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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Timezone issues gift cards and game discounts at scale

How Timezone issues gift cards and game discounts at scale

How Timezone issues gift cards and game discounts at scale
1000-5000 employees
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Rachel Ang, Marketing Manager for Singapore & Vietnam

Timezone is a chain of family entertainment venues in Asia Pacific, part of TEEG, established in 1978 and operating in Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Timezone venues provide a fun and unique gaming experience for families through video games, virtual reality, bumper cars, bowling lanes, birthday parties, and more.

"The voucher system is easy to use for both our team and customers."
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Key challenges

  • Migration to a new CRM system that lacks voucher generation capabilities.
  • A need for a flexible loyalty program software.
"Voucherify customer support is superb. They were always on hand and the time difference between Singapore and Poland is a non-issue. Tomek and his team are always on hand to provide support."

Timezone Singapore was using their built-in CRM system to generate and maintain vouchers, but due to regional standardisation, they had to move to a new CRM system without promotional functions. This made them look for a new voucher generation system.

They chose Voucherify as it was already used by another branch of Timezone, Timezone Australia. There was no additional integration required as it operated in silo. Voucherify provided a simple and secure voucher system that makes incentive delivery and redemption an easy process for both Timezone guests and their venue team.

Timezone used Voucherify-generated gift cards and discount vouchers as rewards in their loyalty program. Here are some rewards Timezone offers using Voucherify:

  • Annual birthday benefit which value depends on the tier of the membership:
  1. Welcome and Blue Elite members will receive $10 worth of game credits.
  2. Gold members will receive $20 worth of game credits.
  3. Platinum members will receive $50 worth of game credits.
  • Weekly free drink for Platinum members.  
  • Special offers (free games, special prize, first to play).
  • Re-engagement vouchers for lapsed customers (special deals, free game credits, discounts).
"When the pandemic struck, our business was closed for two months and as such, we couldn’t send our rewards benefit. Voucherify has been flexible in transferring our monthly allocation to the time when our business re-opened.”

They also used Voucherify to generate promotions like:

  • 10% off for new customers.
  • Buy a $50 gift card, get a total of $60 credits on it.


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Reduced time to market for multi-region and multi-currency promo scenarios
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