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How to Launch a Burger King-inspired Loyalty Program using Voucherify?
Kate Banasik
Kate Banasik
November 5, 2021
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How to Launch a Burger King-inspired Loyalty Program using Voucherify?

The emergence of Burger King Royal Perks loyalty program 

Burger King has recently launched a loyalty program called Royal Perks. They have been slowly decreasing the use of print coupons in favor of digital discounts or product bundles which provide first-party data and are easier to optimize and control. Their newest take on customer experience is an omnichannel loyalty program that promotes frequency and instant customer gratification. 

“Customers are looking forward to getting items and menus that are personal to them and more useful to them. They expect to be rewarded today for their loyalty to the brand and frequency of use. I think that is true more so today than even two years ago because customers are looking for brands to understand what their past behaviors were to make their experiences moving forward even better.” – Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King for Nation’s Restaurant News



After testing the Burger King Royal Perks program, BK learned that “more than 80 percent of Royal Perks members (are) likely to recommend the loyalty program.” – Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King, North America.

Burger King Royal Perks Promotional Graphic

How to create a loyalty program like Burger King’s Royal Perks? 

Burger King’s Royal Perks loyalty program is quite complex and has plenty of features. I will go through the most important traits one by one, explain how Burger King is handling their loyalty program and how you can create a similar experience using Voucherify.

Omnichannel loyalty experience 

Burger King loyalty mobile app screen

Royal Perks loyalty program works on both BK mobile app and website. Both have the same style of design and provide the same experience and information to the customers. Customers can collect and redeem rewards on the website, mobile app, or even in the restaurants (they can upload the bills to the online system to collect points and use them at the participating restaurants by telling their 6-digit loyalty card code to the sales assistant).

How to do it with Voucherify? 

Voucherify is an API-first loyalty program management software. Thanks to the API-first build, it can be connected to any front-end platform, including websites and mobile apps. Voucherify provides SDKs in 10+ programming languages, including Android and iOS, for easy integration with mobile apps. 

Voucherify also offers email, landing pages, and customer cockpits editors so that you can launch your loyalty program without having to develop the front-end by yourself. Voucherify has a built-in distribution manager that can send emails and SMS messages. It also provides plenty of out-of-the-box integrations with distribution software like SendGrid, Braze or ActiveCampaign. 

The program is easy to join 

Customers can join the program either by signing up on the Burger King mobile app or via the Burger King website, by filling out a joining form.

Burger King loyalty program joining form

How to do it with Voucherify?

Voucherify can be integrated with any front-end of your choice. If you want your customers to join the program by filling out a form, you can use add member API call and trigger it when a customer fills out the form. It will add the customer to the loyalty program member base and assign a loyalty card to them. You can also collect the customer data via a form on your website or mobile app and pass this data to Voucherify API. 

Voucherify offers customizable landing pages that can contain a sign-up form that allows you to launch your loyalty program without actually having to create your own front-end application for it. 

Voucherify generated landing page

You can also automatically add a customer to the loyalty program if they perform an activity that lets them earn points, for example, placing an order.

Point-based loyalty program with a rewards catalog

Burger King’s Royal Perks loyalty program is a point-based program. They offer 10 points (Crowns) per each $1 spent that the customers can exchange for items from the Rewards Catalog. They simply have to add items from the Rewards Catalog to their order. BK Rewards Catalog shows all the rewards but the ones that the customers cannot afford at the moment are displayed as “locked”.

Burger King loyalty rewards catalog

Burger King loyalty rewards screen

How to do it with Voucherify?

Voucherify supports point-based loyalty programs. You can customize your loyalty currency name as Burger King did by calling them Crowns. The loyalty points can be calculated as a fixed amount (50 points for action) or proportionally (per $1 spent, for example). You can reward your loyalty club members for orders as well as for any custom activities of choice, like writing reviews, joining the program, following you on social media, and more.

Loyalty program builder earning rules and points assignment

In Voucherify, you can use various types of rewards, for example, material rewards, gift cards, discount coupons. All of the rewards can be added to a rewards catalog and you can let your customers choose what they prefer to get in exchange for their points. You can also use points as a currency, letting customers pay by points for their order.

