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Validation Rule Definition

In Voucherify, validation rules define promotion usage restrictions, in other words, the customer and order eligibility for a given promotion. They are often called “promotion limits” or “promotion rules”. They can be based on, for example, customer segments, products, orders, budget, or metadata

In Voucherify, validation rules can be built based on:

  • Audience – this set of rules helps you target the right customers. You have two options to target customers by including or excluding specific customer segments that can be built around both built-in customer attributes and metadata. 
  • Order structure – with the order structure rules, you can create product-specific promotions based on a cart structure and quantity of items in the cart. The rules from this section work excellent for up-and-cross-selling. 
  • Order volume – these rules are quite self-explanatory. They are based on the minimal and maximum total value of the order and everything in between.
  • Budget constraints – with the budget constraints, you can control your promotion budget by setting up safety limits that automatically deactivate your promotion if the limits are reached.
  • Advanced – these are the limits based on metadata or other redemption criteria, such as specific API keys. 

Per each validation rule, you can set up custom error messages that will be returned via API that will quickly inform you about why the redemption cannot take place. In your integration, you can include these custom error notifications in the front-end of your application to let customers know why they are unable to use your offer.

For more information about validation rules, go here.

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