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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Code Redemption Definition

In the context of promo campaigns, redemption is the act of exchanging an incentive (promo code, gift card, referral code, loyalty points) for a discount or a product. In Voucherify, redemption is an action triggered when a customer uses an incentive at the checkout. The redemption may be successful or failed and includes the validation step. It can be performed via Dashboard (manually) or triggered via API (recommended). It is also possible to roll back redemptions. 

The most common types of redemption limits

Voucherify offers validation rules and other campaign limits (redemption count, activity period) that allow for redemption only in predefined circumstances. Here are some examples:

  • The promotion activity period is limited. 
  • One redemption per customer. 
  • Promotion is only valid for a predefined customer segment or location. 
  • Promotion cannot be combined with other offers. 
  • Promotion can only be applied to orders worth more than X. 
  • Promotion cannot be applied to product X. 

Redemption limits are a crucial part of running promo campaigns which help not only to personalize and target incentives but also secure the budget and limit fraud. To learn what redemption limits are available in Voucherify, visit our Help Center

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