Promotion Engine
for any industry

See how Voucherify powers targeted
promotional experiences across industries.
Three sections with a promo notification, code snippet, and promotion conditions
Ecommerce Promotion – a notification with a discount code for specific orders

Integrate any kind of data in ecommerce

Use the Voucherify Promotion Engine to increase conversions, drive revenue and build lasting customer relationships.

Stop relying on monolithic solutions that fail to meet the needs of scaling ecommerce brands. Integrate once and choose from an infinite number of promotional configurations built on top of custom ecommerce attributes.

Discover how Pomelo engages visitors

Add a personal touch in retail

Convince on-the-fence customers to purchase with urgent and attractive promo campaigns. Use API-powered building blocks to reach customers via multiple channels and touchpoints, both online and offline.

Share incentives through both print and online advertising, including email, push notifications and social media.

See how iBood grows conversion rates
Retail promotion – email message with an extra -10% off on all orders
SaaS Promotion – a text message with a unique promo code for a free account upgrade

Outsource promotion logic in software business

SaaS providers save time and money integrating with Voucherify instead of wasting resources on building and managing an in-house promotion solution.

Outsource promotion logic to an API-first Promotion Engine to enjoy a complete suite of promo campaigns at fraction of the original development and hosting cost.

Learn how IT House built an ambassador program

Personalized incentives for
all business verticals


Drive profitability despite low margins

Integrate any marketplace-specific data and target customers with highly exclusive offers. Let partners create powerful promotions on their own with our fully white-label Promotion Engine.

How Navisyo marketplace runs an ambassador program with Voucherify

Food & Grocery

Increase retention

Turn grocery shopping into a memorable experience with contextual offers. Protect your margins with a range of budget limits for campaigns, customers, products and more.

How BAEMIN handles over 60 million redemptions in a coupon-hungry market

Hospitality & Travel

Respond to customer needs in real-time

Share travel-specific data, like stay duration, flight number, or destination with Voucherify to build relevant travel promotions for any customer segment. Use gift cards to process unexpected refunds while maintaining liquidity.

How easyJet holidays managed the Covid-19 crisis with automated refunds


Effortlessly scale sales promotions

Build highly targeted campaigns relevant for a specific product line, location, or market. Increase up-selling and cross-selling with clever bundling and simple inventory synchronization.

How a F500 enterprise manages promotions for multiple brands with Voucherify


Deliver continuous engagement

Build a fantastic differentiation strategy on a competitive fintech market with personalized promotions. Engage customers with timely and relevant promo offers based on how they use your services.

How Dext increased customer acquisition by 13%


Show that you care

Develop better relationships with patients and service users with relevant promotional experiences. Reinforce your market position and make your message heard with a range of attention-grabbing promo campaigns.

How Yes.Fit drives retention with omnichannel promotions


Boost your business

Build reactive campaigns aroung highly specific business goals. Use Voucherify API to deliver flexible promo campaigns that reward user engagement with coupons, gift cards, free minutes, or anything else.

How Beryl runs personalized promotions based on geolocation

Enhance promotions with any kind of custom data

Use our API-powered Promotion Engine to set any type of coupon, discount, gift card, loyalty, referral and product bundling campaign. Voucherify data model can be easily extended with custom fields and objects (metadata) that let you run customized campaigns in any business context.

Metadata builder for custom promotion implementations across industries

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