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How to create a coupon aggregator in minutes?

January 17, 2020

What if we told you that you can create a coupon aggregator with coupons from your Voucherify campaigns? We bet you’d be pretty excited. And so are we!

What are coupon aggregator websites and why you need them?

We’re happy to bring you yet another feature to expand your marketing toolkit, namely coupon aggregator websites. Coupon aggregates allow your customers to easily find your store’s best and most exciting offers and discounts which significantly boosts customer satisfaction and in turn increases your company’s revenue and overall performance. 

Here you’ll find a list of reasons on why we think you should invest in your own coupon aggregator:

  • Keep traffic on your website and limit bounce rates by offering discount codes on your website. 
  • Become independent and stop relying on your partner's processes and policies. 
  • Save money on outsourcing.
  • Eliminate the chances of your customers finding better deals on your competitors' websites. 
  • Update your campaigns on the fly.
  • Add another communication channel to notify your customers about discounts and automatically deliver unique codes to the eligible audience.
  • Stay ahead of the crowd and invest in headless commerce today. Click here to learn more. 

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at Voucherify demo aggregator and maybe this will change your mind.

Note that our demo aggregate was created for a fashion e-commerce website but keep in mind that you may freely customise the purpose of your site.

Coupon Aggregator overview
Voucherify Coupon Aggregator Overview




       { customer },

       response => {


         var code = response.voucher.code;


         document.getElementById("hidden-code-unique").innerHTML = code;




What makes Voucherify coupon aggregator special?

There are several features that make our coupon aggregator stand out:

  • Codes on your aggregate website are connected to your Voucherify campaigns allowing you to track your campaigns performance, customer behaviour patterns, redemption rates, errors and many more. And all of that straight from the Dashboard.
  • Promo campaigns are updated in real-time allowing you to get some rest and stop updating your page manually each time you launch a new campaign. All you have to do is to use the List Vouchers method in the Voucherify API. Learn more here.
  • Codes are automatically generated for each new customer on your website which gives you a chance to effortlessly generate thousands of unique codes.


const vouchersListPromise = new Promise(resolve =>



           campaign: "voucherify-redemption-example",

           limit: 9,

           page: 1


         response => resolve(response.vouchers)




Check it out:

Coupon Aggregator auto-refresh
Voucherify Coupon Aggregator automatically generating codes from a pre-defined campaign

After selecting a discount we receive a unique code. After refreshing the aggregator page, Voucherify is going to automatically generate a new code so that you may rest easy and stop worrying about potential fraud or code misuses. 

  • We are proud to be an API-first platform and our priority is to create developer-friendly API-based solutions. That’s why we offer you ready back-end architecture which will automatically link your coupon aggregator with your campaigns. 
  • While offering you ready back-end infrastructure, we also love to offer our clients freedom when it comes to the design of your website. The layout, colours, categories, texts and images are freely customisable giving you full control on the front-end side. 

Test our coupon aggregator yourself

Before you make a decision, we’d like to offer you a chance to test our aggregator to see if it meets your requirements.

Just click here to see how it works:   

If you are interested in setting up your own aggregate with the help of Voucherify but you are not sure how to handle the technicalities, give your developers a heads up and direct them to our source code.

Make sure that they also visit the Developer Resources to learn more about possibilities of Voucherify API.


If it’s cheap, easy and brings results, why are you not doing it?

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