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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

All-in-one online Giveaways Engine

Don’t push your luck with cookie-cutter solutions. Try Voucherify flexible giveaway engine to design, release, run and track  online contests.

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Grow customer engagement with exciting giveaways without spending a fortune on dedicated engineering teams.

Release complex giveaways and online contests straight from the dashboard and give your marketing experts the tools they need to easily track, manage and upgrade campaigns.

Customise rewards and incentives to match customers’ preferences. Run customer segment specific or open giveaway campaigns to either boost customer loyalty or generate new leads.

Complete online giveaways solution

Why invest in giveaways?

Automate your giveaway campaigns

Increase the productivity of your marketing team and launch fully automated giveaways and online contests thanks to Voucherify user-friendly dashboard and flexible API. All you have to do is design your campaign workflow and we will take care of the rest - drawing the winners, assigning rewards to particular customers and notifying them about prizes.

Incentivize customers with various prizes

You don’t have to offer material rewards to keep your customers on their toes. Use non-monetary rewards or incentives from your other Voucherify campaigns to offer gift cards, discounts or loyalty points to the winners.

Host secure landing pages

Omni-channel prizes delivery

Take advantage of Voucherify powerful API and set up a multi-channel messaging  to inform customers about your contest, drawing results and prizes assignment. You can choose between SMS, email, webhooks and many of our built-in integrations: Braze, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Intercom and more.

Use cases

You may use giveaways in numerous cases. Your heart's desire is our commitment to bringing you the most flexible and secure giveaway engine:

Run a photo contest for the best Halloween Costume and choose winners by allowing customers to upload images onto your landing page.

Create a LuckyDraw Program with the winner(s) receiving a MacBook Pro. Limit the participants of your giveaway to particular customer segments to boost customer loyalty or run an open giveaway campaign to generate more leads.

Encourage customers to sign up for your monthly newsletter by offering them a chance to win 10, 15 and 20% discount on specific products or if their order volume exceeds $300.

Launch time-sensitive giveaway campaign and create a sense of urgency by setting up specific time limitations and automatic  email reminders to customers who signed up via your landing page to your contest

In response to coupon redemption Voucherify may send a ‘thank you’ email

Voucherify may trigger webhooks with information that a customer should receive

Send a discount coupon to a customer who abandoned the cart

Automatically inform your customers about any changes in the campaign or time-limited discounts.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, focus on growing your customer base
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