validate the code and thus see the new price a number of times before they decide to purchase. The redemption is made when they actually buy something.

You can play around with the voucherify.js widget showcase here. 

Voucherify Sample Shop

Other benefits of the widget:

  • the layout can be completely redesigned,
  • the validation workflow is super flexible - e.g. you can refresh the price once a customer adds items to an order; no additional button pressing is necessary,
  • works with every discount type supported by Voucherify,
  • It takes care of security by using a separate authentication channel and preventing brute-force attacks,
  • It’s free and open source.

Dollar Value Cart Promotions

Now let’s get back to cart size deals. To create a dollar value promotion, you need to run the campaign wizard. As you might know from the previous articles, all the limiting parameters can be tuned in the 2nd step when setting the promotion tiers and rules. In this case, you should tick the Order section and scroll down to the ‘total amount’ field. When you open the drop-down list, you’ll see you can define an amount-based offer with 4 operators:

  • Exactly
  • More than
  • Less than
Order volume - cart discount

Imagine the campaign you’re seeing on the picture above is launched and the coupons have been pushed out to customers. When a customer provides a coupon code on the checkout page, Voucherify’s rule engine checks if the order size (dollar amount) is more than 200. If it’s not true, the coupon won’t be redeemed and Voucherify will respond with a reason why (which should then be translated to your customers).

Product Quantity Cart Promotions

The quantity campaign works in a similar way. Voucherify won’t allow coupon code redemption unless there is a given number of items in the order. One thing worth mentioning here, though is it rarely makes sense to base the discount on the number of order items in general. You’d rather have a value-based offer that targets a particular product. This is possible with Voucherify by combining multiple criteria; you’ve probably noticed this already when we showed you product specific campaigns. See the example below:

Combining validation rules

Product-specific Cart Promotions

Besides setting up rules regarding the total amount and items quantity per order, you can also play around with the content of the cart. Here, you can apply several rules based on the inclusion or exclusion of certain items from the order or run a BOGO promotion by applying discount only to a particular item from the cart and not the whole order.

Order structure base validation rules

Keep your cart promotions safe

In order to protect your incentives from fraud, we came up with several redemption rules that aim at limiting access to the offer only to specific customer segments or merchants. For instance, you may want to run a cart-level discount based on total order amount, plus target it at new customers or the UK-based customers. Our flexible promotion engine lets you do just that.

Audience based cart validation rules

New rules = new possibilities

With cart-level rules, you can tap into new effective incentives that might improve your up- and cross-selling tactics, for example:

  • Buy one get one free.
  • Buy X get Y.
  • Product bundles.
  • Spend over X and get free shipping.
  • And more.

Update: Recently, we've added a brand-new feature - cart promotion tiers that allow you to create levels for your cart discount to gamify the customer experience. Learn more here.

If you’re not sure how to model your discount campaign, drop us a line and we’ll schedule a free demo to show you many possibilities.

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