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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
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How to Generate QR Coupon Codes for Mobile-Friendly Promotions
Jagoda Dworniczak
Jagoda Dworniczak
March 6, 2023
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How to Generate QR Coupon Codes for Mobile-Friendly Promotions?

In 2023, the number of mobile phone users is estimated to reach 6.8 billion, according to Oberlo. Consequently, the number of smartphone users has increased by 86.5% within the span of 6 years since 2016. As nowadays everything progresses towards digitalization to meet the needs of mobile-first consumers, the way you distribute your exclusive discount coupons or promo codes should be mobile-friendly to create the best user experience for your shoppers.

In this post you will learn what a QR coupon code is, why such promo codes are a great solution for your business, and how to generate them to achieve the best possible results with your coupon marketing strategy.



What is a QR coupon code?

A QR coupon code is a digital coupon (also called promo code) that is generated, stored, distributed and redeemed as a QR code.

Besides mobile friendliness, upon scanning QR codes can display a text promo code or a landing page which can include more details such as the rules and description of your promo campaign, then the code itself, and additionally an option to add a coupon QR code to a mobile wallet.

Dynamic QR codes versus static QR codes

  • Dynamic QR codes can be easily edited, its scan performance is trackable, and they typically take less time to scan than static QR codes. Dynamic QR codes are mostly designated for those who will need to update the content originally provided by the QR code or track the access to a particular domain. 
  • Static QR codes, with longer website url addresses, cannot be edited once established. They are perfect as a promo code medium as once a coupon is generated, it is not subject to changes but rather destined for validation and redemption by customers, for example during marketing campaigns.
QR code design presented on a wall with a hand holding a ball in front of it

Which brands can benefit from QR coupon codes?

Any brand or business that wants to increase customer engagement, drive sales, or reward loyal customers can benefit from using QR coupon codes. Some specific examples of brands that can benefit from QR coupon codes include:

  • Restaurants – where your customers may scan a QR code attached to a table in order to receive a special discounted offer while viewing the menu online.
  • Movie theaters – where viewers may receive discount coupons in the form of coupon QR codes, like granting a free popcorn or a free drink at the theater location after ordering a movie ticket online.
  • Retail stores – this field offers a variety of ways in which your customers can receive QR coupon codes – email newsletters, in-app notifications, text messages, and so on. Those coupons then can be redeemed in-store for various purchases – 20% off for a new collection or $15 off the next grocery shopping with the QR code.
  • Hotels – QR coupon codes can be used to offer discounts on room rates or other services, such as spa treatments or meals.
  • Service providers – QR promo codes can be used by service providers such as car washes or dry cleaners to offer discounts on services or to track customer loyalty.

There is no need to carry any sort of physical coupons – everything can be fully digitized. However, printing QR coupons is also possible, everything depends on what your customer base desires and what works best for them and your business.

What are the benefits of using QR coupon codes?

  • Easier redemption – a great advantage of QR promo codes is that they can be redeemed via both online and offline channels. Customers can go to a brick-and-mortar store, have their QR coupon scanned at the checkout and in this way redeem their discount. At online stores, they can simply use the promo code ascribed to the QR code.
  • Easy distribution – a QR code can be sent via email or made available within your mobile app. Customers can be especially incentivized when such codes can be redeemed only within a short span of time – for example, during a flash sale.
  • Increasing customer engagement – as a QR promo code needs to be scanned by your customer, they are incentivized to engage with your brand and learn more about it as, for example, the landing page of a QR code provides some additional information about your business. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – QR codes are relatively inexpensive to create and can be used across a variety of different mediums, including print ads and even social media.
  • Trackability – QR promo codes can be set up to track usage, allowing businesses to see which coupons are being redeemed and when. This data can be used to measure the effectiveness of a promotion and make adjustments as needed.
  • No hassle with printing special coupon brochures – with your QR code visible on flyers or posters available in stores, customers or prospects can scan your coupon code on their smartphone exactly when they need it. They do not need to remember to bring any special, printed coupons from home. 
  • Geo-targeting capabilities – a QR code coupon can also be sent to customers when they are near your store location in order to leverage their spending mood and invite them back to your brick-and-mortar store.
Qr codes coupons usage – scanning

How to generate QR coupon codes?

Voucherify is an effective QR coupon code solution where you can generate QR code coupons for any type of discount and gift card campaign. We offer you the possibility to have your QR codes automatically ready with every single discount code that you create with us.

Our dashboard allows you to see details of each of your vouchers. The detail page includes a QR code displayed on the right side. There is also the possibility to use barcodes or text codes – whatever you fancy most.

QR code generator: coupon QR code creation at Voucherify – dashboard view

How to manage offline redemptions of QR promo codes?

For offline redemptions, you can use the Voucherify mobile application. All you need to do is download the Voucherify mobile app (it’s free) and log into your Voucherify account. From that moment, you can scan QR coupon codes in physical locations to validate and redeem incentives on mobile devices. The mobile app lets you also publish codes and track redemptions. 

The process of offline redemption can be summarized in five simple steps:

  1. A customer visits your brick-and-mortar store and shows a cashier their QR promo code at checkout.
  2. The cashier opens the Voucherify app (connected to the Internet) and either scans or types in the coupon code.
  3. The app requests the promo code verification from the Voucherify's server.
  4. In response, the app sends the code data (valid/invalid status, assigned discount, and more).
  5. The cashier applies the discount to the order in the POS system of your choice.


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