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How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program with Klaviyo?
Anna Dawal
Anna Dawal
September 15, 2023
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How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program with Klaviyo?

Effective communication and timely incentives are key within loyalty programs, as they help build repeat business. 

This is where Klaviyo, with its messaging and CDP capabilities, and Voucherify, with its advanced loyalty APIs, can become the impressive toolkit for any loyalty manager. 

In this blog post, I will explore how to leverage Voucherify and Klaviyo for loyalty program creation and efficient reward distribution among customers. 

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more that lets brands own consumer data and interactions. In terms of loyalty programs, Klaviyo is responsible for managing continuous engagement among existing and would-be members. 

This targeted approach not only cultivates a sense of value and appreciation among loyalty members but also leverages Klaviyo's automation features to organize workflows that trigger: 

  • Timely & exclusive messaging. 
  • Member-only offers. 
  • Loyalty rewards.
  • And more.

Why Voucherify and Klaviyo?

While Klaviyo, along with its loyalty plugins, offers some features to manage customer loyalty, it has certain limitations when it comes to creating and maintaining loyalty programs:

  1. Some Klaviyo loyalty plugins offer basic point-based loyalty systems, lacking the flexibility to create intricate loyalty structures that reward various customer actions and purchases in a dynamic and proportional way. 
  2. Some of the Klaviyo loyalty integrations don’t support multi-tiered loyalty programs, limiting businesses to simple, one-size-fits-all loyalty structures.
  3. Klaviyo loyalty connectors primarily rely on discount code-based promotions, missing out on engaging customers with a broader range of creative incentives, such as referrals, exclusive vouchers, experiential rewards, and more.
  4. While the most popular Klaviyo loyalty plugins offer basic reward systems, they often lack the versatility and advanced options needed to manage large-scale loyalty deployments that need advanced management features such as expiration policies, internationalization, or level qualification policies. 

All of those reasons are why you need external loyalty software to create a comprehensive loyalty program tailored to the needs of your customers and your business. 

The good news is that Klaviyo integration with Voucherify guarantees the implementation of all of the above features and more:

1. Advanced point systems

Voucherify allows you to create customized earning rules for your loyalty campaign, where you decide when and how members will earn points.

You can target loyalty program members based on specific behaviors and actions they have taken, such as: 

  • Purchases (e.g., making orders above $80).
  • Tier events (e.g., entering a Golden tier).
  • Segment-based rules (e.g., becoming a high CLV customer).
  • Or custom events (e.g., leaving a review or following your brand on social media).  
Voucherify dashboard: Define how customers earn points

Klaviyo integration with Voucherify ensures that you can deliver loyalty incentives, such as promo, precisely when they are most relevant

2. Tiered loyalty programs

Voucherify supports multi-tiered loyalty structures, enabling brands to establish loyalty programs with different levels, each offering distinct rewards and benefits based on customer activity and loyalty status.

Voucherify dashboard: Loyalty program tiers

On top of that, with Voucherify, your business can create highly customized customer segments based on loyalty-related criteria, such as loyalty tier, point balance, or past reward redemptions.

3. Diverse promotion types

With Voucherify, you can easily incentivize your loyalty members with various customizable incentives, including discount coupons, free shipping, and gift cards

This means that when you choose Voucherify to set up your loyalty campaign, you will not need to seek external solutions for creating promo coupons or other rewards tailored to your customer's needs.

Voucherify dashboard: Diverse promotion types within loyalty campaigns

4. Awards customization

Voucherify allows you to fully customize loyalty incentives that you want to reward your program members with. You can choose from: 

  • Digital rewards (e.g., promo codes or preloaded gift cards). 
  • Material rewards (e.g., a free product sample). 
  • And pay with points options (e.g., cashback).
Voucherify dashboard: Create personalized rewards to encourage customers



Benefits of connecting Voucherify and Klaviyo

On top of loyalty program customization, by connecting Voucherify with Klaviyo you get:

1. Personalized loyalty messaging

Klaviyo offers a wide range of templates that you can customize to your needs (depending on the message's intention) and send directly to program members..

Klaviyo dashboard: Email templates to incentivize loyal customers within loyalty programs

2. Consistent communication

Effective communication is essential for a successful loyalty program. Klaviyo's email marketing capabilities ensure that your business can maintain consistent and timely communication with loyalty members triggered by specific loyalty events and member behavior.

