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Custom Event Definition

In the context of promo campaigns, a custom event is an action (behavior) taken by customers that is not tracked by default by promotion management software. By tracking and sharing custom events with external promotion software, you can build highly targeted promo campaigns based on the custom behaviors of your audience. 

Custom events are also an essential part of referral and loyalty programs. In Voucherify, successful referrals can be marked by a referral code redemption or a custom action performed by the invited friends (e.g., creating an account). Also, loyalty programs can reward custom activities with points to adjust the program mechanisms to individual business needs. 

Here are some examples of the most popular custom events in the context of promo campaigns:

  • Profile completion
  • Account creation
  • Ride or stay completion
  • App download
  • Social media share or follow
  • Event participation

Go here to learn how to pass Custom Events to Voucherify API.

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