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What Discount Limits Should Your Business Have?
Mike Sedzielewski
Mike Sedzielewski
September 27, 2017
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What Discount Limits Should Your Business Have?

This post will tell you everything you need to know about restricting coupon use by discount limits and conditions.

After reading it, you will know:

  • Why you should restrict your discounts in the first place.
  • What discount limitations are most effective.
  • Real-life examples of discount limits in practice.

If you want to bring your discount marketing strategy to the next level, this post is for you.

Why is it important to set up discount conditions?

Setting up different discount limitations and conditions makes a world of difference for your marketing and sales teams. With fine-grained voucher rules, your colleagues can run various scenarios while simultaneously learning which campaign performs best. Without it, your discount codes are likely to be used extensively by a chunk of an audience that is not even supposed to receive them - which results in you losing a lot of money, energy and tad bit of faith in humanity. 

Here, at Voucherify, we love to let our customers have a handle on their dreamed promo campaigns. That’s why we offer several discount limitations that will enhance the specificity and success rates of your campaigns. 

What if you wanted to limit vouchers validity to a particular group of prospects? Or what if a gift card should be valid only for specific products? We’ve got you covered with this set of discount limitations:

  • Timeframe (start and expiry date, or specific validity timeframe [e.g. only Fridays from 5pm till 9pm])
  • Validity period after publication (e.g. 5 days after receiving the coupon)
  • Redemption number limitations
  • Customer segments conditions
  • Product conditions
  • Metadata limitations (custom limits added via meta-fields to different Voucherify objects)

Try out the discount rules yourself!

Voucherify API has two entities that can be used as discount conditions: Customer Segments and Products. You can use both to create custom redemption rules

Let’s follow this tutorial to learn how you can define Product and Customer Segments, and then use them in building discount rules.

In our example we’re going to create a 5% voucher campaign for:

  • an iPhone,
  • Customers created more than 30 days ago.

So if a customer want to receive the discount, s/he needs to have an iPhone in their carts (Product-specific limit) and be in the proper Customer Segment (segment-specific rule)

1. Let’s start with creating a product. To do so, go to the Products tab and use the ADD PRODUCT manager.

Creating a product

If you run into any problems, go to our support article on adding Products in Voucherify

2. Now it’s time to create a Customer Segment based on the Created Date attribute.

Creating a customer segment

You can base Customer Segments on a number of attributes, including country, creation date, or activity. But there’s something even better – thanks to metadata you can create custom attributes and extend the segmentation provided to you by default.

If you run into any problems, go to our support article on creating Customer Segment in Voucherify.

3. Finally we can create a voucher and apply our rules. In order to get it done, go to the Campaigns tab to create a new Bulk Codes Campaign.

Creating a Campaign

You will be able to set proper discount conditions in the 3rd step of the creation process. 

Imagine that the campaign is active, you sent out the code and John (your customer) tries to redeem it.

Here’s how you should prepare the redeem request:



   "customer": {

        "id": "cust_eIH9UtbvIfRUP9nZyBqDeMEv" // John’s id


   "order": {

       "items": [

           { "product_id": "prod_ewGxJMm746Zvij", "quantity": "1" } // he buys one iPhone 6 in the black edition





In our Postman collection, you can find this example (TC2 - discount rules) and play with it around.

We find customer rules pretty powerful. Campaign's wizard enables you to mix various filters:

  • Customer segments filtered out by: name, email, customer metadata and more,
  • Products or their variants (various SKUs).

Visit our articles on discount rules to see the overview of all coupon restrictions available on our platform by default.


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