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September 27, 2017

Discount rules

Mike Sędzielewski
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Controlling who and when can redeem your coupons might be helpful for your marketing team. They can run various scenarios in parallel to learn which campaign performs best.

This is why Voucherify lets you define vouchers’ expiry date and limit the redemption number programmatically. But what if they wanted to limit vouchers validity to a particular group of prospects? Or what if a gift card should be valid only for specific products? Today we’re happy to announce a new feature that covers these cases!


We’ve equipped Voucherify API with 2 new entities: Segments and Products. You can use both to create custom redemption rules. Let’s follow this tutorial to learn how you define product and segments, and then use them in rules.

In our example we’re going to create a 5% voucher campaign for:

  • iPhone
  • Customers created more than 30 days ago

1. Let’s start with creating a product. To do so, go to Products view and use the ADD PRODUCT manager.

2. Now it’s time to create a segment. This should be easy with the Customers view, the Create date filter in particular.


3. Finally we can create a voucher and apply our rules. In order to get it done, go to Vouchers browser and run vouchers creator.

Imagine that the campaign is active, you sent out the code and John (your customer) tries to redeem it. Here’s how you should prepare the redeem request:



   "customer": {

        "id": "cust_eIH9UtbvIfRUP9nZyBqDeMEv" // John’s id


   "order": {

       "items": [

           { "product_id": "prod_ewGxJMm746Zvij", "quantity": "1" } // he buys one iPhone 6 in the black edition





In our Postman collection, you can find this example (TC2 - discount rules) and play it around.

We find customer rules pretty powerful. Campaign's wizard enables you to mix various filters depending on one or many:

  • customer segments filter out by: name, email, or customer metadata
  • products or their variants (various SKUs)

In the near future, we’re going to release cart rules where you’ll be able to create new rules using total price or number of items bought. Stay tuned!

discount rules
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