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Flourishing Mother’s Day Promo Campaigns Ideas
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Flourishing Mother’s Day Promo Campaigns Ideas

Mother’s Day is surely one of the crucial events for ecommerce. This is a time when people want to celebrate the most important woman in their lives in the best possible ways, including showering them with gifts. Mothers might also want to pamper themselves on that occasion to focus on their own needs and wishes.

In fact, US consumers plan on spending $35.7 billion for Mother’s Day this year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. Per person, the planned spending amounts to $274.02. If you haven’t been convinced yet, these numbers should encourage you to launch a great ROI-driving seasonal promo campaign to leverage this spring holiday.

With greeting cards, gift cards, flowers, special outings, jewelry, and accessories being some of the most popular gift categories on Mother’s Day, you have a myriad of themed promotional opportunities and ideas to choose from and encourage buyers to shop with you.

Most consumers will actually be looking for special deals on that day, so why not make use of their increased interest and reach out to them with your offer? They get a product they want under better conditions, and you grow both your revenue and customer base.

Mother’s Day promotions – top 10 real-life inspirations

I’ve compiled a list of creative Mother’s Day promotion ideas that can boost your sales if used skilfully. Take a look at these inventive real-life examples to find inspiration for your own seasonal campaign.

1. BOGO sales

This type of promotion – buy one, get one – is simply perfect for Mother’s Day, which is all about gift-giving and connecting family members. You can, for example, offer a discount for a second product with a purchase of the first one, and easily advertise it as a combined gift for mom and daughter. It will go especially well with clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. Matching shawls or bracelets? Sounds like a plan.

Lane Bryant, a US plus-size women’s clothing brand promoting body positivity and inclusivity, launched an intensive BOGO campaign for this year’s Mother’s Day. They offered 50% off for a second purchase, applicable to most of the products in their online and offline shops, for items of equal or lesser value before tax and shipping. With a simple question, “Ready for Mother’s Day?”, they encouraged buyers to use other seasonal promos, such as doorbuster offers for dresses and footwear. The offers could not be combined, which is a smart approach to protect your budget margins. However, the BOGO offer could be matched with their customer rewards program called Lane Style Cash as a juicy incentive for loyal customers.

Lane Bryant newsletter screenshot

2. Percentage discounts

You don’t need to engage all your energy and resources in creating a Mother’s Day promo campaign – sometimes less is more and straightforward ideas bring the best profit. Think of a simple thematic standalone coupon code and offer a percentage discount to your customers. Send them a Mother’s-Day-related newsletter or publish a post to inform them about the upcoming offer. Don’t forget about a relevant message and a pretty design (a flowery Canva template should work just fine) – and you’re done.

Look at this simple yet on-point offer by the US skincare company Hydroheel, which follows all of the above tips offering a 20% discount on the entire purchase at checkout with a public code. By setting an expiry date on the code, the brand protects its budget limits. You can also decide to offer the discount only for selected products or categories to prevent discount overuse, at the same time highlighting certain items as the best gifts for moms.

Hydroheel promotion screenshot

3. Fixed amount discounts

Instead of a percentage discount, you can offer a fixed amount discount. Again, decide if the code applies to your entire stock or only to selected products. Use a simple standalone code or, for a more personalized campaign, send unique and non-transferable codes to your most loyal customers. Make sure to set up the necessary limitations to prevent discount abuse – for instance, make the code redeemable only once or impose a short time frame for redemption.

Noa is a furniture and home decor brand with shops in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. For this year’s Mother’s Day, they opted for an elegantly designed campaign addressing mostly mothers. The bonus is available only to their newsletter subscribers – they can claim an extra $75 off before a fixed date in May. Noa imposed certain smart restrictions on the offer: one client can use the code once only, the discount cannot be combined with another voucher code, and the minimum spend is $499.

Noa Mother's Day campaign screenshot

4. Free gifts

Holidays are made for gifts, aren’t they? And everybody enjoys a free present, whether it’s a mom indulging herself on her special day or a busy grownup child buying a last-minute treat for her. You can decide to drop a nice Mother’s Day addition to your cart with a code or automatically at checkout. It needn’t be anything big – even a small but occasion-suited gift or a product sample will do to invite shoppers to your brand.

