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Launch, distribute, track, and optimize promotional campaigns
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Enterprises scale with Voucherify

Why marketers love Voucherify?

that enagage
Launch campaigns in a couple of minutes after the initial integration.
that works
Manage campaigns with the dashboard, without developers.
that scales
Fully brand your communications for enhanced customer experience.

Discount coupons & cart promotions

Give developers a break and boost your acquisition and retention rates with smart cart promotions and unique coupon codes. Entice customers to buy more by offering automatic discounts based on what customers have in their carts & other attributes.
  1. Offer amount, percentage, and unit discount codes.
  2. Customize the code length, pattern, prefix and more.
  3. Decide on the promotion validity timeframe to make your deals urgent.
  4. Base your promotions on a number of attributes, including total dollar value, cart content, and more.
  5. Introduce limits and tiers to make your promotions both engaging to your customers and scalable for your business.
  6. Run fun giveaways & contests.
Checkout mock with a discount code applied
Customer cockpit mock with a list of available promotions and status
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Promotion mock of a web message with a re-engagement gift card
Promo mock of a checkout view and a gift card applied
Phone mock with a text message informing about trip cancellation and gift card refund
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Gift cards & digital wallets

Give your developers a break and generate millions of unique digital gift cards with a single click.
  1. Set up a gift card value, expiry date, and the redemption policy that reflect your promotional strategy.
  2. Modify or recharge every single card on the fly with the gift card API or the marketer-friendly Dashboard.
  3. Import and export gift card codes with a quick CSV bulk import/export functionality.

Referral & loyalty programs

Build a base of dedicated customers by launching highly-personalized referral & loyalty programs. Base your programs on attributes and events that shape the way you run your business. Split members into segments and tiers to target the right audience with relevant incentives.
  1. Use flexible rewards structure and surprise users with unique rewards.
  2. Decide to launch single- or double-sided referral schema. You call the shots of how the referral workflow should look like.
  3. Define what a successful referral means to your business with custom events and reward assignment criteria.
  4. Base loyalty tiers on order history, custom attributes, geolocation, preferences, and more.
Promotion mock showing a mobile message with a referral notification
Customer cockpit mock with a list of rewards for referrals
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UI shot of the validation rules builder

Build and personalize campaigns on your own

Personalize campaigns based on various factors to increase performance, save budget with fine-grained targeting and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

  1. Flexible Rules Builder that manages the logic behind incentive validation & redemption.
  2. Vast selection of campaign types & discount effects.
  3. Real-time customer segmentation and quick inventory management.
  4. Limitless possibilities with custom fields & metadata attributes.
  5. Unparalleled time-to-market speed with multi-currency and region support.
  6. Intuitive dashboard with powerful API under the hood.
Alona Stern

Their interface for our sales team is clear and easy-to-use and it's great that we can get new promotions going without any further input from our development

Delight customers with on-brand & omnichannel promotional experience

Use Voucherify API to connect to any distribution channel and any frontend. Experiment with new channels, without extra development work.

  1. Configurable email templates & custom email domains.
  2. Custom branding for landing pages.
  3. White-labelled customer cockpits.
  4. Omnichannel distribution manager.
  5. Embeddable & customizable web widgets.
  6. Mobile-ready promotions with dedicated SDKs.
Illustration of email editor with white-label functions
Illustration of a CSV import of customer data

Save time on repetitive maintenance tasks

We offer various features that will make campaign creation and management more efficient and let you focus on what is really important – campaign ideation, communication, analytics, and optimization.

  1. Campaign cloning & redemptions rollbacks.
  2. Filters for campaigns, customers, coupons & more.
  3. Marketing consents management API.
  4. Bulk import & export API.
  5. Enable/disable coupons or campaigns with a single click.

Launch data-driven promotions

Improve your ROI thanks to built-in analytics that show transaction data, metadata, both successful and failed redemptions, gift card liability, and more. Use Voucherify analytics  to experiment, learn, and optimize your performance.

  1. Campaign performance charts & analytics.
  2. Redemptions tracking with success details & failure reasons.
  3. Distribution analytics & conversion tracking.
  4. A/B testing capabilities.
  5. 360-degree customer profile view.
Illustration of a redemption summary analytics with a graph and charts of promotions usage

Native plugins for your ecommerce stack

Choose from 20+ integrations for fast time-to-market.
Explore integrations
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