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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Word of Mouth Marketing Definition

Word of Mouth Marketing is a situation in which information about a product or service is spread between potential customers verbally in spontaneous conversations. It is worth noting that WOM marketing happens naturally and is a very important part of a business’ growth strategy. 

What are the examples of Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of Mouth Marketing typically occurs as a recommendation, most often among close friends and family. Such marketing activities are very desirable because they are honest and credible.

However, Word of Mouth Marketing also occurs during other engaging events, such as buzz marketing, virals, comments, users’ opinions, reviews, or social media marketing. All those communications trigger genuine emotions and a need to share them with others. Example? If you visit a great restaurant and at the end of your visit, you receive a loyalty program discount and a free dessert, you will probably want to share your experience with friends and other people by giving the restaurant a 5-star rating on Google.

Another good example of WOM Marketing is referral programs that encourage people to share their experiences with your brand or products by offering them a tangible incentive, such as a discount.

What are the benefits of WOM Marketing?

WOM is considered to be one of the best advertising strategies, as people tend to believe real recommendations more than marketing ads prepared by experts. It’s a massive benefit for building a widely recognized brand, supported by a group of ambassadors who are emotionally connected to the business. Word of Mouth marketing may be very cost-effective if done correctly, drastically cutting your customer acquisition costs.

To induce the desired behavior, companies often launch referral programs, contests, gifts, and other bonuses that boost the customer experience and encourage them to share positive opinions with others.

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