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Introducing Product Collections – Complex Product Promos Made Simple

New feature update. What are product collections, how to use them, and how can they benefit your promo strategy?

Introducing Product Collections – Complex Product Promos Made Simple

Our newest enhancement to inventory management brings simplicity to the forefront, making it even easier to build your dream product-specific campaigns – no extra coding needed! Product collections let you easily create and customize attractive product-based discount campaigns and promotions, all on your own with the power of Voucherify Product Manager. 

What are Product Collections? 

As the name suggests, product collections are a group of products gathered together based on numerous built-in and custom filters. You can use default filters, such as source id, name, price, or creation date, or introduce custom filters based on brand, collection name, category, color, style, and more. Like customer segments, you can build both static and auto-update collections that will dynamically change with products entering and leaving the group.

Besides making inventory management more accessible, collections will also simplify creating validation rules based on products and SKUs. 

Product Collection screen

How Are Product Collections Changing the Game? 

Before this critical update, it was impossible to build product groups with shared characteristics. Instead, it was possible to target or exclude products with some shared features carried in the metadata attribute. For instance, a discount could target all products with the metadata ‘Summer2021’ attached.

With the introduction of collections, it is easier than ever to dynamically switch between product groups that should be discounted or excluded from the promotion. With the possibility to group products and save products filtering for future use, the management of rotating inventory becomes a non-issue.

Using Product Collections in Campaigns

One of the most popular coupon strategies is to offer coupon codes for specific products. You can quickly boost your up-selling and cross-selling potential by discounting less popular products, moving old stock, or driving sales on products with the highest margin. 

To find more inspiration on product-specific discounts, go here

Here are some examples of using products collections in your promo campaigns:

  • Create a product collection with the on_sale attribute to quickly differentiate products currently on sale to avoid discounting the same products twice. 
  • Offer a special discount for products from a specific brand or collection. 
  • Exclude all products above or below a particular price level from all deals & promotions. 
  • Launch a flash sale on all green-colored items to celebrate the spring season. 
  • Create a collection of samples that will be added to predefined orders for free. 
  • Discount all products with a short expiration date. 
  • And many more. 

One of our clients, Timezone, is an excellent example of launching multiple product-specific campaigns with minimal involvement from the development team. They managed to launch more than 100 campaigns already, pivoting on a scale and reducing the time-to-market for multi-region promo scenarios. 

"The voucher system is easy to use for both our team and customers" – Rachel Ang, Marketing Manager for Singapore & Vietnam

If you would like to learn more about building product collections, visit our Help Center.

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