Reward Catalog in Voucherify

Perks available from the start 

Burger King motivates customers to join their loyalty program by offering them rewards regardless of their spending with Burger King. They offer free upsizes – customers can upsize one of the following products: fries, drink, hash browns, or coffee per order for free once per day. 

How to do it in Voucherify? 

Voucherify cannot automatically replace a product (medium instead of small, large instead of medium) in a basket, doing an “upsize”. Instead, Voucherify lets you set up a cart promotion that, if a customer adds a large-size product, reduces its price to a medium-size product., In this case, you can add a limit that customers could use a french fries or coffee upsize once per day, meaning they could use one of each upsizes once per day.

Voucherify is a promotion management software that, besides loyalty programs, allows you to create referral programs, giveaways, discount coupons, and cart promotions. You can mix and connect different promotion types for example by launching gift cards, exclusive promotions, or discount coupons for loyalty club members or giving them a higher discount. Having all types of sales promotions and rewards managed in one promotion engine lets you enhance your program without adding technical complexity. 

Birthday Bonus 

Birthday loyalty bonus from Burger King

Burger King’s loyalty program offers a “Birthday Bonus” – customers can earn 2X Crowns through the full month of their birthday on all eligible transactions (if they have made at least one eligible transaction during the twelve-month period prior to their birthday). It is a great way to boost customer engagement and loyalty. A longer bonus period allows more customers to actually use their reward. 

How to do it with Voucherify? 

Voucherify lets you create loyalty program tiers based on the earned loyalty points or create customer segments based on any criteria like order history, demographic or custom data, including having a birthday within, before or after a calendar month, week, day. You can then vary the earning rules (what can the customers get the points for) and the rewards available to the different tiers or segments.

Segment for birthday customers

Other ways to earn points 

While the baseline (10 points for every $1 spent) is simple, Burger King adds some spice to their loyalty program by launching special events and challenges. Customers can earn extra Crowns and exclusive rewards by participating in challenges, completing steps, and qualifying actions. For example, Burger King launches Crown Point Accelerators – from time to time, their loyalty club members have the opportunity to earn Crowns at a higher rate than 10 Crowns per $1.00 USD spent as part of limited-time events. 

How to do it in Voucherify? 

Voucherify allows you to alter the earning rules and set time limits on them, for example adding an extra 10 points per $1 spent on a certain day or adding a new way to earn points within a limited timeframe (for example, all orders made in October get +50 points on top of the points earned on per dollar basis).

Earning rules in Voucherify

Including buzz-worthy rewards

What is a better way to get more loyalty program subscriptions than launching a buzz-worthy reward? On 01/11/2021, Burger King added cryptocurrency as one of the possible rewards for customers who spend >$5, using integration with the Robinhood Crypto app. It is a time-limited, punctual action, lasting until 21/11/21. The burger chain will give away a total of 20 bitcoin, 200 etherium, and 2 million dogecoin, using a lottery mechanism. 

Burger King crypto rewards
Burger King crypto prizes

How to do it with Voucherify?

Voucherify does not offer cryptocurrency as a prize but it has a giveaway mechanism in which you can randomly choose the winners from a provided list of customers or reward every X customer from the list (for example, every 5th customer). You can add any rewards you want, from Voucherify-generated rewards like discount coupons, gift cards, or loyalty points to any other rewards like products, events entrance, or cryptocurrency (in that case, you will have to provide the reward yourself). 

Rewards stacking logic 

Burger King runs other types of promotions besides a loyalty program, mainly digital and print coupons. They have defined a stacking logic (how the customers can mix different types of rewards and promotions). For example: 

  • Digital coupons can be combined with loyalty reward redemptions. Print coupons cannot. 
  • Customers can earn multiple bonuses on the same transaction as long as they are different types of bonuses. 

This feature allows Burger King to avoid abuse and fraud and protects its promotional budget. 

How to do it with Voucherify?

Voucherify has a built-in promotion stacking feature and plans to expand its functionality even further in the future. 