Klaviyo dashboard: Efficient email marketing with customer segments

Klaviyo enables you to send targeted emails based on customer properties associated with client activity. Thanks to that feature, you can segment loyalty members into sub-groups and deliver precise incentives to the right members at the right time.

Why choose an API-first approach?

Thanks to open APIs offered by both Voucherify and Klaviyo, your technical team can quickly build specific features and workflows on top of the native plugin. This “buy and build” approach allows you to go to market much quicker and dive deeper into loyalty workflows impossible to build with plug-and-play Klaviyo plugins for rewards. 

While Voucherify offers a ready plugin to connect with Klaviyo, thanks to the API-first nature of both platforms, you can easily integrate them to build more advanced use cases tailored to your specific needs, for example:

  • Program announcements and thank you emails.
  • Loyalty redemption created notifications.
  • Loyalty customer birthday or anniversary emails.
  • Point reminders or point balance updates.
  • Loyalty email welcome series (with incentives).
  • Tier status updates (e.g., VIP tier earned).

How to connect Voucherify with Klaviyo for creating customer loyalty programs?

To create a customer loyalty program with Klaviyo distribution, you first need to set an API connection between Voucherify and Klaviyo

This integration enables easy data transfer, allowing Klaviyo to send personalized emails to customers with essential loyalty details, such as loyalty card numbers or rewards information, provided by Voucherify. 

This is how the technical setup works:

Once you have established API integration between the two platforms, select Klaviyo as your preferred distribution channel when configuring loyalty campaign details within Voucherify.

Voucherify dashboard: Setting up Klaviyo as a distribution channel

Learn more: Create a Loyalty Program with Voucherify 

Upon assigning a loyalty card number to a customer, observe how this information automatically transfers to Klaviyo's custom properties.

Remember: For that to happen, the Customer ID and External ID should be the same.

Voucherify dashboard: Voucher publication event being automatically transferred to Klaviyo

When viewing customer details in Klaviyo, you will also find the loyalty card number readily available – you can use personalization feature to place it in any messages powered by Klaviyo.

Klaviyo dashboard: Loyalty card number being visible in customer details

The depicted data flow enables the distribution of loyalty card numbers to customers through personalized email campaigns managed by Klaviyo. 

Additionally, you can retrieve other various loyalty-related details, like: 

  • Loyalty status.
  • Newly earned points
  • Or unlocked rewards

It is possible by accessing this information via the Voucherify API and subsequently sending it to your loyalty members through Klaviyo. 

Importantly, you do not have to send your loyalty codes only in the alphanumeric form, as Voucherify also automatically generates QR and barcodes with every loyalty card code.

Voucherify dashboard: Generating QR codes and barcodes for loyalty programs


To learn more about integrating Klaviyo and Voucherify, visit the Klaviyo guide.

How does Munhoven do loyalty with Voucherify and Klaviyo?

Munhoven, the largest beverage wholesaler in Luxembourg, effectively manages their tiered loyalty program by integrating Voucherify and Klaviyo. This integration allows them to communicate loyalty program updates, such as point balance and loyalty status, via personalized emails.

Le Club Drinx Munhoven: Tiered loyalty program email distribution by Klaviyo to foster greater loyalty

The loyalty program operates on a point-based system, where every €1 spent on Munhoven products translates to 1 point accrued. The program features three tiers: The Bronze Club, The Silver Club, and The Gold Club. Each tier offers a unique set of advantages tailored to the member's loyalty level.

Interestingly, new members are welcomed with a 10% discount on their initial purchase, which is an immediate reward upon signing up.

Munhoven Loyalty Progrsm: Three tiers available to encourage customers and foster loyalty

Klaviyo integration with Voucherify empowers Munhoven to provide various benefits to their customers, including promo codes, via their preferred channels. 

As a result, Munhowen Drinx can spin off a fantastic user journey with just two marketing platforms – the integration of Klaviyo and Voucherify allowed them to run various personalized campaigns, including abandoned cart promotions or birthday campaigns.

Results? Program members spending 70% more on average than regular customers – the holy grail of any loyalty marketer. 




Customer loyalty is the golden ticket to sustainable growth. By combining Voucherify with Klaviyo, you can craft highly personalized, data-driven, and engaging loyalty experiences for members, without focusing too much on the technicalities, and, more importantly, without breaking the bank.


Build a loyalty program with Voucherify and Klaviyo

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