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Creating coupons for specific products

How to launch product-specific coupon deals that can reinforce your up- and cross-selling tactics?

Creating coupons for specific products

So far, we’ve learnt how to use Voucherify coupon API to run promotion experiments. We’ve introduced more and more variables into the setup along the way; these included different types of discounts, expiration dates, and finally personalization with unique codes, customer segments and rules engine. Now, we’re going to constrain coupon deals on the basis of items the customer puts into the order.

To demonstrate how Voucherify handles products and product-based promotions, let’s take the example of a product family; let’s say you sell MacBook Air, assuming that they come in 2 versions (11 and 13 inches), you should have 2 separate Stock Keeping Units (SKU) and the structure looks as follows:

Product: MacBookAir

  • First SKU: MacBookAir11
  • Second SKU: MacBookAir13

So now let’s see how to model it in practice.

Mapping Products and Variants

The first step is to create the product entities in Voucherify. As usual, you can do this either through the user interface or programmatically. Let’s go for the former.

Go to the Products view and run the manager. After typing in the name of the product in the first section, you need to introduce attributes that differentiate product variants. In our case, there’s only one - the diagonal of the screen.

Product-specific discount in Voucherify

In the 2nd and the last step, you just need to add the concrete variants (called SKUs in Voucherify). To do so, “edit” the MacBookAir product entity and add two sub-items.

Alright, so the product has been created! It’s got a unique identifier and so have SKUs. Now we can model a coupon campaign which uses product and SKUs as the validation rule.

Product-specific campaigns

Let’s assume that we want to give a 10% coupon discount only for 13-inch MacBooks, how can we achieve this with Voucherify? The 4th step of the campaign manager brings the answer.We use validation rules to make the campaign active only for the variant we’re interested in. This is easy to achieve with the visual rules engine. See the picture below:

Voucherify enables you to set two basic product-related rules:

  • Which products/SKUs have to be in a customer’s order to make a valid redemption?
  • Which of these products/SKUs will be discounted during a redemption?

Moreover, with other validation rules, you can add more limits to your products-specific campaign:

  • How many items can be in one order?Which segment of customers can use the discount?
  • How many redemptions can be made by using one coupon (per customer, per day, per campaign)?
  • What is a required order value to make a valid redemption?
  • And much more...

You already know from our previous posts that the rules engine is very flexible and allows you to create your own buying scenarios. Now, let’s get back to our product-specific, MacBook campaign.

After you submit the creator, every time a shopper tries to use the coupon from this campaign, Voucherify checks if there's a 13-inch MacBook Air item in the cart. If so, the redemption is marked as successful, otherwise it fails and you see it in the redemptions report:

Again, this is all done with Voucherify under the hood. There’s really very little involvement required from the development team; probably once to sync your inventory with Voucherify products.


By introducing segments and products, we have shown you how many opportunities for marketing personalization come with the rules engine. You know now that coupon customization goes on many levels and it’s up to you, what limits a coupon will carry.You can mix different criteria, combining segments, products, SKUs and cart volume, all of which we’re going to showcase in the last article of the series.

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