Aveda is a haircare brand specializing in vegan cosmetics – which in itself is a great category for Mother’s Day. In a two-tier campaign, Aveda offers two kinds of free gifts. Upon spending $90 and using the MDAY23 code, the buyer will receive a free set of travel-size cosmetics, while a purchase of $120 will get them a free limited-edition pouch. The offer ends precisely on Mother’s Day and it’s geographically narrowed to Australia and New Zealand.

Aveda Mother's Day marketing screenshot

5. Giveaways

Continuing the gift theme – why don’t you launch a giveaway to your customers? First, analyze your budget and decide what kind of prizes will be attractive to your audience and, at the same time, safe for your budget. Then, spread the message and make it a gated event to grow your email base.

Minted is a shop with creative gifts. Minted set up this neat giveaway campaign with a variety of prizes, preceding it with a well-thought-out message for those who don’t celebrate the occasion for personal reasons.

Minted Mother's Day giveaway screenshot

By employing this foot-in-the-door strategy, Minted gets access to a larger customer base and offers further incentives: additional percentage discount codes for gift cards and greeting cards as well as free shipping.

6. Product bundles

Gift sets are often sought after by people shopping for Mother’s Day presents, so it’s clearly a good idea to give consumers what they want, this way inviting them to your store. Create attractive bundles of your products and set up discounts for them – you can also think of adding dedicated packaging.

Here’s how the Luseta Beauty brand did just that. They offered a 15% discount code for haircare bundles. The message they conveyed is that moms deserve to be spoiled on their day, and the pastel colors of their products and the newsletter graphics bring up positive connotations. The offer is time-limited for an added sense of urgency.

Luseta Mother's Day sale screenshot

7. Free shipping

Free delivery is one of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage buyers to complete their purchase. Especially on holidays like Mother’s Day, they might want to invest in a high-end gift but save on shipping costs. So, you can decide to offer free shipping starting from a certain value order or for special gift sets.

Sydney-based Glow&Gifts, specializing in stylish artisan gift boxes, made use of this idea and offered free shipping for all pre-curated gift boxes – as simple as that.

Glow Gifts Mother's Day promo screenshot

8. Gift cards

You can be sure that some of your customers will be undecided about what to buy for their mom until the very last moment. Motivate them by offering gift cards to be spent on what moms like best. You can do it in a variety of ways – offer a discount for gift cards or add a mom-centered voucher as a bonus for high-value orders.



The Spa Week network offers a tempting combination, again aimed at spoiling moms on their day and giving them what they really need. If a customer spends $125 on spa and wellness services, they will get a $60 bonus card to make the gift even more appealing. Code is required to be eligible for the offer. The promotion is time-limited and the gift card also has its own expiration date.

Spa Week promotion newsletter screenshot

9. Personalized gifts

Personalization is key. Take advantage of that and offer personalized gifts at a discount as your Mother’s Day promotion. If possible, add the option of customization to your products: be it a dedicated message selected by the buyer, a greeting card, an engraving, or a name tag. You can add the personalization as a free-of-charge bonus or provide discounts for customizable items.

This may be most easily done by jewelry brands, like the US-based Eve’s Addiction. They offer a time-limited 50%-off discount code for customizable gifts for moms, and personalization is free. Buyers can choose from necklaces, lockets, rings, and bracelets that will carry an engraving or a photo of their choice. Priority shipping is an added value for the offer.

Eve's Addiction Mother's Day newsletter screenshot

10. Gift guides

In the end, there will always be some last-chance customers with no idea what to buy for their moms. This is where you step in – create a gift guide with products from your shop and offer a discount for the suggested items or bundles. This is a win-win scenario: a satisfied customer finally gets a gift idea, and you grow your business.

Our Place, a quality cookware and tableware shop, created their own Mother’s Day gift guide, suggesting on-sale products as their picks. Also, they combined the holiday with their regular spring sale as an enhanced incentive.

