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Move away from monolithic loyalty software and deliver future-proof loyalty solutions with Voucherify loyalty API.

Code snippet of the API call to create loyalty program.

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Powerful & API-first loyalty
infrastructure from day one

Flexible API to get started quickly
Integrate API quickly
Integrate Voucherify loyalty API into any step of your sales funnel and into any software platform thanks to our well-explained REST API and multiple SDKs.
Customizable program logic for any use case
Control the loyalty logic
While you focus on your business rules, we will apply your logic and automate your loyalty rewards.
Gamification with tiers and levels
Manage loyalty members
Build tiers for simple loyalty management. Add to that automation for assigning loyalty cards, rewarding members, and notifying them about crucial moments.

Loyalty API of the future

Responding to market changes requires an enterprise ecommerce architecture that’s agile and scalable. Fast time-to-market and flexibility are some of the essential features of modern loyalty solutions. The same goes for proper loyalty infrastructure that lets you optimize costs and handle traffic peaks. This is where headless loyalty comes in.

Voucherify offers hundreds of loyalty features so that you can quickly roll out your rewards program without large up-front integration. Our currency-agnostic API allows you to run virtually any loyalty program in a multi-region and multi-currency scenarios. Add to that custom reward actions, rewards, and tiers and you get powerful API-driven engine for your loyalty incentives.
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Code snippet with a loyalty API to create a new program member programatically
Loyalty program builder with points and tiers mapping.

Loyalty architecture
for future-oriented enterprises

We know that loyalty program management can generate a lot of communication overhead. Voucherify offers flexible user roles and approval workflows to enhance collaboration and streamline management. Protect your program from fraud with fraud prevention mechanisms and flexible limits built on top of custom attributes you send to our API.

Use native CRM capabilities and different customer views to manage your program on a granular and high-level at the same time. Finally, manually deactivate or change program rules without bothering developers.

Build lasting loyalty with API-first rewards software

Code snippet with a loyalty publication API
Promotion mock with a web message informing user about joining a rewards program
Code snippet with a create earning rule API method
Phone mock with in-app message informing user about earning loyalty points
Code snippet with a redemption of loyalty points API endpoint
Checkout mock with loyalty points used as payment method
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Enhance your marketing stack with loyalty API

Choose from a wide selection of native integrations with top CRM & ecommerce platforms. Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations that can connect your existing toolkit with loyalty campaigns in a couple of clicks.
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Available third-party, API-first integrations for promotion distribution
Architecture of modern platforms with Voucherify as a promotion engine

Our headless backend, your unique frontend

It's essential to make your program consistent with your brand image. Our headless approach allows you to develop new frontend applications without the need for meddling in the backend.  

Build branded landing pages and automate notifications to entice customers to take part in your program. Create a custom frontend digital wallet for members of your loyalty program where you can list their rewards.


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Promotion implementation support from Voucherify team

Enjoy customized onboarding,
strategy consulting, and technical guidance

Auto-scaling promotion system for your team

Use enterprise-grade, dedicated infrastructure

Guaranteed performance for large-scale campaigns

99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

GDPR and ISO compliance

Launch mission-critical projects with GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27001 certified platform

Streamlined campaign management

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Multi-country and currency support

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Account security for enterprises

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Enterprise-level promotion reporting

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

Made for developers, by developers

Our 10+ SDKs, UI widgets, and native integrations cut down integration time to hours, enabling you to quickly launch a personalized loyalty program. With mobile-ready SDKs, you can implement the loyalty API into your mobile apps in minutes.

Don't worry about security – 99.9% uptime, detailed audit logs and 24/7 platform monitoring ensure the security of your reward programs.
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