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Giveaways Engine

Don’t push your luck with cookie-cutter solutions. Try Voucherify flexible giveaway engine to design, run and track online contests.

A Complete Giveaways Solution

Keep customers on the edge
Grow customer engagement with exciting giveaways without spending a fortune on dedicated engineering teams.
Take control over the giveaway logic
Release complex giveaways and online contests straight from the Dashboard and give your marketing experts the tools they need to easily track, manage and upgrade campaigns.
Target the right audience
Customise rewards and incentives to match customers’ preferences. Run customer segment specific or open giveaway campaigns to either boost customer loyalty or generate new leads.

Achieve your business goals with fun giveaways

Build a base of dedicated customers by launching highly-personalized giveaways and contests. Drive real customer engagement and reach more potential clients with gamified campaigns.

  • Customizable giveaway workflow and drawing rules.
  • Various giveaway prizes ranging from material rewards to numerous non-monetary incentives including discount coupons, gift card credits or loyalty points.
  • Flexible landing pages creator for hosting dedicated landing pages
  • Automatic prizes assignment and reward notifications.
  • Interwoven giveaways and online contests with other promotional activities that create a consistent promotional brandstyle.
  • Detailed giveaway analytics thanks to comprehensive reporting and audit logs
See how to launch a giveaway campaign in Voucherify

Giveaways that grow with you

  • Leverage flexible API and multiple SDKs to shorten your time-to-market.
  • Enjoy simple handling and low maintenance costs thanks to an API-first platform.
  • Bulk data import and export capabilities that suit your needs.
  • Rollback reward redemptions and disable/enable giveaway campaigns with one click.

Giveaways and online contests that run themselves

Increase the productivity of your marketing team and launch fully automated giveaways and online contests thanks to Voucherify user-friendly dashboard and flexible API. All you have to do is design your campaign workflow and we will take care of the rest - drawing the winners, assigning rewards to particular customers and notifying them about prizes.

Fast to implement landing pages

With Voucherify, you can launch landing pages for your giveaways and contests. Run a landing page on your custom domain or take advantage of Voucherify hosting possibilities.

  • Protect the security and GDPR-compliance of your landing page with marketing permissions, double opt-in feature and email anti-fraud options.
  • Design truly unique pages that encourage customers to take part in your giveaways and online contests thanks to the flexible landing page designer.
  • Analyze the performance of your giveaway landing pages with the built-in Google Analytics integration.
Learn more about hosting landing pages with Voucherify

Offer any reward via any channel

Take advantage of Voucherify powerful API and set up a multi-level rewards schema and multi-channel messaging  to inform customers about your contest, drawing results and prizes assignment.

  • Use non-monetary rewards or incentives from your other Voucherify campaigns to offer gift cards, discounts, or loyalty points to the winners.
  • Choose between SMS, email, webhooks and many of our built-in integrations: Braze, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Intercom, and many more.
  • Visual message editor.

giveaway software

PCI-DSS & GDPR compliance  
You can trust us with your end-customer data.
Solution & support engineers
Get the most out of the platform for every department.
User permissions & workflows
Enhance collaboration and streamline your campaigns.
API & developer-friendly
Integrate giveaways with your e-commerce systems.
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“Voucherify is an excellent platform for mid-large size businesses looking for a suite of promotional tools at a competitive price, with a marketing-friendly UI.”

Kate Watson
Digital Sales Manager | Bellroy

“Voucherify team really cares about our needs and has responded to and delivered on service and feature requests to ensure we achieve our goals.”

Wayne Chang
Head of Product | Saatchi Art

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Antoine Verger 
CTO | Fitfox

"Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous."

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