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How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?

How to drive marketing ROI with live chat and 1:1 personalized promotions

Each dissatisfied customer can become your best advocate. Mistakes have to happen, but you can control the damage and protect your image from harm.

How to drive marketing ROI with live chat and 1:1 personalized promotions

We don’t have to mention that live chats are very highly valued by customers. In the millennial generation, where the desire to talk is being lost, more and more people choose writing over talking. Customer support via live chat is a tribute to the global trend and the modern tech-friendly consumer. Ultimately, the clients get what they want – quick access to a competent person, ready to help. In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage your live chat and coupons to build an outstanding customer experience and boost sales.

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To run the example campaigns presented below, we used our Intercom live chat integrated with a coupon management system (Voucherify). You fill find the technical details at the end of this post.

Live chat as bait for new customers

Imagine a new customer arriving on your landing page, he or she is looking around… going through your offer and thinking: “to sign up or not to sign up?” And right then, your team jumps out of the live chat offering a shiny, ready-to-go coupon for the first purchase:

Live chat Intercom integration with Voucherify, promotions

With this strategy you can:

  • more effectively acquire new customers,
  • start building that 1:1 customer experience with new users at the very beginning of the sales funnel.

Pain points soother

One of the main advantages of live chats is its ability to catch the pain points and cut down on the customer’s frustration. Live chat with coupons can be a cure for all moments where a well-trained team is not enough to blur the bad impression after some pain point troubles.

We cannot assume it will wash away all reluctant feelings, but we guarantee it's worth it.

People tend to talk much more about their bad experiences than about the good ones. And when your branding image is at risk, it's extremely important to make the most of your resources and try to repair the customer experience. Ultimately, customers don't buy your services, they buy the experience and its outcome.

Livechat as a pain points soother

After your team solves a customer’s problem/ answers a complaint, the customer gets a personalized gift card assigned to their name. Even if a bad impression isn’t entirely gone, with the gift card, a customer is less likely to leave.

Birthday gift

Coupons are a perfect way to strengthen relationships with your opt-ins. You can leverage special occasions such as birthdays and send your customers a personalized gift. Live chat provides a sense of individual approach and a coupon carries a real value for your customers. In the end, it’s a great way of raising loyalty in customers and boosting sales at the same time.

Live chat for birthday and other special ocassions


Flash-sales drive customers into a purchase by using short-time discounts. Following scientific research data, many people make the buying decision in an impulsive moment. Attractive coupons limited in time are often that spark which makes customers buy rather than leave the cart. The key to running flash-sales in a live-chat is to trigger a message only to currently active users. You can run recurring flash-campaigns to engage a bigger audience, e.g. choose 2 different days each week and run a coupon campaign at the time of your greatest traffic. By collecting data about coupon redemptions, you’ll find out what timing and discounts are the most desired.

Live chat used for flash sales


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Coupon campaigns can bring more life into your live chat support. They help you to acquire more customers, keep opt-ins satisfied, and build long-term relationships with your audience.

Thanks to coupons, live chat isn't just a support tool, it’s a channel which helps you reach and drive more customers into sales. If you already have a live chat in your toolkit, all you need is a coupon management system. In this guide we used Voucherify, you can try it for free by following this link.

Intercom App store

Voucherify has a free integration with Intercom which enables you to sync customers and send in-app live chat messages. Visit Voucherify profile at Intercom App store to find integration details.

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