The Essential Guide to Cart Promotions

  • How cart promotions can help you achieve your sales goals?
  • How to build effective auto-applied discounts without going over the budget?
  • What are the best practices and examples of cart promotions?


Cart promotions strategies for absolute beginners

Cart abandonment rates are as high as 69.57%. Want to know the main reason behind this scary number? Lack of discounts and promotions. Moreover, 44% of shoppers would be more likely to shop with a brand again if they received a discount on their previous purchase. This shows the immense potential for cart promotions to help businesses retain customers and drive repeat business. 

By offering cart promotions, businesses can reduce cart abandonment and increase the overall conversion rate and sales by encouraging customers to purchase more in order to receive the discount. Download The Complete Guide to Cart Promotions to discover how cart promotions are meant to be done in 2023 – with tips, examples and ideas to go live with your campaigns in no time.