Our Place gift guide screenshot

How to best communicate your Mother’s Day campaign?

Inventing and setting up an effective Mother’s Day promo campaign will only work magic if you communicate it to your target audience successfully. To make sure that info about your campaign reaches all your potential and existing customers, advertise it via multiple channels. With customizable promotion software, you can connect your campaign to any customer touchpoint. Here are a couple of simple ideas on where to spread the campaign news:

  • Newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • Social media campaigns
  • Paid ads
  • Collabs with influencers and affiliations

More useful tips for creating a Mother’s Day promotion event

There are a couple of other aspects to bear in mind when designing a thriving themed campaign suited both to your business goals and your customers’ specific needs. Here’s a short summary of best practices:

1. Use themed visuals

In the examples above, you could see that all the offers used Mother’s Day visuals in terms of colors, images, presets, and layouts. Use eye-catching banners and ribbons on your website. Think gentle colors, flowers, and an underlying sense of coziness and comfort – and you’ll get the right message through. You don’t need to design everything from scratch: use readymade templates and adjust them to your brand visuals.

2. Use relevant code names

Mother’s Day-related coupon codes will attract your customers’ attention and are easy to create. At the same time, though, consider creating unique, one-off codes to prevent discount fraud.

screenshot of Voucherify dashboard - creating coupon codes

3. Use the campaign for relevant products

Obviously, every mother will have her own needs and wishes for the May holiday, but you will certainly make your offer more credible and appealing if you apply discounts to items that are simply good gift ideas: from gourmet gift baskets, to jewelry, clothes, and accessories, to spa and wellness vouchers.

4. Use trigger warnings

Keep in mind that some people may feel uncomfortable about Mother’s Day and that this is not a happy day for everyone on the planet. Remember Minted’s example? You’ll come across as a considerate and thoughtful business if you account for the possible discomforts a Mother’s Day campaign may cause and warn your customers, for example, by giving them an option of unsubscribing from the Mother’s Day newsletter. Only positive vibes!

5. Plan your campaign well

Everyone tells you to plan everything in advance, and so will I. Define the goals of your campaign, select your target audience, pay attention to your budget, think of how the campaign will impact your brand awareness, and consider how it can contribute to spotlighting some of your products (maybe you want to combine it with a clearance of certain product lines?).

6. Advertise ahead of time

Communicating your campaign clearly to the world is paramount to its success, as mentioned in the previous section. Use all the channels – or the channels you know work best for your business – to create anticipation and a sense of time urgency. Send teasers, updates, and notifications to reduce cart abandonment.

7. Combine your offers – or don’t

Here, all depends on the specifics of your business. You might want to stack the available discounts to maximize the incentives for your buyers and, for instance, clear the stocks before you introduce a new line. Or, conversely, you may be focused on safeguarding your budget and decide that the offers cannot be combined, this way preventing their misuse.

8. Offer last-minute promotions

Urgency is a strong incentive for buyers, and Mother’s Day is a very clear deadline for all the rushing latecomers. Offer them flash sales and short-timed last-minute discounts to drive sales by satisfying their need for speed.

9. Track your campaign results

After planning comes the tracking. Have a detailed and in-depth look at how your marketing and sales campaign turned out. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did the campaign work the way you intended it to?
  • Did you get the desired ROI?
  • Were there any unexpected setbacks?
  • Who used your promotions?
  • What channels were the most effective?

Use an API-first Promotion Engine for Mother’s Day promotions

All of the above may seem a bit complex and overwhelming. And yet, building a campaign that works can be much simpler if you use a customizable promotion engine, such as Voucherify. With our quick-to-integrate and easy-to-use platform, you will significantly accelerate the campaign creation process.

All of the steps and key points mentioned before can be easily put into practice by marketers using Voucherify: designing a campaign in detail, creating coupon codes, setting up precise time frames and budget limits, customer segmentation, campaign messaging and distribution, code redemption, and results tracking. With the right tools, you will build an effective and engaging Mother’s Day promotion campaign right away and increase your sales during this season.


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