Stacking feature in Voucherify

Budget-saving limits 

Burger King has included a couple of budget-saving features, like points expiry date (6 months from the last eligible transaction) or granting loyalty points only on the paid amount (excluding the amount paid for using gift cards or coupons).

How to do it with Voucherify?

Voucherify offers plenty of validation rules (limits) you can use to protect your budget and protect yourself from fraud. You can set limits based on any data you want. We do not have a points expiration date for loyalty points or granting loyalty points only on the paid amount yet, however, they are both planned for development.

Validation rules in Voucherify

Offering customer cockpits (dashboards)

Burger King Royal Perks offers an overview page for the club members, displaying available points, rewards they can exchange the points for, and their points history. 

Burger King customer profile

How to do it in Voucherify? 

Voucherify offers GET APIs you can use to create your own customer dashboard with your custom front-end. It also offers ready customer cockpits with customizable to an extent design you can use if you do not want to develop the front-end yourself. 

Customer cockpit in Voucherify

Applying the points to an order

The points earned in the Burger King Royal Perks loyalty program are applied within 48h and appear in the customer dashboard. 

How to do it in Voucherify?

Voucherify validates the order and calculates the eligible points from the order and grants them to the customer. You can display them in the customer dashboard using our GET APIs. If a customer places and pays for an order, the points are assigned to that customer’s loyalty card and can be seen in the customer profile in the Voucherify dashboard, customer cockpit, or can be listed using GET API.   

Customer activity screen

 Using the rewards 

Burger King using the rewards

How to do it in Voucherify?

You can create a rewards catalog in Voucherify and display it either on your own front-end or in the built-in Voucherify customer cockpit.

Reward redemption in the customer cockpit

Customers can exchange their points for rewards in their customer cockpit by themselves or simply pay for their order with points (Voucherify supports pay by points scenario). Voucherify will validate the number of points and eligibility for rewards before processing the points redemption. 

Program optimization, tracking, and analytics 

Burger King has first launched their loyalty program only in two states. They had a couple of iterations with the program settings before they expanded it to the whole country. It probably required lots of work from their developer team to make those small experiments and iterate on the program. They also collect customer data from the loyalty program to improve other points from their marketing agenda. 

“The loyalty program strengthens Burger King's digital offerings and gives the chain access to diner data that can be collected from every purchase.” – Whitney Gretz, Burger King's VP of digital and loyalty.

How to do it in Voucherify? 

Voucherify provides tracking and analytics built within the dashboard. The data can be exported to another BI tool. You can also integrate a BI tool with Voucherify to get the analytics data in real-time, automatically. The loyalty program settings can be changed directly from the dashboard, within a couple of clicks, without the need to engage developers. Marketers can test their campaign settings themselves. This allows for plenty of flexibility and quick time to market when it comes to loyalty program optimization. 

Voucherify provides information on the number of loyalty cards issued, total points earned, top rewards, top earning rules, participants, rewards redemptions, and more.

Loyalty program analytics

How to build a loyalty program like Burger King’s Royal Perks using Voucherify? A step-by-step tutorial

Write us if you would like to get a detailed, step-by-step tutorial with screenshots showing how to set up a similar to Burger King’s Royal Perks loyalty program using Voucherify. 


Voucherify can help you launch a complex loyalty program imitating Burger King Royal Perks at scale. Voucherify’s API can be integrated with your existing technology stack and use the data you already have to quickly set up the program.Voucherify provides a marketer-friendly dashboard that allows you to hand over all loyalty management tasks to the Marketing or Sales team and save developers’ time greatly. Thanks to maintenance-supporting features like monitoring logs, export/import options, and bulk change/upload features, Voucherify further slashes the time your developers would need to spend maintaining your loyalty program. Voucherify also supports the geographical scalability of loyalty programs, supporting multiple projects and currencies. The integration with Voucherify can take days or weeks, depending on your developer team’s availability and the technology stack you are using – check our customer case studies for reference.

In short, thanks to Voucherify, you can launch complex loyalty programs at scale with minimum developer engagement, quick time-to-market, and without breaking the bank.


Create an enterprise-level loyalty program at a fraction of the cost

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